1     The  meeting  began at  7.45 pm.  Present   were  J  Davis,    
B Chubb, A Gould, P Rooke, D Turner.  D Yelland was in the Chair.  
Two  members of the public and Mr J R Somerville Manager  of  the 
Royal British Legion Housing Association Limited.

Apologies were accepted from G Lee and Councillor Hewitt.

2    The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed.


i)    Cllr  Hewitt had replied verbally to a letter from  the  PC 
expressing  their  concern over the lack of notice taken  by  the 
Planning Committee of their comments with regard to  1&2 Sawmills 
Development.   He sympathised with their feelings  and  explained 
that  because of their strong objections the matter had been  put 
before full committee who had discussed it at length and  decided 
to allow the change on practical grounds. 

ii)  A letter had been written about the sign post near Hollybush
Cottage.  It had been painted. 

iii) A list of meeting times had been sent to the Police.

iv)  Flats on Site B, Park Hayes - a letter about the lay by  had 
been  sent to M D C and also an  invitation to Mr Somerville  who 
now  addressed the meeting.  Mr Yelland stated that the  Planning 
Application for Site B had been passed.

A representative of Mells P C joined the meeting.

Mr  Somerville thanked the P C for giving him an  opportunity  to 
talk  to  them and also for not objecting to  the  Royal  British 
Legion  Housing Association plan.  The flats would be part  of  a 
totally  new  concept  in  housing for  the  elderly  -  that  of 
scattered  accommodation in the rural areas linked by radio to  a 
mother  house  and to a central emergency service in Yeovil.   By 
using  this  method it was believed that rural  stress  could  be 
alleviated by allowing elderly people to remain in their familiar 
environment,  in  property they could cope with.   The  RBL,  the 
fifth  largest  housing association in the  country  only  builds 
sheltered accommodation  for the over 60's.  Anyone in  this  age 
group in necessitous circumstances or housing need is eligible to 
apply.   The  RBL is funded by the Treasury through  the  Housing 
Corporation.   Land is bought at the District Valuation  and  the 
flats in the new scheme would be managed  by a committee made  up 
of   members  of  the  R  B  L  Housing  Association  and   local 
representatives.   Each  P C where flats were located,  would  be 
asked to nominate a local person to be Guardian of the flats  and 
visit  them  daily, the Warden will communicate  daily  but  only 
visit once a week thus keeping costs low. 
Each flat in Leigh will have a floor area of 45 square metres and 
offer the resident a seperate Living Room and Bedroom,  Bathroom, 
Kitchen  with  a  cooker  and fridge  and  plumbing  for  washing 
machine/drier,  and  storage area.  Heating will be  by  electric 
storage  radiators.   Car parking spaces and a  communal  covered 
access  are  also provided with those flats on the  ground  floor 
being termed mobility flats - ie capable of taking a wheel chair. 
Local  people  would be encouraged to identify  local  applicants 
from their own and neighbouring villages to live in the flats.

Upon questioning Mr Somerville hoped that sufficient funds  would 
be  available to invite tenders for Phase 1  -  the Leigh Site  B 
flats and those in Coleford along with another wardens house between 
April  and June of 1988.  It was hoped that the site at  Wanstrow 
and  Site  A  in  Leigh would be purchased  by  the  end  of  the 
financial year and the building completed in 1989, it was assumed 
that the block in Leigh would take approximately 60 - 65 weeks to 
construct.  The R B L were happy to investigate any site that any 
local  Parish  Council thought might be suitable as  long  as  it 
could  be purchased at District Valuation.  Mr Somerville was  of 
the  opinion  that such sites ought to be in close  proximity  to 
existing  Council Houses to release those properties for  younger 
community members.
Although  no definate figures were available yet it  was  thought 
rents  would be approximately 18 per week with a service  charge 
of  7.  Each tenant would pay their own fuel bill  estimated  at 
between  5  & 6 weekly and rates those at  present  on  Housing 
Benefit would have to pay 20% of the Rates.   

Mr Yelland thanked Mr Somerville for coming to talk to the Parish 
Council about the scheme.


Mr  Lee had expressed concern to the clerk about the flooding  in 
Park Hayes area caused by the blocked drains.  It was agreed that 
the  matter would be taken up and also the drainage  at  Blackers 
Lane, Downhead Lane and on the road down to Vobster be mentioned.


The payment of the annual subscription to the Society for   Local 
Council Clerks was due.  Miss Chubb proposed payment  of the  11 
Mr Rooke seconded and the motion was passed.

A Training Day for local Councillors and Clerks was to be held on 
the 16 April at a cost of 3.  Agreement was given for the  clerk 
to attend.

Mr Yelland had received a request from the PCC for the payment of 
50  granted to them by the Parish Council at the meeting  on  29 
June  1987 to enable them to effect repairs and  purchase  tools.  
Payment of the money was unanimously agreed.


It  was agreed to follow up the success of the  first  newsletter 
with a second one to be brought out before the AGM in May.


To  be  held on 30 May in the Hall.  Mr Yelland  stated  that  he 
would ask the Hall and Recreation Committees to make a report  at 
the Annual Parish Meeting to be held before the AGM.


Coleford Parish Council had written to advise that a request  had 
been  made  for  a sign warning heavy goods  vehicles  about  the 
hazards of Lower Coleford to be placed at Soho Crossroads.

A copy  of  Byelaws - Straw and Stubble Burning and Crop Residue 
Burning  had been received from Mendip District Council and would 
be available for public inspection at the clerk's house.

A  reply  had  come from Mendip District  Council  about:  Parish 
Council Notifications of Planning Applications. As from  26/01/88 
Parish  Councils will receive Planning application decisions  for 
their area.  A request for decisions for the whole area which had 
been  made was turned down on the grounds that they would be  "of 
limited value.....as most decisions taken by the District Council 
are  only  of significance locally and have  little  significance 
district, county, or region wise."

A Burial Grant of 67 had been awarded by MDC.

Somerset   Community  Health  Council  had   written   requesting 
information  on  any  problems  experienced  by  parishioners  in 
gaining  access  to Health Care.  A reply was hoped  for  by  mid 
February.   Any problems will be reported to the clerk  who  will 

A one day conference is to be held by Somerset County Council  on 
Living in the European Environment details were circulated.

FROME  LOCAL  PLAN   A  copy  had  been  received  and  would  be 
circulated to Council Members. Objection must be in by 4 March.


Recommendations for School Governors.


March 7 1988 at 7.45 pm in Leigh School.

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