Present were B Chubb, J Davis, A Gould, G Lee, P Rooke, D  Turner 
and  D Yelland who took the Chair.  About 25 parishioners and  Mr 
Targett of Camelot Homes were in attendance.

1.   APOLOGIES - none.

2.    The  minutes  of the previous  meeting  were  accepted  and 


Acknowledgements  had  been  received to  letters  about  blocked 
drains & Access to Health Care.


Notification had been received that the Planning Application  for 
land at Bellfield had been turned down and  that the  Application 
for  Site  B  Park Hayes by the Royal  British  Legion  had  been 


The outline plans submitted by Camelot Homes were circulated  and 
Mr Targett stated that research by his company had shown that the 
area  needed  larger  homes  in  the  150,000  plus  range   and 
accordingly  permission was being sought to build 10 4  bedroomed 
properties  on  the approximately 1.9 acre  site.  Comments  were 
invited  from the floor.  Concern was expressed as to the  siting 
of  the access road and its proximity to that of  the  Recreation 
Ground.   The amount of development in a short space of  time  in 
the village was felt to be excessive although Miss Chubb  pointed 
out  that  Parishioners might have to resign themselves  to  some 
sort  of  development on this site as it was in the  Frome  Local 
Plan.   She felt that any development ought to contribute to  the 
village by, for example bringing in young, first time buyers.  Mr 
Turner  felt that as the area was on the Frome Plan building  was 
bound to occur but querried whether it could be delayed until the 
new  growth that had already occurred was assimilated.  A  member 
of  the public expressed concern at the overloading of  essential 
services  like  water, electricity and sewage. Proximity  to  the 
Recreation Ground and danger to property from flying missiles was 
noted  and  Mr  Yelland suggested that a request be  made  for  a 
suitable  fence to be errected behind the Club House to  minimise 
this. Mr Targett said that it was his companies intention to  get 
the  estate  road adopted and it was asked if a lay by  could  be 
provided  for additional parking.  Mr Yelland drew  attention  to 
the  height  of  the field above the road and  asked  if  it  was 
proposed  to lower it before building as residents opposite  were 
concerned about their privacy.  Mr Targett agreed that the  level 
could be considered.

At  the  end of the public part of the meeting the views  of  the 
Councillors as to the proposal were canvassed. A  majority   felt 
that  development  ought  to be delayed and  it  was  unanimously 
agreed  that when development occured it ought to be in the  form 
of a mixture of houses. 

It  was  decided  to reply to the  application  along  the  lines 
discussed  and  also to request provision of garaging  for  other 
residents of the area.


Miss  Chubb  agreed to be nominated as a School  Governor.    She 
stated  that  at the recent Governors Meeting  she  attended  the 
revision  of  the  curriculum had been discussed  and  was  being 


Drains  near  the  Waterworks were still causing  concern  and  a 
letter would be sent to the Council.  Also the ditch at Lime  Kiln 
Lane was blocked.

Erosion  of  the verges and the demolition of some of  the  fence 
by  large  vehicles  trying  to  negotiate  Soho  Crossroads  was 
discussed - a letter will be sent to Mr Burkitt.


If  repairs  to  the pavements in Park Hayes have  not  yet  been 
carried out a letter will be sent to the Council.


Nothing to report.


The  Clerk  presented a claim for salary to the end of  March  of 
154.16  and expenses of 11.65.  Mr Turner proposed payment  and 
Mr Gould seconded.

Mr Yelland stated that Mendip had added approximately 400 to the 
Precept  requested  by  the  PC to  pay  election  expenses.   He 
querried  why  the  product of the Penny Rate  appeared  to  have 
decreased  - illumination will be sought. If this were  the  case 
the  clerk's  new salary was slightly in excess of  the  national 
formula.   It was however agreed to ratify the salary and  adjust 
it back to the formula in future years.

10.   AGM

It  had  been realised that the date set for the AGM was  a  Bank 
Holiday   Mr Gould proposed changing it to 23 May  and  Mr  Rooke 


A notification of the Change of Licence for sale of liquor at the 
Post Office had been received.  It has been granted.

A notification of a meeting of the Quarry Advisory Committee  was 
given to Mr Davis.

A  letter concerning STREET SWEEPING IN RURAL AREAS was read  out 
It  was  agreed that the village streets needed sweeping  and  Mr 
Turner suggested that we apply for a grant as requested.  It  was 
agreed that this PC had never considered this question before but 
would like to see the village cleaner.

A  letter  had been received from the County  Emergency  Planning 
Officer along with copies of the "Civil Protection" magazine. 

Information was also requested by the District Council as to  the 
current  entries that affect the Parish in the District Plan  for 
Major  Peacetime Emergencies.  Mr Yelland drew attention  to  the 
fact  that  Leigh  does not have a place  of  refuge  within  its 
boundaries.   He  and  the clerk  will  undertake  the  requested 
PARISH  TRANSPORT CONTACTS preferably a public transport user  had 
been  requested  to  be named to County Hall.  A notice  will  be 
included  in the newsletter asking for a volunteer who is on  the 
phone and who uses public transport.

CONCESSIONARY  BUS PASS SCHEME information from Mendip had  been 
displayed on the noticeboard at The Bell.

The Memorial Hall Committee had contacted the Charity  Commission 
to  check  that the Hall was registered.  A reply  confirmed  the 
registration but stated that no accounts had been forthcoming for 
some  time.   Mr  Featherstone suggested that  the  Parish  Clerk 
became  the Charities correspondent and send a copy of the latest 
accounts as requested.  This was agreed.

Minutes  of  S CC meeting of 25 November 1987 had  been  received 
along  with  a  Report  of the  Policy  and  Resources  Committee 
Meetings of the 8 January and 4 February 1988.

12.  No items to be carried forward.

13.  Next meeting will be Monday 18 April at 7.45 in the School.  

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