Present were B Chubb, J Davis, A Gould, G Lee, P Rooke, D Turner, 
D  Yelland who was in the chair and approximately 50  members  of 
the public.
1.    Minutes  of  the  Parish Meeting  of  28  April  1987  were 
summarised by Mr Yelland.
The item on HALECOMBE QUARRY had been surpassed by recent events. 
The meeting had discussed, noise emmission & amenity banks.   The 
BASALT  QUARRY  AT TADHILL - Somerset County Council  had  turned 
down  the application by Western Roadstone for this.  The  latter 
have indicated that they will appeal.
The Minutes were accepted by those present and signed.

Mr  C  Featherstone,  Chairman of  the  Memorial  Hall  Committee 
reported  that  his committee were aiming to establish  the  long 
term  viability  of the Hall as a village assett by  getting  its 
finances  straight.   To  do this they must  first  increase  the 
utilisation of the ammenity by re-vamping the building to improve 
the  facilities.  They had increased the income of the Hall  from 
600  to  1200 in the first year to 2400 in  the  second  year.  
Grants  of 2400 from the Community Council of Somerset  &  1600 
from  Mendip  District Council had to be met by an  equal  amount 
from  the  Hall  Committee  and the  guarantee  that  they  could 
adequetly manage their affairs.  This money is being spent on the 
Roof, Heating and Lighting and the Kitchen.  Next year a grant of 
is  required  to put in double glazing.  If  the   Committee  can 
succeed  in its aims to refurbish the Hall, increase the  useage, 
and balance the books then the long-term viablity of this  assett 
will  be  assured for the village.  Mr  Featherstone  asked   the 
Parish Council to consider ways in which they could help the Hall 
committee to do this.
Questions were invited from the floor:  It was suggested that the 
Parish  Council could provide more money.   It was  explained  to 
Parishioners that the Parish Coucil had to consider the needs  of 
all  village  activities  and  apportion  money accordingly,  but 
perhaps  with  the larger Precept requested more  help  might  be 
available.   The  PC may be able to help on the question  of  VAT 
however it transpires that the Hall Committee are not liable  for 
this.  The concept of full support for the Village Hall Committee 
was  endorsed.  A Parishioner asked if support to the Hall  could 
be given by increasing the Parish Rate levied and it was  further 
suggested  from the floor that this ought to be done  before  the 
advent of the Poll Tax.  The Chairman pointed out that the Parish 
Rate  had  already  been slightly increased  and  suggested  that 
pressure form this ought to come from the Hall Committee lobbying 
villagers, however Mr Featherstone suggested it would be improper 
of  him  to do this.  When asked to vote on whether  the  Village 
Rate  ought  to be increased to support the Hall  over  half  the 
assembly  were for the motion, there were 3 against and the  rest 
Mr Yelland thanked Mr Featherstone for making  the report and for 
the efforts of his committee in the running of the Hall.

Mr D Webber Chairman of the Recreation Field Management Committee 
reported on the needs of the Recreation Field.  His Committee  is 
a parent body of the Social Club Committee.  Although the Cricket 
Pavillion is old and in a poor state of repair recently the gents 
toilets had been improved, a Ladies toilet had been built and the 
showers  had  been renovated as well as essential  repairs  being 
carried  out to the roof. To date no great financial  outlay  had 
been  needed as the work had been done mainly by volunteers  like 
Nick  Worthington who maintains the cricket pitch to a very  high 
standard and Tony Harris who had effected roof repairs.  Recently 
the outside of the building and the general area had been cleaned 
and tubs of plants had been placed by the car park, it was  hoped 
to  plant shrubs to enhance the area.  This great assett  to  the 
village  was being used for cricket in the summer by 3 senior,  1 
junior  and 1 very junior teams and in the winter  for  football.  
Mr  Webber reported that 2 senior teams wanted to use  the  pitch 
and  that a very junior team made up of villagers could be  found 
on the field on winter Saturday mornings.  The Needs of the Field 
were  1)to  complete  the climbing tower roof -  here  Mr  Webber 
pointed out that despite criticism about the grass surface  under 
the  tower  the Playing Field's Association  recommended  firstly 
cork and secondly grass.  2)To re-wire the building,3)to  install 
hand-basins  in the toilets, 4)To have the roof surveyed  to  see 
how  much  longer it would last.  He requested the  help  of  the 
Parish  Council  in levying a fine on the owners  of  dogs  which 
fouled  the field area and in finding some method  of  increasing 
the off street car parking area for users of the field.
On behalf of the Parish Council Mr Yelland stated that they  were 
aware  of  the need for Car parking and were trying to  get  this 
included  in any plans for the development of land at Manor  Farm 
adjacent  to the Field.  Mr Rooke said that he had spoken  to  Mr 
Jeannes  who had displayed a willingness to include  parking  for 
the  Recreation  Field  in any plans.  If the  impetus  from  the 
Memorial Hall could be carried over to the Recreation Field  then 
perhaps money could be raised to match any grants available  from 
various sources to improve the facilities.  Mr Webber pointed out 
that  any extension to the building would be done by  the  Social 
Club.  Mr Yelland further stated that the PC was unable to levy a 
fine on owners of dogs fouling the area in fact this law had been 
shown  to  be  virtually unworkable  and  suggested  that  public 
pressure  should  be  exerted  on the  owners  of  the  offending 
animals.  He asked if out of village users ought to pay more  for 
the  facilities or put more into it.  It was pointed out that  no 
levy could be raised on the use of the Field by villagers and  it 
was suggested that the Field be supported by the Parish Rate -  a 
vote of Parishioners showed about half in favour of  this,  there 
were no objectors.  A questioner from the floor querried  whether 
the Village Fete paid for their use of the Field.  Mr Webber said 
that  only a nominal fee was charged and it was suggested by  the 
floor  that this matter be considered by the committee formed  to 
run the next Fete. 
Mr  Yelland  reiterated  the  praise  of  the  work  done  by  Mr 
Worhington  and  suggested  that if help comes  from  within  the 
community for the Field area then help can be sought from outside 
the community also.  He thanked Mr Webber for his report.

PARISH COUNCIL REPORT - given by the Chairman.
In  the first year in office of this totally new  Parish  Council 
Planning  Applications  had  been received for approximately   36 
dwellings  in  a village comprising 120 dwellings.  Of  these  14 
were  approved - 6 at the Sawmills had been completed & work  had 
begun  on those at Townsend - 14 were still being  considered  by 
the  Council, and 8 had been turned down -of which 2 had gone  to 
appeal.   An application for an unspecified number of  houses  at 
the  rear  of  Plevna had been refused due to  lack  of  sewerage 
capacity.   The present treatment plant had capacity for a  total 
of 300 heads, although it was not known how close to this  number 
Leigh  was Parishioners must be made aware that if the  treatment 
plant is replaced a larger one could be installed thus opening up 
the village to more expansion. It was for residents to decide  if 
they  wanted  this especially in light of  the  Halecombe  Quarry 
Expansion Plans.  The Parish Council would have a public  meeting 
on  this plan on Monday June 6 at 7.45 in the Hall.   The  Parish 
Councillors enthusiastically supported the British Legion Housing 
Association Plans for sheltered Scattered housing for the elderly 
as  their  prime  objective was to house  the  elderly  residents 
already  in  the  village.  The number on  the  School  Roll  had 
increased, and more new residents ought to help numbers.
The  Parish Council are trustees for the 2 Village assetts -  the 
Hall and the Field.
The Financial position was as below:
900 in reserve.  75 paid out in fees.  325 in Clerk's salary & 
expenses.  310 in Grants.
A Precept of 1350 had been requested - this included the cost of 
the  elections.  It had been raised to enable more support to  be 
given to village organisations if it was needed.
Somerset  County Council had given committments to  repair  local 
highways and footpaths in the coming year. 
An  application  for  expansion at Halecombe Quarry  was  in  the 
offing but would be discussed at the special meeting on 6 June.
Two information sheets had been distributed during the year.
With  regard  to the Speed Limit although no reply had  yet  been 
received it was known that if the street lamps were a  proscribed 
distance  apart  then the area had a 30 mph  limit  anyway,  this 
could well be the case in Leigh.
Mr Yelland thanked the Villagers for their support and asked  for 
any questions from the Floor.

A  complaint  was  made about street parking  opposite  the  Post 
Office but it was agreed that this was the province of the police. 
A  questioner  asked if any thought had been given  to  a  weight 
limit  through  the  Village.  It was stated  that  it  had  been 
considered about 6 years ago but it could be investigated  again.  
The responsibility for holes in the road was raised it was stated 
that  the Clerk had already pursued this matter with  the  County 
Council who were sending an inspector. 

Overspill   parking  from  the  pub  was  causing  annoyance   in 
Bellfield  and  it was asked if this was due to  customers  being 
unable to use the whole car park.  It was agreed that the pub and 
Hall  had  shared use of the land.  Mr Rooke stated  that  Wimpey 
Hobbs had agreed to resurface the car park as part of their  deal 
with  the Hall when they installed a Bore Hole but this  had  not 
yet been done.

The  Speed Limit will only extend as far as  satisfactory  street 
lighting  although  attempts  will  be  made  to  get  Towns  End 

Halecombe  Quarry  - the date for receipt of  objections  in  the 
Somerset  Standard had no relevance as plans not yet  registered.  
All those present were invited to the public meeting on June 6 at 
7.45 in the Hall.  Mr Hewell stated that Mandip were prepared  to 
accept  representations  up  to the time the  plans  came  before 

The Meeting closed at 9.40 pm.

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