Present  were B Chubb, J Davis, G Lee & P Rooke.  Mr  Davis  took 
the Chair.  Four members of the public were in attendance.

1    Apologies were received from D Turner & D Yelland.

2    Following information given to the clerk by SALC the Minutes 
of  the  AGM on 26 May 1988 & the Parish Meeting on 6  June  1988 
were  accepted  & signed. With regard to the Minites  of  the  PC 
meeting of 20 June Mr Lee objected to the sentence commencing "Mr 
Yelland  stated.....improperly".  After discussion he  agreed  to 
withdraw  his objection.   In the paragraph beginning "Mr  Turner 
felt....."  it  was  agreed with Mr Lee's consent  to  add  after 
"County Council" the words 'on condition that enquiries were made 
into conducting an independant survey'.  

Mr A Gould arrived at this point.

Mr  Lee asked that the sentence: 'Mr Lee left at this  point'  be 
ammended to read 'Mr Lee had to leave at this point'  

The Minutes of 20 June 1988 were accepted & signed.

3     MATTERS ARISING. A reply from Post Office Counters Ltd  had 
been  received. It stated their commitment to  maintaining  rural 
offices  despite  their  losses.  Mr Rooke  enquired  if  another 
concern who would perhaps be prepared to remain open longer hours 
could apply for the franchise - enquiries will be made.

Nothing had yet been done to the road near the Sawmills despite a 
letter  to  the appropriate department.  It  was  suggested  that 
Environmental  Health  were contacted about the noise caused when 
empty  vehicles  drove  over it. The matter will be  left  for  a 
fortnight  as  the contractors are returning to tarmac  the  road 
ways into the development.

Planning Applications:  Soho Farm access conditionally approved.
New dwelling & access at Ivy Cottage refused.
2  Dwellings adjacent to Rose Cottage - permission for  2  single 
storey homes given.
The appeal on land in Bellfield near the Church was rejected.

4  Mr Lee displayed a map he had made of a badly lit area in Park 
Hayes  for which a street light had been requested by  residents.  
Parish Councillors will view the area & discuss the matter at the 
next meeting.

The  Clerk  had  spoken with Mr Hall of the  Traffic  Section  at 
Taunton.   A 30 mph limit can be put on the area from the  bridge 
near  Manor Farm to Townsend Farm, with signs on the junction  of 
Stocks Lane & the Main Street and on the road to Barn Close  with 
no  need  to  go to Committee.  However to include  the  area  at 
Townsend  in  this  an  application would  need  to  be  made  to 
Committee  & Mr Hall gave it as his opinion that it would not  be 
granted.  However, due to the 2 recent accidents which had  taken 
place  near  Townsend  Cottage it was  decided  that  application 
should  be made for an immediate speed limit to be placed on  the 
village & the wheels set in motion to apply for the inclusion  of 
Townsend. Enquiries into the cost of repeater signs will be made.  
A  width & weight restriction on the village were discussed.   It 
was  agreed to write to local quarries - Wainrights, ECC,  ARC  & 
Wimpey Hobbs asking them to request drivers not to drive  through 
the village.   

Mr  Gould had been asked for information about stiles for  Public 
Footpaths.  He will be given the name of the Footpath Inspector.

FOOTPATH  AT  HALECOMBE.  Great concern was  expressed  that  the 
footpath, FP 8/23 had been blasted away in one section &  blocked 
in  another.  A Parishioner said he had informed Somerset  Rights 
of  Way  Association  who had written  to  the  District  Council 
advocating prosecution of Wimpey Hobbs.  Due to the absence of Mr 
Morris  who  deals with this matter for Mendip DC the  Clerk  had 
been  unable to find out if the Quarry had permission  to  divert 
the  path - the Clerk will pursue this matter on 25 July with  Mr 
Morris & the PC will then decide on its course of action.

An  aplication by Wimpey Hobbs to divert FP 8/23  was  discussed.  
Concern  was expressed that the path between points J,K &  L  was 
dangerously close to the proposed quarry edge & it was felt  that 
it  would be more logical for the path to go straight across  the 
neck of land from J to L.  This will be conveyed to MDC.  Concern 
was  expressed that the soil had been stripped from the  footpath 

5    HALECOMBE  Messrs Davis, Gould, Rooke & Turner had met  with 
Mr  Grazier of Wimpey Hobbs on the 13 July.  Mr Grazier had  said 
that  the Company were looking at the purchase of a face  crusher 
which would, it was felt be quieter.  It was pointed out that  as 
this  machine  would follow the blasting those nearer  this  area 
would be more disturbed.  The Liason Committee members felt  that 
they had achieved nothing.
Mr Lee had to leave at this point.
It was agreed that eligible members would meet on 25 July in  the 
Hall at  7.30 to  formulate a reply to  Halecombe  &  Torr  Works 
planning applications.

6     PLANNING  APPLICATIONS:  Lavender Cottage -(i)off  the  road 
parking should be provided if possible. (ii) Frontage of property 
should be kept as natural stone. 
Townsend  Filling Station - Mr Rooke & Mr Gould as neighbours  of 
this  property  declared  an interest.(i) Site plan  was  of   Mr 
Rookes property. (ii) No objections were raised.
Torr Works - this will be discussed on 25 July.

7     FINANCE:  A letter requesting payment of the 200  held  by 
the PC for Church wall repairs was read. Payment was proposed  by 
Mr Gould & seconded by Mr Rooke all agreed & a cheque was signed.

A  Grant of 5 to Midsummer Norton CAB was proposed by Mr  Rooke, 
seconded by Mr Gould, all agreed & a cheque was signed.

Mr  Rooke  had  received  a letter  from  Mr  Preedy  asking  for 
financial support for the Youth Club. Mr Preedy had expressed the 
need  for  money to purchase for example an old vehicle  for  the 
youngsters  to  dismantle & rebuild & Mr Rooke  had  offered  his 
expert  help.   Concern was expressed by all Councillors  at  the 
lack  of  activities for teenagers in the  village.   Miss  Chubb 
suggested  that  the PC needed to know what  any  money  already 
granted to or in possession of the Youth Club had been spent on. 
A  letter was read out from Mrs Loten concerning the proposal  to 
start  an  under  5's  Playgroup  in  the  village  &  requesting 
financial  help  to  purchase, e.g.tables  &  chairs.  Mrs  Loten 
explained  that  the new group would have the use  of  any  money 
already raised by the Mother & Toddler Group with which it  would 
amalgamate  &  that they were also hopeful that  they  would  get 
grants from other concerns e.g. Pre School Playgroups Association 
and the Council.
Mr Davis suggested a grant of 50 to each concern but it was felt 
by other Councillors that this was not enough.  A credit of  100 
was proposed for each concern by Mr Rooke & seconded by Mr  Gould.  
&  agreed.  It was agreed that any purchases either concern  wish 
to make will be refered to the PC, justified by the concern,  and 
will  be  made  on  their behalf by the PC so  that  VAT  can  be 

8    RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE - defered to the next meeting.

9     As  the  PARISH HISTORY LEAFLET was not to  hand  this  was 

10   Beckington Parish Council had written concerning grants   to 
Sweep the streets in Rural areas - originally discussed by the PC 
7 March.  They would like the matter discussed by each council  & 
then raised at the AGM of the SALC on 15 October.  It was  agreed 
that the Clerk would find out more about this grant.

A copy of the Somerset Minerals Policy had been sent by Mr Evans.

Notification of a Fund Raising Training Day had been received.

A questionaire from the Institute of Leisure & Amenity Management 
concerning  play areas in the community had been received &  will 
be given to Mr Lee as Council rep on the RFMC.

A  letter  from  Mr  Mattick  Treasurer  of  the  Memorial   Hall 
requesting  information as to the length of time the Council  had 
used  the  Hall since January was read. It was  agreed  that  the 
Council  had used the hall on:   7 March from 7.30 to  10.30,  23 
May  from 7.30 to 9.40, 6 June from 7.30 to 11.45 approximately 9 
1/2  hours. Mr  Mattick will be informed of this and also of  the 
fact  that  Somerset County Council should be billed  direct  for 
their use of the Hall.

11    The Red Cross and the Parish History will be  discussed  at 
the next meeting.

12    The  next meeting will be in the School on 5  September  at 

The meeting closed at 10.15. 

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