Present were B Chubb, J Davis, P Rooke, D Turner & D Yelland  who 
took the chair.  Also in attendance were 3 parishioners.

A Gould had informed the Clerk that he may be late in arriving.
Apologies were received from G Lee.

3  MATTERS ARISING:  Apologies were made to Miss Chubb on  behalf 
of  the  Clerk  & Chairman for not informing her  that  the  P  C 
Meeting  on the 25 July was a full meeting & not just  a  meeting 
for  those  without  an 'interest' in quarrying  to  discuss  the 
Wimpey Hobbs & Yeoman Planning Applications.
Miss   Chubb  querried  the  necessity  of  informing  the   Bath 
Environmental  Group about the Halecombe plans, Mr  Turner  whose 
suggestion  it  had been said although at the time  he  had  been 
unsure if such a group existed he had made the suggestion because 
quarrying  at Halecombe could affect the water table in the  Bath 
Area.  He had since been informed that an article on the  subject 
had appeared in a local Bath paper.
A  map  of  the proposed extent of the 30  MPH  SPEED  LIMIT  was 
displayed and all Councillors confirmed their support.
In  reply  to  enquiries  made by  the  Clerk  concerning  STREET 
SWEEPING  IN  RURAL AREAS Mr Jeffs informed the P C that  it  had 
been  decided  to  take no further action  on  this  matter.  All 
Councillors  agreed  that something ought to be  done  about  the 
state   of  the  village.   The  Clerk  will   write   requesting 
information   on   what  services  Mendip   provide   and   whose 
responsibility  it is to see that the area is maintained.
Guide lines from the POST OFFICE COUNTERS LTD on their  provision 
of Sub Post Offices had been received.  It was noted that the P O 
seemed  to have broken their own code of practice re  advertising 
the vacancy.  Their attention will be drawn to this.

4  HIGHWAYS & FOOTPATHS.  S C C had written asking if the  Parish 
wished  to opt for ALL NIGHT STREET LIGHTING at no extra cost  to 
the community.  It was agreed that this may help to fight  crime. 
It was querried if this would be a requisite for the 30 mph  area 
but  as  it  had not been mentioned in  communications  from  the 
Surveyors Department it was felt that this was not the case.   It 
was  agreed  that  Councillors would  elicited  the  opinions  of 
Parishioners & discuss the matter at the next meeting.
NEW  LIGHT IN PARK HAYES - Miss Chubb felt that an outside  light 
on  one of the houses would best serve the area designated in  Mr 
Lee's map. Mr Yelland thought that the pruning of a bush & a tree 
in  the  area  would greatly help the spread of  light  from  the 
existing light.   The Clerk will enquire if any help with payment 
for  elecricity  used  is  available  from  MDC  or  SCC  to    a 
householder installing a light on their own property specifically 
to light up an area of public pavement.
All  the Parish Councillors felt that the cost to the PC was  too 
great to warrant the installation of a new light on this site.
FOOTPATH AT HALECOMBE - The Clerk had discussed this matter  with 
Mr  Morris at MDC and learnt that the County Council had  ordered 
Wimpey Hobbs to mark out a temporary footpath to replace the  one 
that  they  had  destroyed.   A  Parishioner  complained  of  the 
impassability of the rest of the footpath around the quarry area.  
Mr  Yelland expressed the view of all Councillors that if  FR8/23 
is  not  re-instated with a walkable diversion the PC  must  act.  
Miss Chubb was asked to check the whole footpath and if she  felt 
it necessary to act liase with the Clerk in sending letters to Mr 
Griffiths, Mr Morris, Mr Bott and Cllr Hewett urging them to take 
appropriate action. 

5   HALECOMBE  QUARRY  -  Miss Chubb &  Mr  Yelland  declared  an 
'interest'  and  Mr  Davis took the chair.   
Mr Gould arrived.
Mr Davis had approached Mr Grazier who had said that he would  be 
willing to finance a survey of village opinion with regard to the 
quarry planning proposals.  Mr Turner felt that the PC had almost 
committed themselves to the survey & must progress the matter but 
the  PC must decide what use they would make of  the  information 
gathered,  he felt that his reaction to the planning  application 
ought to reflect the Parishioners views.  The Councillors  agreed 
that  the  survey must diferentiate in general  terms:  a)  where 
those  who  returned the questionnaire lived in relation  to  the 
quarry.   b)  If  they had any direct  or  indirect  interest  in 
Halecombe  or any other quarry.  c) The state of knowledge  about 
the  planning  application  of  the  person  replying.   d)  What 
concerned the villagers most about the proposed extension. 
Mr  Yelland offered to provide the Clerk with a list of  concerns 
who conducted surveys to find out parameters & costs.
Councillors felt that Mr Lee ought to be given an opportunity  to 
comment  on any survey and that Mr Grazier ought to be given  the 
opportunity  to see it before it was circulated.  Action will  be 
taken as soon as the information is to hand.
Letters had been received from Mr Evans replying on behalf of  Mr 
Cross  to a letter dated 7 July, and from  SALC  requesting  more 
information  about  the  quarry  planning  application  and   the 
destruction of FR8/23.
been received.
MANOR FARM - Specific plans had been circulated for 6 dwellings & 
the following observations made - disappointment at lack of  mix 
of  houses, concern about the accessing of cars from 6  dwellings 
onto  the  main street, and the hope that the materials  used  in 
building  would be natural and in keeping with the  surroundings.  
Mr Yelland suggested that MDC's attention be drawn to the  height 
of  the building plot in relation to the surrounding area -  this 
will be done.
No objections had been made to plans to extend CHURCH COTTAGE.
LAND ADJOINING IVY COTTAGE - The following observations had  been 
made - concern over proximity of new dwelling to the school & Ivy 
Cottage, danger of access, and size of site.  A letter expressing 
concern over access had also been sent to the County Surveyor.
7  FINANCE - The Precept had been applied for & received.
The annual subscription to the COMMUNITY COUNCIL FOR SOMERSET was 
due.   Mr Rooke proposed payment of 6, Miss Chubb seconded,  all 
were in favour & a cheque was made out.   
A  bill  for the rental of the HALL amounting to 53 -  rent  47 
refreshments for 6 June meeting 6 - had been received.  Mr Rooke 
proposed  payment,  Mr  Gould seconded, all were in  favour  &  a 
cheque was written.
Mr  Yelland  proposed offering the Hall a flat rate  of  10  per 
booking,  Mr Rooke seconded the motion & all were in favour.   Mr 
Yelland  further  suggested  that the Parish Council  ask  to  be 
billed each time they used the facility.
It was agreed to transfer 500 from the Current to the Investment 
Account and to close the Nat West  Deposit Account.
The  Clerk  thanked  Mrs Loten for helping  her  to  prepare  the 
Accounts  for  their  Annual  Audit and  presented  them  to  the 
Chairman for signature.

8  RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVE - A Parishioner will be approached on 
this matter.

9  B T WATCH THE BOX SCHEME - The Clerk was asked to approach Mrs 
Lee who lives beside the telephone box to undertake this.

10   PARISH HISTORY BOOKLET  - Miss Chubb & Mr Yelland  undertook 
to  approach  Mr  John Fisher the author  of  the  booklet  about 
reprinting & selling it at the local shop.

11   CORRESPONDENCE  -  A letter from MDC about HOUSING  STRATEGY 
will be circulated for comments.
Application will be made for a copy of LOCAL GOVERNMENT  BOUNDARY 
MDC  IMPROVED  ACCESS FOR THE DISABLED - Although  there  was  no 
problem  as yet in the village it was felt the attention  of  the 
Memorial  Hall  Committee ought to be drawn to this  matter while 
they were refurbishing the premises.  
ARTS IN SOMERSET - The PC admitted to being unaware of the grants 
available  through this organisation. Councillors will  draw  the 
attention  of any body they can think of in the Parish who  might 
be interested in applying.  Mr Rooke took the letter.
Notification  of  a Clerk's Training Day on 1  October  had  been 
received  the Clerk will apply for a place.  Mr Yelland  proposed 
payment of the fee, Mr Turner seconded - motion carried.
Miss Chubb is contemplating attending the course on FUND  RAISING 
on 8 October.
A  letter  concerning protection of No Claims  Bonus  &  "Excess" 
Insurance  for those using their cars while on P C  business  was 
made known to Councillors.  It was not felt to be applicable.

12  CARRIED FORWARD - All Night Street Lighting.

13 Next Meeting 17 October 1988 at 1930h in the School.

The meeting closed at 2200h.

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