The  meeting  commenced at 7.40pm. Present were A Gould,  G  Lee, 
D Turner & J Davis who took the chair.  Two Parishionners were in 

Apologies had been received from B Chubb, P Rooke & D Yelland.

The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted & signed.

MATTERS ARISING:-  Light in Park Hayes - the Clerk had  contacted 
SCC on the matter. They have no provision to make a grant towards 
payment  of  any electricity used by a  public  spirited  private 
consumer.  She  then  contacted Mr  Young,  MDC  Council  Housing 
Officer for the village, he said if the PC presented facts as  to 
the cost of installing the light & running costs he could put  it 
before  either  his next Area Houseing Committee  meeting  on  22 
November or the following one approximately 3 months later.   The 
Clerk had been unable to get through to the Electricity Board  or 
to  Social Services who may be able to offer assistance  but  was 
willing to pursue the matter - it was agreed to do so.
Watch The Box - Mrs Lee had agreed to do this.
Rent  for Memorial Hall - The Clerk had discussed  this  with  Mr 
Featherstone  & it had been agreed to wait until after  the  Hall 
AGM.  The  committee  were known to be looking  into  the  rental 
Nothing  has  yet been done about a RED CROSS REP  -  Clerk  will 
progress the matter.

FINANCE:   A letter had been received from Mrs Winks  asking  for 
sponsorship  for the 2 teams entered for the Inter Village  Quiz.  
Sponsorship  was  proposed by D Turner & seconded by  A  Gould  - 
motion agreed. The contest had already taken place & one team had 
won 2nd prize of 15 which they donated to Parish Funds.

Leigh Under 5's Group had written requesting that the PC grant of 
100  go towards a Rocking Boat.  Mr Gould proposed payment &  Mr 
Turner  seconded,  motion  agreed.   The PC  will  pay  the  full 
purchase price & claim back the excess over 115 from the  Groups 
treasurer as the VAT is reclaimable.  

The Clerk put in a claim for salary from 1 April to 30  September 
of 172.50 and for expenses of 29.91 Mr Turner proposed  payment 
of a claim for 202.41, Mr Lee seconded - motion carried. 

PRECEPT:  At Mr Yelland's request the Clerk had  written  to  the 
village concerns who had received grants from the PC in the  past 
year  asking them if they would be making requests  for  monetary 
assistance in the coming financial year. The Councillors  present 
felt that the grants to the Under 5's Group & the Youth Club were 
in the nature of 'one offs' to help them get established although 
they  did  not preclude helping these concerns in the  future  if 
they applied for assistance.
Mr  Featherstone,  Chairman of the Memorial Hall  Committee,  had 
replied  enclosing   "Information/Guidance  to  Potential   Grant 
Applicants".  This stated that the local PC can contribute up  to 
25%  of any project cost, he was therefore asking for 1000.   It 
was  pointed out by Mr Turner that this was almost the  whole  of 
last  years Precept.  MDC had suggested that any increase in  the 
amount  requested be in line with inflation at 5%.  He  suggested 
that  a letter be sent to the Hall Committee saying that if  they 
could  present  proof  that the majority of  the  villagers  were 
agreeable  to the Parish Rate being increased to such  an  extent 
the  PC  would consider the matter,but it must be borne  in  mind 
that that would make Leigh's rate one of the highest in the area. 
The Clerk pointed out that at the Annual Parish Meeting on 26 May 
1988  this  had  been discussed &  the  same  conclusions  drawn. 
Mr  Lee  stated that he had just taken over as  Chairman  of  the 
Recreation Field & had not had time to reply to the letter but he 
said that the Field was in a very run down condition & with  only 
900 in the bank the committee did not know if it could  continue 
to  function  & may have to hand the affairs  of  the  Recreation 
Field over to the PC, as Trustees, next May.  It was agreed  that 
the  Rec Field did not have the ability of the Hall  to  generate 
money from users.
The  Councillors  present agreed that the letters would  be  sent 
along the lines suggested by Mr Turner to the Hall & RFMC and the 
matter of the Precept discussed at the next meeting.

HIGHWAYS  &  FOOTPATHS:   All  Night Street  Lighting  -  Mr  Lee 
proposed  acceptance  of SCC's offer,  Mr Gould  seconded  &  the  
motion was carried. 
The Clerk had written to the County Surveyor at Frome complaining 
of the state of the road between Long Cottage & Towns End.
The  state  of the overflow ditch in Blackers  Lane  was  causing 
concern  as was the appearance of a spring in the main road  near 
Tadhill Farm - appropriate action will be taken.

It was agreed that the Clerk would try & ascertain what duty  the 
local council had to maintain the village streets. 

A Temporary Closure Order for FR8/23 had been received from  SCC. 
Mr  Turner pointed out that it was hard to close a path  that  no 
longer existed as it had been blown up by Wimpey Hobbs.  He  also 
stated that the order received on 15 October to take effect  from 
the 22 October was dated 28 October.  It was agreed to urge  that 
the closure period be as short as possible & that an  alternative 
route  be  provided as soon as possible. Surprise  was  expressed 
that no letter had been sent following Miss Chubbs inspection  of 
the  footpath after the last meeting. It was felt that  a  letter 
ought  to  be sent  as soon as possible expressing  concern  over 
this footpath.  Also to find out the legality of the  alternative 
route  -  as  one had already been provided  weren't  the  PC  in 
receipt of a diversion, not a temporary closure order. The  Clerk 
had spoken to Mr Burkett about the footpath & he had said:-  "The 
County  Council is aware of the problems related to the  footpath 
around  Halecombe  Quarry  & is currently  negotiating  with  the 
quarry  owners  for the provision of  an  attractive  alternative 
footpath  which could be of a higher standard & more  interesting 
than the path which has been lost."

HALECOMBE QUARRY -  Mr Lee declared an 'interest'.
Mr  Davis was planning to organise a meeting of the Liason  group 
after the PC meeting.
He had informed the Clerk about a meeting of the Minerals Panel & 
she had contacted Mr Moon (SCC Deputy Planning Officer). He  said 
that  no  recommendations  were made by  the  Minerals  Panel  as 
further  discussion was felt to be needed especially on access  & 
roads.The  Panel  had decided on a press release & letter  to  be 
sent  out explaining the position that had been reached to  date.  
They also felt another public meeting ought to be held when  more 
details were available.
Mr Moon also said that more discussions were to take place on the 
Foster Yeoman application.

The  estimates for the proposed village survey on  the  Halecombe 
Quarry  application were to hand, the cost was in the  region  of 
3-4000  or  more.  Councillors felt that this  was  excessive  & 
decided to take no further action.  The question of another  Open 
Meeting on the Application will be discussed again.

PLANNING  APPLICATIONS  - Rulings had been received  on  Lavendar 
Cottage,  Manor  Farm  details,  Townsend  Filling  Station,  Ivy 
Cottage outline and Roundhill Cottage.
Plans  for  the Erection of 4 Elderly Person flats  on  land  off 
Leigh Street raised no objections from those present although  it 
was  felt that the provision of more car parking space  would  be 
No  objections  were  made to a Single storey  Extension  at  Fox 

CORRESPONDENCE -  SCC Public Meeting to enable people to question 
a  'panel' about the Council's activities. A notice had been  put 
up - it was felt that a PC rep ought to go. 
Notification  had been received of an Autumn Conference  on  'The 
Future of the Countryside'.
Two  people will go to a 'Village Appraisal Information  Evening' 
on 28 November at the Council Chambers, Shepton Mallet.
Business  in  the Community had notified the PC about  a  2  day 
meeting  entitled  'Business in the Countryside' starting  on  30 
Catalogues had been received from 'Direct' & 'Glasdon'.

The next meeting to discuss the Precept will be held on Wednesday 
16  November at 7.30 in the School.  The Clerk will be unable  to 

The Meeting closed at 9.45. 

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