Present were J Davis, A Gould, G Lee, D Turner and D Yelland  who 
took the Chair.  Also present were 6 Parishionners.

Apologies were received from B Chubb and P Rooke.

The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted & signed.

MATTERS  ARISING:   The  light  in Park  Hayes was  still  being 
investigated.    The  Leigh Under 5's Group had  decided  not  to 
purchase  the  'Rocking  boat', it was  agreed  that  they  could 
use  the  Parish  Council  grant  when  they  needed  to  without 
reference  to  a full meeting.  The road between Long  Cottage  & 
Towns  End had been repaired as had the spring near Tadhill  Farm 
however  the ditch at Blackers Lane still needed attention -  the 
Clerk will advise the County Surveyor.

FINANCE:  a)  The payment of the Audit Fee of 28.75 was agreed.
          b)  A request from  the Bridget  Parker Olympic  Appeal 
was discussed but no grant was made.
          c)   Grant requests from the Memorial Hall,  Recreation 
Field and the Parochial Church Council had been received.
The PCC asked for the payment of MDC Burial Grant & a top up  for 
general maintenance & repairs.  The Hall requested 200 to  cover 
the estimated cost of installing 2 fire resistant doors. The  Rec 
Field  gave  details of an estimated 3,000 of  expenditure  that 
would  be  necessary  in  the next few  years  &  asked  for  any 
assistance possible.
It  was decided that if the PC reserves were to be kept at  their 
April 1988 level there would be approximately 500 available  for 
grants  to  village  institutions.   The  PCC  request  was  then 
considered and the Chairman stated that a grant had been  applied 
for from MDC for the purchase of a new mower for the church yard.  
He  explained  that although the church was  the  current  Burial 
Authority  this could and probably would be transfered to the  PC 
therefore   if  the  PC  could  help  to  supply  equipment   for 
maintenance  prior  to this eventuality this  would  benefit  all 
concerned.  Given the uncertain nature of this application it was 
agreed  to  pass on the MDC grant of 67 and note that  when  the 
question of the mower was resolved a further suitable application 
would be considered as appropriate.

The  Hall  & Field applications were considered at  length  &  in 
particular  the  relative abilities of the two  organisations  to 
generate  their own income.Due to the Fields inability  to  raise 
money from rents it was proposed to grant the Field 250 and  the 
Hall  200.  Proposer  J  Davis, seconded  by  G  Lee  &  carried 
          d)  Precept -  This was discussed as an open item  with 
those members of the public present.  It was noted that the  open 
meeting  in  April  had indicated a wish  by  those  present  for 
greater  support for the Hall & Field from the Parish Rate.   The 
Agenda  for  the current meeting had advertised the  question  of 
raising  the  Rates  for  these  institutions  &  there  were  no 
objections from those present however it was generally agreed  by 
the   Councillors  that  any  increase  should  not   raise   our 
anticipated Rate above that of surrounding villages.  After  much 
discussion it was agreed to set the Precept at 1600, an increase 
of  250 on the previous year (NB inclusive of  election  costs).  
It  was  noted that general expenses were expected to  remain  at 
their  current  level  therefore the additional  money  would  be 
available for grants within the village.

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS:  Mr Gould had to leave at this point. 
The Chairman displayed some leaflets obtained by the Clerk  while 
on  a  Training Day, he also gave details of  a  letter  received 
concerning  FR8/23.  It was decided to write to  the  appropriate 
authorities  confirming that the section parallel with  the  road 
between  Soho Crossroads & the quarry entrance was  unwalkable  & 
that the conditon of the layby at the conjunction of the footpath 
& the road was unsuitable. It was also agreed to express  concern 
with  reference to the precedence set if a landowner was  allowed 
to destroy a footpath without penalty.

Continued flooding on Vobster Road near Barn Close was a  problem 
& although informed by the Clerk of the surface water on the road 
below  Knapp Hill Farm no action had yet been taken -  the  Clerk 
will be asked to write to SCC.

HALECOMBE QUARRY:  Messrs Lee & Yelland declared an 'interest'  & 
Mr Davis took the Chair.  He reported that Mr Grazier had urgently
requested  a  meeting of the Liason Committee  but  his  personal 
attempts to contact Mr Grazier had been in vain.
It  was noted that the Clerk had been advised by Mendip that  the 
PC was unlikely to receive any ammmended plans before the meeting 
on  the  13  December when they hoped that the  matter  would  be 
considered  by the Planning Committee.  Information from SCC  led 
us to believe that this was not the case.  It was agreed to write 
to  SCC  and Wimpey Hobbs to ascertain what exactly  the  current 
position was.

Mr Yelland resumed the Chair.
PLANNING   APPLICATIONS:   None  had  been  received.   A   brief 
discussion  of Torr Works was held when Mr Turner reported  on  a 
visit  he  had  made.  It was agreed that  he  would  pursue  the 
possibility of other visits by interested persons.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Soc of Local Council Clerks Annual Meeting is to 
be held on 3 December.  There will be a chance for the discussion 
of  problems concerning dogs.  The Clerk will be asked  to  raise 
the problems of stray dogs & dustbins, excrement & sheep worrying. 
Information on SALC was passed to D Turner who asked if any other 
Councillor  could attend the December 1 meeting as he was  unable 
to do so. 

The  next  meeting  was to be on Monday, January 9  1989  in  the 
The Meeting closed.  

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