Present  were  J Davis, A Gould, P Rooke, D Turner &  D  Yelland, 
Chairman, and some members of the Parish.

Apologies had been received from B Chubb & G Lee.

MATTERS  ARISING:  Roads - Blackers Lane drains, Knapp  Hill  and 
the  place  where  FR8/23  joined  the  road  had  all   received 
attention.  Finance - The Precept had been posted on 22/11/88.
Mrs  R Smith Somerset County Council's Rights of Way Officer  has 
taken over the handling of FR8/23.
FINANCE:   The payment of the annual subscription to the  Society 
of  Local Council Clerks was proposed by D Turner, seconded by  A 
Gould and passed. A cheque was made out.
Money  for Leigh Youth Club:  A general 'shopping list' had  been 
received  on 22/09/88 and more recently Mr Yelland had been  told 
verbally that the money was needed to finance repairs to a  motor 
bicycle.  It was agreed that a letter was needed confirming  this 
-  the Clerk will contact the Club.  Concern was  expressed  that 
both the Youth Club & the Playgroup wanted to errect sheds behind 
the  Hall, the PC had already agreed in principle to one for  the 
Play Group & it was suggested that liasion take place between the 
two concerns.

HIGHWAYS & FOOTPATHS - The Clerk had written to SCC at the behest 
of  A Gould enquiring into the possibility of errecting signs  at 
Towns  End warning drivers of oncomming traffic in the middle  of 
the road - no reply had yet been received.

PLANNING  APPLICATIONS - Mr Davis took the Chair and  invited  Mr 
Yelland  to  remain.  Mr Davis reported on a meeting  the  liason 
group  had  had  with  Mr Grazier when he  had  told  them  about 
blocking the banking gap at Green Shutters and fencing round  the 
bunde.   An Ammended Plan for HALECOMBE QUARRY had been  received 
the next day with the certain alterations to the original:-
   1)  Banking at Green Shutters.
   2)  Showing reduction of shale area to be quarried.
   3)  Moving the access to near Park Corner.
   4)  Showing the Closure of Lime Kiln Lane.

Concern about the closure of Lime Kiln Lane and its repercussions 
on  the village were expressed.  If closed it could  be  quarried 
across or used to park vehicles and Mr Turner urged rejection  of 
this plan.  It was agreed that Mr Grazier had expressed the  need 
for  an  improved  road network to and from the  quarry  and  had 
intimated  that  Somerset  County Council  were  aware  that  his 
company   were   willing  to  help  finance   its   construction.  
Councillors  felt  that they needed information  on  future  road 
plans  in the area & the 'Bulls Green Link Road' was mentioned  - 
the Clerk was asked to pursue this.  Although the revised  access 
had  been moved right away from the village, the new  siting  was 
not  felt  to  be  in the best  interests  of  the  village,  the 
concensus being that the present access is the most acceptable to 
local   residents.    The  Councillors  agreed  to   oppose   the 
application  on  the  same grounds as last time  and  also:-   a) 
closure  of  Lime  Kiln Lane, the major link  between  Leigh  and 
Frome.   b)  Access.  c)  The fact that Rookery Farm  was  now  a 
Grade 2 listed building.  d)  The area at Park Corner was a  site 
of  Special Landscape value.  e)  No timescale for  the  banking, 
planting etc had been included in the plan and the village  would 
obviously  like that done as quickly as possible.  Attention  was 
drawn  to  the fact that there was no guarantee that  the  fields 
along  Lime  Kiln  Lane, within the bank and  having  a  seperate 
entrance,  would remain as farm land.  Also access was needed  to 
the Sewage Works.   
It  was  agreed  that  a  letter would  be  written  to  the  DOE 
concerning Rookery Farm's roof which need repair.

TORR WORKS:  It was decided in the light of inaccurate  reporting 
in  a  local paper of the PC's reaction to Torr  Works  to  write 
again to Somerset CC with the Parish Council's comments.

The  Discussion Document on Minerals Policy will be discussed  at 
the next meeting.

CORRESPONDENCE:   1) ' Village Homes for Village People'  leaflet 
from  NACRT  who  help  establish  country  based  rural  housing 
2)   Information from Frome Community College about  the  Village 
Venture Competition.
3)  Leaflet about grant aid towards upkeep of Bus Shelters.
4)   Help the Aged 'Piper Lifeline' - MDC willing to provide  50% 
of  cost  of alarm for an elderly person.   Information  will  be 
given to the Evergreens Secretary.

plan, rent for Hall.

The  next  meeting will be on Monday 6 February at  7.30  in  the 


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