SCHOOL ON MONDAY 6 FEBRUARY 1989 .

Councillors present were B Chubb, J Davis, A Gould, D Turner &  D 
Yelland, Chairman. Also in attendance were some parishioners.

Apologies were received from G Lee and P Rooke.

The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record  & 

MATTERS ARISING: An acknowledgement had been received to a letter 
about  Towns  End narrow road.  No reply concerning  the  'Bull's 
Green Link' was to hand. It is believed that Torr Works plan will 
be heard by SCC on 8 March.  

due.  Mr Turner proposed payment of 5, Mr Gould seconded  motion 
RENT FOR MEMORIAL HALL:  When the sum of 10 per booking had been 
agreed  on  no  proviso was made for  slot  meter  heating.   All 
Councillors agreed to pay heating as well as booking charge.
BURIAL GRANT - A grant of 400 had been applied for to facilitate 
the purchase of a mower.  A letter had been received saying  that 
subject to confirmation 250 will be given.

HIGHWAYS  & FOOTPATHS: Mr Davis requested that after an  accident 
on 31/01/89 at the junction of the road from Downhead & the Wells  
road,  near the resevoir, the CC be asked to errect signs on  the 
road  from  Downhead  giving  advance  warning   of  the   actual 
crossroad. It was so agreed.  Water on the road at Knapp Hill was 
still  causing a problem - the clerk will pursue  these  matters.  
Miss Chubb expressed concern at parking on the pavement in  front 
of the Sawmills development - Mr Yelland will progress this.

FR8/23  - A letter had been received dated 24 January  concerning 
the  proposed diversion of this path. Much discussion took  place 
on this item.  It would appear that the present agreed  temporary 
diversion  has  a crack across it about 30 feet from  the  quarry 
face  and  Wimpey Hobbs have instituted  another  diversion.  The 
Councillors  expressed  their  discontent  with  the  conflicting 
evidence  given  by SCC and WH.  It was decided to write  to  SCC 
expressing dissatisfaction with the present diversion  instituted 
by the Company & requesting the reinstatement of the agreed first 
temporary  diversion taking into account the safety aspect  posed 
by  the  crack.   A request for the  immediate  resiting  of  the 
section of path between D & F to on top of the environmental bank 
as  shown in the proposed permanent diversion will also be  made. 
If  this is done provision will need to be made for a  childproof 
fence, not on the skyline of the environmental banking, between D 
&  F.   The surface of the path was causing concern  and  it  was 
agreed  that  the  CC ought to ask the company  to  rectify  this 
matter.  Councillors felt that any proposed  temporary  diversion 
ought  to take into account any current & future quarry  workings 
so as to give minimal disturbance to walkers.    
Concerning  the  new permanent diversion it was felt it  was  too 
early to consider it as A to H would appear to be on top of  the, 
as  yet  unconstructed,  environmental  banking  &  concern   was 
expressed  as  to  what  would happen  to  the  path  during  its 
completion.   However  Councillors approved of the  proposed  new 
route  if  it was on top on the banking but agreed that  the  map 
supplied  by  the  CC  was  of little use  as  it  did  not  show 
elevations.   Mr Turner pointed out that for future  recreational 
purposes the Councillors must try to get the best possible path & 
one on top of the banking would, in his opinion, be the best. 

PLANNING APPLICATION:  For Tweed Farm - agricultural workshop,  & 
Ivy  Cottage  - domestic extension, garages & access  change  had 
been  responded to.  It was agreed to send copies of Comments  to 
Cllr Hewett.
A  notice of an application for a shed by Leigh Under  5's  group 
had been received, the clerk will check that a copy of the  plans 
will  be sent to the PC.  A letter to the Youth  Club  suggesting 
that  they  liase with the Under 5's Group  concerning  the  shed 
question  had been sent.  A copy of a letter from the Youth  Club 
to  the  Hall  Committee concerning the use of the  car  park  by 
riders of the club owned motor bike & the errection of a shed was 
Mr  Davis  showed an ammended map of the new proposals  for  Torr 
Works.  The environmental banking will still be in the same place 
but  approx  45 acres just inside will not be  quarried  at  this 
time.  It was agreed to write expressing concern.

HALECOMBE QUARRY:  Miss Chubb & Mr Yelland declared an interest & 
were  invited to remain by Mr Davis who took the chair.  All  the 
members of the liason group had met earlier that evening with  Mr 
Grazier  &  been  told  about an ammended  plan  which  had  been 
submitted but which the Parish Council had not yet received.  The 
new access would be on the site of the chipping store which would 
be  moved into the quarry.  The 'sterile area' down to the  brook 
would be used for employee car parking.  The road gradient out of 
the  quarry  will  be 1 in 15.  The primary crusher   will  go  2 
metres below present site level.  The intention to make a  public 
right  of way all round the top of the environmental banking  had 
been discussed as well as grading the slope of the waste  tipping 
area towards the village.  Mr Grazier hopes that SCC will discuss 
the plan on March 8.
The matter of the applications for HGV operators licences out  of 
the quarry was taken up.  Mr Grazier had stated that there was no 
increase  in lorry numbers but said that what appeared to  be  an 
increase  in applications was due to WH transfering to  an  owner 
driver  scheme.   He stated that the quarry  had  permission  for 
parking 100 vehicles.  This was disputed from the floor - it  was 
stated  that WH had said that they had space for 100 lorries  but 
they did not have permission for that number.  
The  matter  of  SCC's stated intention to  hold  another  public 
meeting will be pursued by the Clerk.

Mr Yelland resumed the chair.
Policy  document was welcomed by all.  The PC were  in  agreement 
with  many of the comments made.  It was felt that  research  was 
needed  into  the effects of deep quarrying,  that  quota  levels 
ought to be imposed, more use be made by all quarries of existing 
rail  heads.  That the construction of new roads just for  quarry 
traffic  be opposed as it could open the way for other  quarrying 
activities  in  the  areas  served.   Buffer  strips  to  protect 
quarries  and  villages ought to be imposed  &  that  contingency 
planning  was  needed  to  cope with  premature  closing  of  any 
workings to assist in their reinstatement.
It was agreed that the policy framework needed tightening up  and 
that  SCC  ought  to  petition for  the  dispersal  of  quarrying 
throughout  all  viable areas & not just in the East  Mendips  as 
well as designating definate producion zones themselves.
A letter will be sent containing these observations to SCC.

200  grant  & invitation to put team in to  Intra-Village  Quiz.  
Not enough PC members were available.
Notification  by  the YOUTH CLUB of noise on 25 February  from  a 
rock band.  For information Mr Yelland told Councillors that  the 
Hall were discussing permission to ride the motor bike in the car 
park on 7 February.  He had approached ARC for permission to  use 
an area in Barns Close.
MDC  BUILDING  CONTROL  SERVICES - concerning the  right  of  the 
developer  to  name streets they had constructed  but  suggesting 
PC's can make suggestions if they wish but they must approach the 
LEIGH PCC - acknowledging receipt of 67 Burial Grant.
MDC - KEEP MENDIP TIDY CAMPAIGN - notification of public  meeting 
at 7 pm on 1 March.  Requests for a paper bank had been  received 
enquiries will be made.
SEVERNSIDE RADIOLOGICAL SURVEYS - an advert for gamma  background 
radiation surveying was noted.
SCC  COUNTY COUNCIL CENTENARY - offer of grants  towards  amenity 
tree planting - the Playing Field committee will be informed &  a 
copy placed on the notice boards.
request  by  Joyce  Quinn  MP for public to  write  to  local  MP 
supporting motion for access to information on reports concerning 
public safety.
13  February  to familiarise district & parish  councillors  with 
community schools initiative.  Mr Yelland stated that 2 years ago 
there  was  a  move  to open schools for use at other times. He  had 
written  to the school governors requesting permission for  skate 
boarder to use the playground out of hours.

The next meeting will be on Monday 27 February in the School.

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