Councillors present were B Chubb, J Davis, A Gould, D Turner  and 
D Yelland, Chairman, as well as some parishioners.
Aplologies were received from G Lee & P Rooke.
The  Minutes of the last meeting were ammended as follows -
item  on  FR8/23  (p201)  after ' path  during  its  completion.'  
"Therefore it was decided to oppose the diversion." was added.
(p204) Item concerning Youth Club motor cycle  'at their  meeting 
on' had been inserted.     The ammended Minutes were adopted.  

MATTERS ARISING - 1)  Due to administration problems the date  of 
this meeting had been altered from 27 February to 7 March.
2)   The Clerk had been advised that SCC Planning Department  had 
recommended approval of the Torr Works expansion plan to be heard 
be the Planning Committee on 8 March.
3)   A reply had been received concerning a request for signs  at 
Towns End advising of oncoming traffic in the centre of the road.  
After inspection the request was denied.  It was agreed to inform 
the  Andersons  and  ask them to keep a  record  of  any  traffic 
accidents at the spot for future reference.
4)   MDC  had verbally confirmed the grant towards  purchasing  a 
5)  FR8/23 a new hearing date in the case of  SCC v Wimpey  Hobbs 
of 23 March had been set.
6)   Mr  Davis was concerned that the PC's  letter  of  objection 
dated  12 Feb about FR8/23 nowhere contained the  word  'object'.  
It was agreed to write making clear the PC's feelings.
7)   The Clerk advised that Tweed Farm Planning  Application  had 
been turned down on access grounds.
8)   Enquiries into the whereabouts of Halecombe Quarry  Planning 
Application ammended ammendments had been made and the Clerk  had 
been informed that the Public Meeting to be held on 4 April might 
have  to be cancelled due to legal restraints on meetings  before 
the CC Elections in May.  It was agreed that no benefit could  be 
derived  from a meeting not attended by  elected  representatives 
and it was felt it ought to be delayed until after the elections.  
A letter will be written to this effect.
9)   The  matter of the Youth Club motor cycle  was  still  under 
discussion by the Memorial Hall Committee.
10)   Mr Yelland reported a lack of success in trying  to  obtain 
permission for the school playground to be used out of hours  for 
skate boarding due to insurance and supervision problems.

FINANCE  The Precept will be applied for on April 1.
The  Clerk's  Salary  for  1 October 1988 to  31  March  1989  of 
172.50p plus expenses of 26.03p  was agreed on and a withdrawal 
application from the National Savings Investment Account signed.

HIGHWAYS  & FOOTPATHS - FR8/23 was discussed by the CC last  week 
they  had  decided to make a diversion order  which,  because  of 
objections  already  to hand would result in an  enquiry  by  the 
Secretary of State.   Mrs Smith of SCC had assured the Clerk that  
the path would be monitored regularly by the Surveyors Department 
&  stated that a request had been made for signs warning  walkers 
of blasting times to be displayed at each end of the path.

Mr  Turner had received a complaint about vehicles parked on  the 
verge  of  TADHILL LANE.  It was thought that this was  in  Stoke 
Parish & the Clerk of that Council will be informed.

Complaints had been  received concerning the excessive number  of 
signs  advertising  houses in the village for sale sited  on  the 
Wells  Road.  Their possible distracting effect on drivers was  a 
cause  for concern.  The Clerk will progress the matter with  the 
companies concerned.

had  expressed  concern about ambulance access & the need  for  a 
soakaway but all present agreed that these were taken care of  in 
the plans.  No Objections were made.
IVY  COTTAGE  - The plan was for approval  of  reserved  matters.  
Concern  was  felt  as  to the lack of  overall  heights  on  the 
drawings  & that the finished building should not be higher  than 
those  adjacent.   That  natural stone ought to  be  used  taking 
Lavendar  Cottage as an example and that the roof ought to be  in 
keeping with those adjacent.  It was so agreed to so object.
TOWNSEND  FARM  - Mr Gould declared an interest.   No  objections 
were made to the plans.
CLIVONNE COTTAGE - A planning application had just been  received 
& was being circulated.
The METHODIST CHAPEL & SCHOOL had been purchased & the buyer  had 
contacted  Mr Yelland offering to discuss her plans with  the  PC 
for these properties.

HALECOMBE QUARRY - Miss Chubb & Mr Yelland declared an interest & 
were invited to remain by Mr Davis who took the Chair.  The Clerk 
had contacted Mr Evans, SCC Minerals Officer, about the  ammended 
plans and had been assured of their imminent arrival.  The matter 
of  the  Public Meeting had already been discussed  &  there  was 
nothing further to report.
Mr Yelland resumed the Chair.

FROME LOCAL PLAN - Great concern was expressed over E2 "Barnclose 
Quarry, Wood Quarry" (ought to read Asham Wood)" Hapsford Quarry, 
Cloford    Quarry   text   to   read...............hinder   their 
development"  Strong objections were registered to 'bad neighbour 
industries' being sited in Barnclose Quarry due to its  proximity 
to  dwellings  and  it  was agreed to ask  for  the  deletion  of 
Barnclose  from this paragraph on the grounds of this and access. 
Included in the letter of objection will also be the belief  that 
'bad  neighbour industries' ought not to be sited in an area that 
has already been quarried.
Although  aware  that  they  were  only  able  to  consider   the 
ammendments  to the Written Statement it was agreed to include in 
the  letter  the Council's objection to Section  6.27  The  Bulls 
Green Link Road and to TR4 as it is felt they will only encourage 
extra traffic & possible quarry expansion other than that already 
provided for.
CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED -  Mr Yelland had received information on 
the Civil Emergency Plan.
National Association of Local Councils  Annual report &  accounts 
were available.
Information on Somerset Landscape Management will be given to  Mr 
Mr Turner took details of an SALC Meeting on 9/03/89.
It   was  agreed  to  discuss  a  Local   Information   Directory 
Questionnare at the next meeting.
Mr Dixon was given the Minutes of SCC Meeting on 23 November 1988.
C C Elections will take place on 4/04 and European  Parliamentary 
Elections on 15/05.  Mr A Merrick, Conservative candidate for the 
area  has  contacted Mr Yelland & expressed interest  in  the  PC 
meetings, he will be invited to the next one.

using the money donated by the winners of the Inter Village  Quiz 
competitions for a scheme to benefit the village.

NEXT MEETING - Monday 17 April at 7.30 in the School.


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