Present were J Davis, A Gould, G Lee and D Yelland, Chairman, and 
some parishioners.

Apologies had been received from B Chubb, P Rooke and D Turner.

Minutes of the last Meeting  had  been circulated.  In  item  (9) 
'Memorial Hall Committee' was deleted.  The Minutes were  adopted 
and signed.

Concern  was felt by the PC that a site meeting had been held  by 
MDC Planning Committee at Tweed Farm to discuss a recent planning 
application  and the Parish Council had not been  informed.   The 
Clerk will write querrying this.

Mower  -  a grant had been applied for by the PC  to  purchase  a 
mower   to   be  used  primarily  in  the   churchyard.    Verbal 
notification  had been given that 250 had been granted  and  the 
Church Warden having taken advice from the person who  maintained 
the  grass in the churchyard had purchased a hand  mower  costing 
259.99.  As  the  mower  was the property  of  the  PC  all  the 
Councillors  felt it could be used by other village concerns  who 
maintained land owned by the PC.  

Watch the Box  - A cheque had been received by the  Parish  Clerk 
from  British  Telecom as payment for the first  quarter  of  the 
Watch  the Box Scheme, it was agreed to pass this on the Mrs  Lee 
with thanks.

Youth Club Grant  -  A letter had been received from  Mr  Mattick 
concerning the payment of 100 grant agreed by the PC on 18/07/88 
(page 173 Minute Book).  Despite requests the Councillors had not 
yet  been  supplied with the specific details of what  the  money 
would  be used for as they had requested.  It was agreed that  Mr 
Yelland would contact Mr Mattick in person.

SALC Subscription  - This was due but the exact details were  not 
to  hand.  Mr Yelland proposed and Mr Gould seconded a motion  to 
pay  the  subscription if it was not in excess of 60, all agreed.

Rent for Hire of Hall  -  Payment of the 10  rental  charge  was 
proposed by Mr Davis and seconded by Mr Gould.

hold  the AGM on 15 May at 7.30 and the Annual Parish Meeting  at 
8.00  in  the Hall.  The Memorial Hall and Rec  Field  Management 
Committee  will  be  asked to make  reports.   Comments  will  be 
invited from others on village life.  The Hall Committee will  be 
asked to provide refreshments.  
PLANNING APPLICATIONS  -  MANOR FARM  Concern  was  expressed  by 
Councillors at the finish on the three houses nearing  completion 
the  Conditions  of approval had been consulted and it  was  felt 
unfortunate  that MDC had approved the use of  rendering  despite 
Parish Council objections. 
An  application  to construct 5 large houses on the rest  of  the 
plot  had  been  received.  The plans made provision  for  a  car 
parking  area for the Rec field users behind the houses.  It  was 
agreed  that:  1) Ownership and right of access for  the  parking 
needed  to be established - the Parish Council are the  landlords 
of the Social Club.   2) Who will maintain the Right of Way along 
the Farm access which will be traversed by people parking at  the 
rear  of  the  properties.   3)   Once  again  it  was   strongly 
reiterated that these were not the type of homes that the village 
needed  to  have  built in its  environs.   Smaller  houses  were 
needed.   It  was suggested that perhaps the 2  detatched  houses 
nearest  to the Social Club could be made into a terrace of  3  2 
bedroomed  properties.  4) Concern was felt for the proximity  of 
the  nearest  house  to the Playing Field and it  was  felt  that 
measures  ought to be taken to protect windows and  gardens  from 
enthusiastic  sportsmen.   5)  Strong  objections  were  made  by 
Councillors  to the use of stone and render.  They would like  to 
see  the  use  of natural stone or,  if  necessary  reconstituted 

HIGHWAYS AND FOOTPATHS   Mr  Yelland offered to  investigate  the 
placing of stones on the highway around "Greenways".  Perhaps the 
Council  could be approached to make a footpath in front  of  the 
two houses.
A  request had been received from the County Council  to  display 
notices  concerning  the  diversion of  the  footpath  FR8/23  at 
Halecombe  Quarry.  This will be done and another letter  listing 
the objections of the Parish Council will be sent.

Complaints  have been received concerning the passage of  lorries 
through  the village street early in the morning.  A letter  will 
be  sent  to  Mr  R Lambert of Stoke  St  Michael  who  had  been 
identified  as  one of those driving through the village  with  a 
copy to Mr Grazier of Wimpey Hobbs.

A  letter concerning the PARISH PATH MAINTENANCE SCHEME had  been 
received  from SSC.  Grants will be made to PC's of 100 if  less 
than 15 miles of footpaths within the Parish and 120 for over 15 
miles  to  cover out-of-pocket expenses incurred  in  conjunction 
with  the  voluntary  effort  of  clearing  surface  growth  from 
footpaths.   Mr Yelland proposed joining the scheme and Mr  Gould 
seconded the motion.
HALECOMBE QUARRY - Mr Davis took the chair.  Mr Davis reported on 
the site meeting he had attended prior to SCC open meeting in the 
Hall.  A coach will leave the Bell Inn at 9.30 am on 19 April for 
Taunton for those interested in attending the Minerals Panel  and 
then the Planning Committee meetings of the County Council.

It was agreed to investigate whether it was possible to consult a 
local  government  omnbudsman  as  the PC  felt  that  access  to 
information about this planning application had been difficult to 
come by.

Mr Yelland resumed the chair.


A leaflet entitled YOU AND THE COMMUNITY CHARGE was available.

Information on the BUS PASS SCHEME was to hand.

An  invitation  had been received for the Chairman  to  attend  a 
discussion day on the effects of quarrying in the Mendips on  May 

Information   on   grants  from  the   BRIDGET   PARKER   OLYNPIC 
COMEMORATIVE TRUST had been received by the Parish Council.

Information  on  the  MENDIP COUNCIL FOR  VOLUNTARY  SERVICE  was 
available from the Clerk.

Details of SLCC ANNUAL CONFERENCE had been received.  

April  22-29 has been designated ENVIRONMENT WEEK by MDC  concern 
was  expressed on the dumping of rubbish on roadsides around  the 
Parish  and  it was agreed to approach the Youth Club to  see  if 
they  would  be  interested in helping to tidy  up  the  village.  
Especially  in the regions of Whitehole Hill, Lime Kiln Lane  and 
Barns Close.

Also  a  prize of 27 will be offered to an individual  or  group 
putting forward the best idea that would benefit the village.  

The next meeting will be the AGM and Annual Parish Meeting on  15 

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