ON MONDAY 15 MAY 1989.

Parish  Councillors  present  were B Chubb,  J  Davis,  A  Gould, 
D Turner, and D Yelland as well as some parishioners.

Apologies  had  been received from P Rooke  and  Somerset  County 
Councillor -  A Merrick.

ELECTION  OF CHAIRMAN - Mr Yelland had offered to stand  down  as 
chairman  due  to  his  quarrying  interest  but  the   assembled 
councillors expressed their confidence in him.  J Davis  proposed 
his re-election as Chairman and D Turner seconded the motion.  It 
was carried unanimously.

ELECTION OF VICE-CHAIRMAN - D Turner proposed the re-election  of 
J Davis, A Gould seconded and the vote was unanimous.

The Minutes of the meeting of 17/04/89 was accepted & signed.

MATTERS  ARISING - An apology had been received from Mendip  D  C 
Planning  Dept in connection with the site meeting held at  Tweed 
Farm planning application, it had been sent to the wrong P C,  it 
was  noted  however  that the district council did  not  have  to 
inform the local PC about site meetings.

YOUTH  CLUB  GRANT - Mr Yelland had had a meeting  with  the  new 
elected  chairman of the Youth Club and the Youth leader and  was 
anticipating information from them with regard to the PC grant of 
100 not yet spent. The matter was deferred to the next meeting.
The SALC membership fee had been 48.65.
PLANNING - MANOR FARM - Mr Yelland had contacted the land owner 
& Mr Davis of Melhuish & Saunders in connection with the car park 
for Rec Field users.  The farm access on the latest plan was  for 
the landowner of the field to the North.  Mr Davis agreed to meet 
nearer  the  completion date to sort out this matter.   Mr  Davis 
sympathised  with the PC's request for smaller homes but said  it 
was  not possible in this application.  He also stated  that  the 
use of render on the houses in the first phase was at the  behest 
of MDC.
HIGHWAY & FOOTPATHS - A letter will be written to SCC  concerning 
a footpath in front of Greenways & its neighbour.
A  letter was still to be written to Mr Lambert, and the  matters 
of  the Parish Path Maintenance Scheme & the Omnbudsman  had  not 
yet been progressed. 
A report on the CPRE meeting will be given at the next meeting.
ENVIRONMENT WEEK had been discussed with the Youth Club &  future 
action may be taken.

School Governors - Miss B Chubb.
Memorial Hall - Mr A Gould.
RFMC - it was presumed that Mr G Lee would continue as rep.
SALC  -  Mr D Turner (who apologised for being  unable  to attend 
         their AGM).

Miss  Chubb  had  verbally told Mr Yelland of  her  intention  to 
resign  as  a Parish Councillor in September.  When a  letter  of 
resignation  is  received a notice must be displayed  on  the  PC 
Boards  and  if 10 electors write to MDC within 14  days  of  the 
posting of that notice asking for an election one will be  called 
otherwise the remaining Councillors can co-opt. 

FINANCIAL STATEMENT -  1148.84 carried forward plus receipts  of 
1377.12  gave  a total of 2525.96. Grant  payments  of  522.0, 
Subscriptions  of 69.61 and general payments  including  clerk's 
salary  of  536.16 left a closing balance of 1398.19.   If  the 
clerk's salary for the second half of the financial year and  the 
grants  to  the Under 5s and Youth Club were  deducted  also  the 
closing  balance  would  be approx 1000.   This  amounted  to  a 
decrease  of  150 over the previous year but meant that  the  PC 
objective of breaking even had been achieved.

Mr  Yelland  pointed  out  that  the  introduction  of  Community 
Charges,  which  meant  that the rates paid by  industry  in  the 
parish would no longer be part of the parish income.

The next meeting will be held on 5 June & thereafter at 6  weekly 

Meeting closed at 7.54 approx.  

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