AT 8pm ON MONDAY 15 MAY 1989.

Councillors  present  B  Chubb,  J Davis, A  Gould,  D  Turner  & 
D Yelland. 
Mr Yelland, Chairman, welcomed those parishioners present.
Apologies  had been received from P Rooke and  County  Councillor 
A Merrick.

The  Minutes  of  last years meeting were  summarised  for  those 
present  by Mr Yelland who noted particularly that  the  MEMORIAL 
HALL  REPORT had expressed the view that they were on an  'up'  & 
that  when  those present were asked to vote on  maintaining  the 
Hall  through an increase in the parish rate half  those  present 
were in favour, 3 were against & the rest abstained.
pessimistic,  it  was noted that the need for  more  car  parking 
looked  like being fulfilled  in the latest planning  application 
for  the Manor Farm area. The question of surfacing the area  was 
raised  &  it  was agreed that this would be  negotiated  at  the 
appropriate time.
The  CHAIRMANS  REPORT  had noted that applications  for  36  new 
dwellings  had been submitted. Work had recently started  on  the 
British Legion Housing Scheme.  The Speed limit was now in force.  
Mr Yelland suggested that although a weight limit had been turned 
down for the village it might be feasible to enquire of the local 
politicians,  if  the village so desired, to see if there  was  a 
possibility  of  restricting the weight of  traffic  through  the 
Halecombe  Quarry  had  been  discussed  at  3  public   meetings 
throughout the year.
The Minutes were accepted as a true record & signed.

REPORTS  -  Mr Featherstone reported on behalf  of  the  MEMORIAL 
HALL.   Despite  a  national trend for local halls  to  close  Mr 
Featherstone  reported that he felt the future looked secure  for 
Leigh's  hall.  The Hall Committee's main concern was still  felt 
to  be  securing  the  long-term viability  of  the  building  by 
increasing  utilisation to balance the books.  The roof had  been 
redone & the building of a really robust, attractive kitchen  was 
in  progress.   The  building had been rewired  &  coin  operated 
electric  convector heaters had been installed thus permitting  a 
low rent to be maintained. This years' project was to  redecorate 
the building.   

Next  years  grant  was already under  discussion  &  the  County 
Council  were being asked which project they would support -  the 
installation  of double glazing or the upgrading of the  toilets.  
This years grant had been for 4000  and its use had been changed 
retrospectively to pay for the heating installation.  He  thanked 
Mr  Yelland  for arranging through ARC, to give  500  to  funds, 
making  the  amount raised on Race  Night  1500.Mr  Featherstone 
expressed  his hope for the continued support of the PC and  said 
that his committee might apply to them to act as Project Managers 
on  the  next  improvement phase thus allowing  60%  of  the  VAT 
charged  to  be saved.  He stated the  committee's  intention  of 
applying  for a grant from the PC to cover the cost of sanding  & 
varnishing the floor.

Mr Yelland thanked Mr Featherstone for his report & congratulated 
him  on his unstinting effort on behalf of the Hall  along  with 
those  of  his  committee,  he commented  on  the  difficulty  of 
maintaining impetus among volunteers.  He introduced Mr Gould  as 
the new PC rep and stated his belief in the willingness of the PC 
to act as project managers for future work on the building. 

out  from  Mrs Lee, secretary to the RFMC, thanking  the  PC  for 
their grant and stating that it had been used to buy new curtains 
for  the changing rooms, the residue will go towards  payment  to 
mend seats around the field and/or a baby swing,  estimates  were 
being  sought  for these items.  She stated that  urgent  repairs 
needed included repair to the roof and guttering; replacement  of 
firedoors,  windowsills  & window glass;  repainting;  installing 
heating;  repairs  to the showers & new signs for the  car  park.  
Any  monetary contribution by the PC would be most  welcome.   On 
behalf  of  the committee she thanked Mr Gould  for  rolling  the 
football pitch.

Miss  Chubb  stated  her belief that structural  repairs  to  the 
fabric  of  the  building  ought  to  be  done  before   interior 
refurbishment  of the building or general area.  In this she  was 
supported  by the other councillors present.  It was agreed  that 
Mr Yelland would discuss the matter with Mr Lee.

UNDER  5's  -   Mrs Worley, Chairman of  the  group's  committee, 
thanked the PC for their purchase of 2 child height tables.   She 
said that as the group had only been in existance for 9 months it 
was  too early to say whether numbers would be maintained at  the 
same  level.  The group met on a Tuesday morning with  a  session 
for  the  older  children, Tuesday afternoon with  a  mother  and 
toddler session and Thursday morning with a combined  playgroup/M 
&  T session.  The committee were hoping to organise an Under  10 
Holiday Club during the summer vacation.

Mr  Yelland thanked her for her report & commended her  group  on 
their  effort he said  that the PC had decided to make grants  to 
the  Under  5's and the Youth Club as they  were  supporting  the 
Hall.   He enquired if the Holiday Club would use the Rec  Field, 
this  would  be done weather permitting.  He expressed  the  hope 
that  with  11  new houses in the village  there  would  be  some 
children of playgroup age.    

YOUTH  CLUB  - Mr Yelland reported that he had met with  the  new 
Chairman  of  the youth club Hazel Park &  the new  youth  leader 
John  Cassidy.   They  had told him their ideas  for  the  club's 
future.   He felt that perhaps the youths of the village not  the 
Youth  Club were to blame for certain happenings, and  felt  very 
optimistic about the club's future.  An open invitation had  been 
extended  to councillors to visit the Club which Mr Yelland  felt 
he could extend to any interested villager.

QUARRY  MATTERS - These had occupied a lot of the time of  Messrs 
Davis,  Gould,  Rooke & Turner over the last  year.   The  latest 
Planning  Application had been refused by the County Council  and 
no one knew what the quarry had decided to do next.  In the  last 
few days concern had been expressed about the removal of a  large 
quantity  of top soil explicitly against Planning Permission.   A 
site  meeting at Halecombe involving Mr Merrick & Mr Evans on  10 
May  had taken samples from the remaining heaps but it  was  felt 
that an effort had been made to disguise their composition.  Four 
lorries had worked from 0700 - 1700 over a 4 day period  removing 
soil  to Ston Easton and a site meeting there was planned for  22 
May when core samples would be taken.  Mr Yelland stated that top 
soil  storage was very difficult and warned against  a  Halecombe 
quarry  witch  hunt.  Mr Turner felt that the  Company  ought  to 
operate  within  the planning consent, if banks do not  have  top 
soil then they will always look wrong.
A  Parishioner  opinioned  that he felt it was the  duty  of  the 
Parish Council to watch over the workings of the quarry and asked 
if it was possible to reverse any actions.  Mr Davis stated  that 
he felt it was important to prove that top soil had been  removed 
first.  A discussion took place over whether the PC ought to  be 
represented  at  the 22 May meeting and it was  agreed  that  the 
Clerk will contact Mr Merrick on this subject.   
Mr Dixon had written on the subject of the proximity of the bunde 
to  Soho Corner and to express concern over the  availability  of 
the plans concerned with the landscaping of the area  which could 
have  a  dramatic  effect on the village yet did  not  appear  to 
involve the PC as a consultees.  One of the few conditions of the 
1980  consent  was  that  detailed  landscaping  plans  would  be 
submitted within 6 months and this had not yet been done.  It was 
agreed that the Clerk would write to Mr Evans expressing  concern 
about this matter and requesting sight of landscaping details.

PARISH  COUNCIL  CHAIRMANS  REPORT -  Mr Yelland  said  that  the 
Council was half way through their term.  He had expressed to his 
fellow  councillors his willingness to resign as Chairman  as  he 
had  felt  that a job change which made him  more  involved  with 
local quarries may  cause problems in the future & that perhaps J 
Davis  may  have  had  an easier time  as  the  PC  spokesman  on 
quarrying if he were chairman. However the other councillors  had 
expressed  their  confidence in him & he was happy to  remain  as 
chairman.   Mr Yelland's personal view was that the PC  had  been 
right  to  object  to the Quarry  Planning  Application  and  was 
correct  to look at the environmental impact but since  very  few 
houses  were  close to the quarry in actuality the  PC  must  not 
automatically  object  to everything Wimpey Hobbs did &  he  felt 
that this view ought to be conveyed to WH. 
He and J Davis had attended the Frome Local Plan Enquiry. The new 
proposal  was that the  reference to Barns Close be deleted  from 
the  plan  and the term 'bad neighbour  industries'  replaced  by 
'space extensive uses'. 
He was strongly critical of MDC and felt that they should 
involve  Parish Councillors more in the planning  decisions  that 
they made about villages, Leigh resembled a patch work and he was 
at  a loss to understand the logic behind decisions.  He  praised 
the  reconditioning  of  Lavendar Cottage  which  showed  it  was 
possible to maintain natural stone work.  
Mr  Yelland felt that the newly elected County Councillor's  view 
that he was there to see that CC  officers 'did their job' was to 
be applauded.

A Precept of 1600 had been applied for for this financial  year,  
last  year  the PC had spent 1000 within the  village.   He  was 
concerned that the new community charge with the industrial  rate 
going direct to central government might affect the next  precept 
but at least Leigh was not in the position of some parishes where 
the majority of the rate came from local industry. On the subject 
of expenditure a mower had been purchased by the PC with a  grant 
from  Mendip.   And it had been agreed to offer the  27  won  in 
Inter Village Quiz competitions as a prize to the best idea  from 
a  village  organisation  or individual that  would  benefit  the 
community  as  a  whole.   The closing  date  for  ideas  was  30 
September  1989  and  it must be practical to  start  the  scheme 
within  6  months.   The  Parish  Councillors  would  judge   the 
competition and normal voting rights would apply.

Mr Yelland thanked the Councillors, especially those dealing with 
the  quarry aspect of parish business, for their efforts  in  the 
last year and also the Clerk.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 2146h. 

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