In attendance were J Davis, A Gould, D Turner and D Yelland.
Apologies  were  received from P Rooke (Parish  Councillor)  &   
R Hewett (District Councillor).

Mr Yelland, Chairman, opened the meeting by welcoming the two new 
councillors  Mrs  H  Park and Mr D Pattison  who  each  signed  a 
Declaration  of  Acceptance.   Mr Yelland  explained  that  three 
people  had  been nominated for the two vacancies of  the  Parish 
Council  but Mrs Mawdsley had stood down to save the  Parish  the 
expense  of a contested election.  When she had informed  him  of 
her  decision Mrs Mawdsley had stated her continuing interest  in 
Parish affairs & her intention of standing in the next election.

The Minutes of the last PC Meeting were accepted & signed.

Mr Underwood of Tarmac Roadstone had contacted the Clerk after  a 
visit to Whitehole Quarry asking if a Councillor would be willing 
to meet him at the site and show him what the Council wished done 
to  clear  the  area.   Mr Turner offered  to  liase.   Mr  Gould 
suggested that a green lane at the top of the hill be blocked  to 
prevent cars driving along it to tip rubbish.

The question of 'suitable building materials' within the  village 
was discussed Mr Pattison was concerned that MDC had no  planning 
guidelines  and suggested that the PC write urging them to  adopt 
some guidelines, it was agreed to do so.

The  Clerk  had received a letter from MDC  listing  the  'Listed 
Buildings'  in  the village.  These are Great House  Farm  house, 
dairy  and wall; the Old Vicarage; The Church & various  features 
in  the graveyard; Leoglen; Mr West's House (adjacent to the  Old 
Chapel);  Honeysuckle Cottage; The Bell Inn; Sparks  Farm  house; 
Rookery Farm house; and Oak Cottage.  Mr Yelland thought that the 
school  ought  to  be  included in the  list.   The  letter  also 
contained  information  about  the  implications  of  becoming  a 
conservation  area  & informed the Council that  Leigh  had  been 
considered  at one stage but had been rejected.  The  letter will 
be circulated.

It  was noted that the Hall floor had been sanded  and  varnished 
and that the bill had been presented.

Somerset Structure Plan Draft Proposals - Comments had been  sent 
to  SCC and acknowledged. In the reply it was stated  that  Leigh 
was within the Special Landscape Area.

Halecombe Quarry Liason Committee - In a reply from SCC  Minerals 
Officer it is suggested that the committee be made up of  Parish, 
District   &  County  Councillors,  the  Minerals   Officer   and 
representatives   from   the  District   Council's   Planning   & 
Environmental  Health  Departments.   Meetings would  be  held in 
private   but   minutes  would  be  available  to   the   public.  
Councillors  agreed to this and the Clerk will  write  expressing 
the PC's support and desire to sent two representatives.

A  check will be made to see if the hedges on the road near  Long 
Cottage have been trimmed.

ALLOCATION  OF DUTIES - School Governors.  Mr  Yelland  explained 
that as a Minor Local Authority the PC had the right to suggest  
the name of a councillor who then became a co-opted governor  and 
retained  that  position until they resigned from  the  board  of 
governors.   Miss  Chubb  was the  Parish  Council's  choice  and 
desired  to  retain the position for the time being.   Mr  Turner 
suggested  that she ought to be asked to report to the PC on  any 
meetings, it  was agreed that she be asked to do so and  also  to 
inform the PC as soon as she decided to resign so that they could 
nominate another councillor to take her place.
Gould was already on this committee he agreed to represent the PC 
and  resigned as Hall Committee Rep.  Mrs Park agreed  to  become 
Hall Committee Rep.

WYVERN  WAY  - Mr Davis had walked the proposed  link  route  and 
found  some  stiles  wired and the path  badly  signed.   It  was 
proposed  that  a Parish Walk take place leaving  the  Recreation 
Field  at 7pm on Friday 19 August and walk the route to Ham  Farm 
making  a  schedule  of work as they  go  and  perhaps  errecting 
footpath signs. 

PLANNING - Permission had been granted to construct a two  storey 
rear  extension to the Cottage adjacent to the Old  Chapel  House 
(the cottage is a listed building).
The  application to provide car parking spaces  outside  LAVENDER 
COTTAGES  had been withdrawn. (As this work appears to have  been 
done the Clerk will investigate further.)
Permission had been given for the erection of a further 5  houses 
at MANOR FARM as amended by letter and drawings.
Permission  was  refused for the building of a dwelling  on  part 
Change of use for TOWNSEND FILLING STATION to a Monumental Masons 
Workshop with Yard & Offices was conditionally approved.

A planning application by LJH to reroof their Workshop & build  a 
small  extension had been received & was discussed.   Mr  Yelland 
will visit the site.

HALECOMBE  QUARRY - At the instigation of Mr Davis the Clerk  had 
been  trying  to  find out about an application to  dig  a  Sump, 
lodged  with Mendip DC.  She was still waiting to hear  from  Mrs 
Wilson,  of the Planning Department,  who was dealing  with  this 
matter  &  who  had been unable to find any  details.   She  will 
pursue the matter.  A copy of a letter from the Quarry Manager to 
Mr Evans, SCC Minerals Officer, informing him of the  disturbance 
to  the  footpath  caused  by work on  the  construction  of  the 
environmental  bank behind Wimpey Hobbs offices was welcomed  and 
Mr Yelland agreed to respond on behalf of the PC and ask that  in 
future such letters be sent to the Clerk.

No  information  on GIN TRAPS being to hand this matter  will  be 
discussed at the next meeting.

Mr  Yelland proposed the circulation of a VILLAGE NEWSLETTER  and 
agreed  that he and the Clerk would try to produce a rough  draft 
for consideration by Councillors at the next meeting.

CORRESPONDENCE  - A letter had been received from Mr A H  Barrett 
of  MDC  Planning & Amenities  Department  concerning  PLAYGROUND 
EQUIPMENT   MAINTENANCE.   It  asked  which  Parishes  would   be 
interested  in paying a fee to use the services of  a  specialist 
team  to inspect & maintain Playground Equipment.  It was  agreed 
that the Clerk would discuss the matter with Mr Lee, Chairman  of 
the RFMC and respond to the letter accordingly.
MINUTES OF SCC MEETING on 2 AUGUST 1989 were available.
Information  had  been received concerning the SOCIETY  OF  LOCAL 
COUNCILS AGM in Blackpool.
THATCH  &  an Agenda for SALC's 7 October Meeting were  given  to 
Mr Turner.
A  document  concerning  OFF STREET PARKING  in  FROME,  WELLS  & 
SHEPTON was available.

ITEMS  FOR  NEXT  MEETING  -  Neighbourhood  Watch,  Council  for 
Voluntary Services, Gin Traps, News Letter.

NEXT MEETING - 11 September at 7.30 pm in the School.     

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