MONDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 1989.

Present were J Davis, A Gould, Mrs H Park, D Pattison,  D Yelland 
and some parishioners.
Apologies  were  received  from  D  Turner  and  Somerset  County 
Councillor A Merrick.
Mr  Yelland  opened  by  welcoming  Mr  R  Evans,  SCC   Minerals 
Officer, to the meeting.
The  Minutes  of the last meeting had been  circulated  and  were 
approved & signed.

MATTERS ARISING - The Clerk will check if Mr Turner has contacted 
Mr Underwood of Tarmac Roadstone concerning Whitehole Quarry.  
The  Clerk  will  retrieve  & continue  the  circulation  of  the 
information on Listed Buildings.
A  check will be made to see if the hedge on the road  near  Long 
Cottage has been trimmed.
The planning application by LJH for an office extension had  been 
sent back to Mendip.
Quarry  Liason  Committee  - Mr Evans asked if  members  had  any 
preferences   for  timings  of  meetings,  no  preferences   were 
expressed.   There are still a lot of details to work  out  about 
the  meetings  but  their venue will  most  probably  be  Shepton 

HALECOMBE QUARRY  -  Mr  Yelland handed the meeting  over  to  Mr 
Concerning  the Liason Committee Mr Evans stated that it was  not 
an official SCC body and it would be up to the committee  members 
to decide if the meetings would be open to the public but he  had 
envisaged  private  meetings with the minutes  available  to  the 

Mr  Evans had brought copies of plans H/10/14A & 15A,  June  1985 
for Halecombe Quarry, they had been approved in  September  1985.  
The  area to the south of the haul road had already been  planted 
but Mr  Evans  believed  that  the  rest  of  the  work  of  bank 
construction  had not been started. Concern was felt that  Wimpey 
Hobbs appear to be removing a part of a bank already  constructed 
on the South side of the quarry and using it in the  construction 
of the banking in the Soho area.  Mr Evans thought that this  was 
in  response  to the refusal of the recent  planning  application 
which was making the Company quarry right up to the boundaries of 
earlier applications.  He further believed that the materials  in 
the  settlement lagoons were being dispersed throughout  the  new 
banking  under construction and that all materials on  the  North 
side  of  the present permission were being removed.   He  stated 
that  plans  showing the limit of permitted  quarrying  over-ride 
environmental banking construction plans.
The concern of councillors as to the proximity of the quarry edge 
at  Soho  was  expressed to Mr Evans who  stated  that  the  fine 
details  of the position of the quarry edge are not shown on  the 
1980  plans.   Mr Davis asked if a trade off could  not  be  made 
allowing the Company to quarry right up to the hedge of the  land 
they  lease  from ARC and therefore not quarry so close  to  Soho 
Corner.  Mr  Evans stated that the Company had permission  to  go 
within 100 feet of the perimeter at Soho.
Mr Evans said the County Council were looking into  altering  the 
criteria  for  Ground Vibrations and Air Blast, if  this  happens 
then  it could alter the proximity of quarrying to Soho Corner  & 
perhaps elsewhere.
The  inability of Mendip District Council to produce  a  planning 
application  notice  of which was published in  the  local  press 
ammending  figures  for a Sump at the quarry was  brought  to  Mr 
Evans's attention.  He believed it was concerned with the pumping 
of water from Phase 1 of the planning permission.

While  Mr Evans was present the matter of the Proposed  Diversion 
of  Footpath FR8/23 at Halecombe Quarry was discussed.  A  letter 
from  Mr Westcott, County Secretary and  Solicitor's  Department, 
had been received in which it was said that as the two  statutory 
objections  to  the proposed diversion had been  withdrawn  there 
would  not  now  be  a Local Inquiry by  the  Department  of  the 
Environment.  The Clerk had contacted Mr Westcott to enquire into 
this  matter as the PC had not withdrawn their objection  to  the 
proposed   diversion.   According to the  information  given  her 
because  the  PC  had not written following  publication  of  the 
Statutory notice their objection was classed as informal. It  was 
felt  that objectors other than the PC may have been   told  that 
their was no necessity to object again when the Statutory  Notice 
was published and it was agreed to write urging a Public  Inquiry 
as Councillors believe that a Diversion can not and should not be 
made  to this Footpath until the banking is completed and  fences 
are errected so that the exact route of the path can be seen.
Before  leaving Mr Evans gave details of a Public Meeting  to  be 
held  in Stoke St Michael on 21 September concerning  a  planning 
application   by  Mr  Cullen  to  use  Stoke  Lane   Quarry   for 
stationing, repairing and servicing lorries.  It was agreed  that 
contact  would be made with the Chairman of Stoke PC  before  the 
meeting and that a representative from Leigh PC would attend  the 
meeting.   The Clerk had requested a copy of the plans  from  MDC 
and been assured that these would be sent. 

Mr  Evans  was thanked by Councillors for giving up his  time  to 
attend the meeting.

Mr  Pattison  reported that part of the link  route  between  the 
north  &  south route of the Wyvern way had  been  walked,  signs 
errected where appropriate and a note made of work needing to  be 
done.  It was agreed to walk the section along by the River Mells 
on  17 September at 10 am and to contact Mells PC to inform  them 
about the proposal put forward by Mr Davis and to say that the PC 
would  walk  the section in their parish.  Mr Pattison  had  been 
asked to contribute information about Leigh to the booklet to  be 
published about the walk. A schedule of work will be produced for 
the path.
Mr  Davis said that Mr Griffiths, Footpath Inspector, had  walked 
the  section on land belonging to Whitehole Farm and is  pursuing 
the matter of re-instating the footpath.
Mr  Bott will be written to to inform him that the Parish  wishes 
to join the footpath maintenance grant scheme.

PLANNING APPLICATIONS  -  An application to  modernise  &  extend 
Tweed Farm was circulated.

Mr Moore, Treasurer of the Recreation Field Management Committee, 
presented a report on their behalf.  A copy of the accounts  will 
be given to the PC for 1988-89.
Income              Approx 170 from Football Club
                           90 from Cricket Club
                           250 Grant from PC

Expenditure 633        (included work in progress.)
Expenditure  had  been mainly on swings although a BBQ  site  had 
been  made  and the benches around the field  re-instated  and  a 
window  through which robbers had gained access had been  bricked 
The  Cricket Club, who contributed greatly to the maintenance  of 
the  environs  of the Field, had been requested to  review  their 
monetary donation as it had remained static since 1981.  The RFMC 
in  conjunction with Leigh & Downhead Sports & Social  Club  were 
hoping  to complete their joint venture concerning  the  internal 
security of the Club house by the end of the calendar year.   The 
possibility of an alarm system was being investigated but it must 
be feasible and cost justified. 

The  Committee had resources in the bank but felt that  they  had 
little  room  for  manoeuvre.  They were  enthusiastic  in  their 
desire  to continue to administer the parish's asset  with a  new 
or a reaffirmed mandate from the PC if it was so wished.

Mr  Yelland  thanked Mr Moore for his report and was  pleased  to 
hear  of  the  committee's enthusiasm.  It was  agreed  that  the 
matter of the RFMC lease would be discussed in detail at  another 
PC meeting.

help  had  been  received.  Mr Yelland  pointed  out  that  Leigh 
already  contributed to the service through the payment of  rates 
to  Mendip District Council.  Councillors agreed that the  Parish 
Council  would be able to contribute only a very small amount  to 
the  amount needed  and felt unable to grant any  money  although 
the  Clerk was requested to write asking to be kept  informed  of 
their activities.

Signatures  of new Councillors were requested to allow  the  bank 
account to be ammended.

NEWSLETTER   -   A  letter  containing  information   about   new 
Councillors,   Halecombe  Quarry,  Footpaths,  Grants  made   and 
requests  refused,  Scheme for Rural Housing and the date  of  an 
inaugural  meeting  with  Pc  Gregor  concerning  setting  up   a 
Neighbourhood Watch will be produced.

CORRESPONDENCE -  A letter had been received from Nat  West  bank  
to  the effect that if the PC wanted their vouchers  returned  in 
future  a charge of 1.50 would be made.  The Clerk  had  checked 
with the auditors and as the return of vouchers was necessary she 
had informed the bank.
A copy of B Tel Environmental Fund criteria will be given to  the 
Hall committee.
A  Parish  Emergency  Committee  Advisor  was  needed  for  Leigh 
volunteers   will  be  requested  through  the  medium   of   the 
The  Annual  Report  of the Community Council  for  Somerset  was 
Information  on  the Wessex Housing Scheme -  housing  for  local 
people  in  rural areas at low cost had been  received.   It  was 
agreed that is was necessary to ascertain need first.  This  will 
be done.


NEXT MEETING - 23 October, 7.30 in Leigh School. 

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