Parish  Councillors present were Mrs Parks, Messrs Davis,  Gould, 
Pattison,   Turner   &  Yelland,  Chairman,  as  well   as   some 

The  meeting had been called to discuss with local residents  the 
planning applications by LJH Engineering & Mr Cullen - Stoke Lane 

LJH - ENGINEERING - Proposed Parking & New Access.
Discussion  took  place  with residents in the  vicinity  of  LJH 
concerning  their worries over the latest planning application by 
the company.   After the discussion the Parish Councillors agreed 
that  a  letter of objection to the plan be  written  making  the 
following points:-
1)   The information given & the plans supplied were not detailed 
2)   The details of the new entrance were sparse and concern  was 
expressed at the width of Green Lane, the fact that the hills and 
bends  on the road made visibility in the proposed entrance  area 
poor and that traffic using this stretch of road was fast moving.
3)    No  details  on  positioning of new entrance  or  width  of 
4)    Lack  of  details on  screening/lanscaping  for  the  site, 
bearing in mind its hilltop position.
5)   Concern at the speed which heavy lorries move in and out  of 
the  premises  onto,  not only Green Lane but onto the Old  Wells 
Road,  and the speed of passing traffic.
6)  That development is contrary to the Frome Local Plan.

It was felt that concerns for the future of the whole plot  owned 
by LJH and the fact that the industry was thought by many present 
to  be more suited to a trading estate with better access  should 
not  be  included in the letter.  It was also felt  that  if  the 
application  was  refused  the  buisiness of  LJH  would  not  be 
affected as they could carry on using Barns Close for storage.

The Clerk had informed the Clerk to Chantry of the application  & 
it was decided to contact Downhead Parish Meeting Chairman.

Mr Gould had to leave.

Mr Yelland thanked the residents who had attended and contributed 
to  the  meeting  and offered them a chance to leave if  they  so 


A plan of the proposed development of this site had been received 
but no details had been given with the plan.  The Clerk had  been 
told  that  the  plan  was  for  the  stationing,  repairing  and 
servicing  of  lorries.  Mr Davis who  had  attended  the  Public 
Meeting  in  Stoke when the matter was discussed  said  that  the 
application  also  included  the building of  animal  feed  store 
facilities  and the quarrying of 320000 tonnes of stone  to  make 
the site suitable for these purposes. Mr Yelland felt that as the 
site was outside Leigh Parish it ought to be made clear that  the 
Council  were not commenting on the  use of the site but  on  how 
this use would affect the Parish.
Consternation  was  expressed from the floor as it was felt  that 
the principal of opening a quarry, unused since 1975 was of vital 
importance to this Parish.  Mr Yelland was invited from the floor 
to declare an interest which he declined.
Mr  A McIllop, a resident of Stoke, who was present was  invited 
to speak.   He said that residents had been told that technically 
Mr Cullen,  the applicant, could start quarrying immediately.  Mr 
Turner  expressed  the belief that quarrying had  been  suspended 
because  of pollution to the water course.   Mr Yelland had  also 
heard this although an ex Stoke resident thought closure had been 
due  to access.  Mr McIllop said that he was concerned about  the 
increase in lorry movement which could be as many as 120 vehicles 
per  day.  Mr Davis said that at the Stoke meeting the figure  of 
60 lorry loads of stone per day was mentioned.
In  view  of  the  feeling that the  meeting  wished  to  discuss 
quarrying matters  Mr Yelland asked Mr Davis to take the Chair.

Mr Davis reported on the Stoke meeting to fellow Councillors.  Mr 
Cullen's  business  has  outgrown its present  site  and  in  his 
attempt to find suitable alternative premises he has been offered 
the  use of Stoke Lane Quarry by Mr Luff, owner  of  Wainwrights.  
Mr  Cullen wants to make a level site within the quarry  for  his 
lorry and animal feed business and to make a new access to Bector 
Lane.    To  achieve  the area needed within  the  quarry  he  is 
proposing  to remove the 320000 tonnes of stone in more than  one 
year but less than two years.  When questioned about routes to be 
taken  by the lorries Mr Cullen had said that that was up to  the 
individual  drivers,  but all traffic had to  go  east.   Parking 
places were to be made on Bector Lane and on the road into Stoke.  
Mr  Davis  was concerned that lorries would  come  through  Leigh 
Parish  using  roads  that were unsuitable for  their  size.   He 
believed  that  Stoke  PC supported the view   that  Mr  Cullen's 
lorries  ought  to move from Stoke Village.  It was  agreed  that 
information  on  weight restrictions will be sought  from  SCC  & 
discussed at the Council's next meeting.

Mr  Pattison expressed the view that this PC ought to  object  on 
the aspect of quarrying as well as access. Mr Turner thought that 
the  Nature Conservancy Council would object as the quarry is  an 

Mr Turner expressed concern that if Leigh Parish Council objected 
to  aspects  of the application that were not their  concern  any 
valid points they made might be ignored.  It was agreed that  the 
Clerk  would consult the Association of Local Councils to see  if 
objections to things other than those that directly affected this 
Parish, i e traffic, could be made.

It  was  decided to write to MDC to object to the plan  on:- 
1)  the  information received at the Public Meeting in  Stoke  on 
transport  grounds.
2)  To suggest  that as the proposal included the quarrying of  a 
certain amount of stone  this Council felt that an application to 
quarry ought to be made to SCC.  
3)  To request more information.

Mr Gould returned and the meeting closed shortly afterwards.


I  am  still having printer problems hence the  late  arrival  of 
these minutes.

I  contacted  SCC  about a weight restriction to  be  imposed  on 
village  roads.   I was advised that a weight  restriction  would 
take quite a long time to be processed and there was no guarantee 
one would be imposed.  However it was suggested that at the  same 
time  the PC ask for 'Unsuitable for HGV' signs to  be  errected, 
this   took  less  time  to  process.   It  was  suggested   that 
'ammunition' to support a weight restriction should be furnished, 
eg  narrow bridges, accidents involving lorries, use of roads  at 
anti-social hours  etc.

Mr Evans phoned concerning the Quarry Liason Group.  He  suggests 
an  inaugural  meeting  on Monday 6 November  in  Shepton  Mallet 
starting at 1800 or 1830h.

In  the  recent Frome Local Plan Enquiry the fact  that  ARC  had 
appealed  against  the designation of land at Sparks Farm  as  an 
'amenity  open space'.  I wrote to MDC expressing the  PC's  wish 
for  it  to retain this status & have been informed that  the  PC 
will  have  an  opportunity to  make  representations  about  the 
modifications in due course.

Mendip  Planning  Committee  are now meeting  fortnightly  -  one 
meeting   purely  for  planning  development   control   matters, 
intermediate matters go to the other meeting.  Next meeting 17 Oct
meeting on 31 Oct (development control).

Letter from Royal British Legion asking if the PC is aware of any 
local person who may be interested in either the developments  at 
Coleford or Leigh.  Please think about it before next meeting.
Age  Concern  want to know of any 'frail  or  vulnerable  elderly 
people  in' the parish who would benefit from the 'WINTER  WARMTH 
CAMPAIGN' - ie advice, information & practical help in the winter. 

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