Councillors present were Mrs Park, J Davis, D Pattison, D Turner, 
J  Davis and D Yelland who took the chair.  A Gould conveyed  his 
apologies and said he would be late.
Mr A Merrick, County Councillor, & members of the Parish were  in 
Apologies   had  been  received  from  Mr  R   Hewett,   District 

Mr  Turner  consulted fellow councillors as to what  action  they 
wanted taken at Whitehole Quarry before contacting Tarmac.
B  Tel  Environmental  Fund leaflet had been given  to  the  Hall 

Matters Arising from 26 September Meeting
A  letter concerning Planning Application 060348/014 at  LJH  was 
read  out.   Objections  had been made on  lack  of  information, 
concern over new access, lack of landscaping/screening details on 
this  hilltop  site, unsuitability of site for  large  industrial 
development and feeling that further development was contrary  to 
the Frome Local Plan.
Mr  Yelland had visited Mr Hill of LJH to discuss the  situation.  
Mr Hill had invited Parish Councillors and Parishioners to  visit 
the  site.

Stoke Lane Quarry
A  letter  had  been sent to MDC  expressing  concern  that  this 
planning  application might cause more heavy lorries to  traverse 
unsuitable  roads in the Parish, also concern had been  expressed 
as to the legality of re-opening a closed quarry.  Mr Merrick was 
invited to comment:  He said that he thought that the matter  had 
been  deferred  by County but he would let the PC  know  all  the 
The  Clerk  had  contacted County Hall about  a  ban  on  lorries 
through the village and it had been suggested that an "Unsuitable 
for  Heavy  Goods  vehicles" restriction  be  applied  for  while 
'ammunition'  was  collected to apply for a  weight  restriction.  
The  Chairman asked Councillors what they wished to do.   It  was 
felt  that  a  letter ought to be sent  explaining  that  if  the 
Planning  Application was granted a potential 30-40% increase  in 
traffic nuisance could result.  After discussion it was agreed to 
leave the matter until Mr Merrick reported.

Highways and Footpaths  
The hedge on the Wells road had been pruned and the Clerk  having 
been  told by Mr Turner of a hole in Leigh Street  had  contacted 
Highways who had mended it. 
The Clerk will write concerning:- 1) A hole in Blackers Lane.
2)  Holes  in & general state of the pavement from  Leigh  to  WH 
3) Concern over the creeping destruction by lorries to the  hedge 
between  Knapp  Hill road & Rookery Farm due to the  verge  being 
lost in recent road widening work.

Footpath  FR8/23   A  letter had been received  this  day  by  Mr 
Yelland  from Mr Handley of Wimpey Hobbs, Halecombe stating  that 
the  new  temporary  footpath route as  agreed  with  the  County 
Council  along the bottom of the embankment will be in  operation 
from 800h on 24 October 1989.  Mr Davis said he had been informed 
of  this  by Mrs Franklyn - Asham & East Mendip Group -  who  had 
been advised by Mr Guildford at Wimpey's London office.  When  Mr 
Davis  had contacted Mrs Smith (CC Rights of Way Officer) he  had 
been given the impression that she had only just been advised  of 
this  news, she stated that the original Diversion Order had  run 
out  months ago and had not been renewed therefore there  was  no 
legal footpath at present and this new one was an act of kindness 
by Wimpey Hobbs.  Mr Merrick offered to check matters with County 
Hall  and  said that the Inquiry into the Diversion  Order  would 
take place on 31 January 1990.  Mr Davis asked that he  ascertain 
the legal position for the Parish Council.
It  was  decided  to write to the  County  Solicitor  asking  for 
confirmation of the new route and asking why the PC had not  been 
consulted, a copy will be sent to Wimpey Hobbs.
Concerning the Permanent Diversion Mr Yelland suggested that  the 
PC  had no objection to the route, their complaints  having  been 
concerned  with  the difficulty of locating the route.   Not  all 
Councillors  agreed  and it was felt  that once  the  banks  were 
completed the PC ought to consider the matter again.
Barns  Close Footpath  Mr Yelland had contacted first ARC &  then 
LJH  about  a  trench across this path.   Mr  Hill  had  admitted 
responsibility  & said it would be reinstated on 24 October.   It 
was  agreed  that a letter from the PC  concerning  any  Footpath 
obstructions  ought to be sent to the land owner concerned.   The 
Clerk  had  received a complaint about Footpath signs  being  put 
onto  gateposts & fences without the land owners permission -  it 
was agreed to write to the person concerned & apologise.
Wyvern  Way  All paths in the parish had been walked and  a  work 
schedule  needed  to  be assembled for  Mr  Griffiths,  Footpaths 
officer.   Mr Jackson, Whitehole Farm, had agreed to the  signing 
of the path across his land and this Parish Council had agreed to 
errect stiles needed for this section.  It was suggested that  Mr 
Pattison talk to Wimpey Hobbs about the route of the path to  the 
South  of the Quarry & agreed that SCC needed to be  informed  of 
the  need for steps into the grit depot at Park Corner where  the 
footpath comes out onto the road.

Planning Applications
Details of conditional approval for re-roofing at LJH & work at 1 
Park Hayes had been received.
Complaints  had been received about the mobile home parked on  Mr 
Perry's  land.   The  Clerk had been told by  MDC  that  Planning 
Permission  would  be  needed and it was agreed  to  ask  MDC  to 
inspect the site.

Halecombe Quarry Liason Committee
Mr Yelland handed the chair to Mr Davis.
A  letter  had  been received from  Mr  Evans  (County  Mineral's 
Officer)  informing the PC that the first meeting would be  on  6 
November at Shepton Mallet Council Offices.  The committee  would 
be  made up of a County Councillor as chairman - Mr Merrick  -  a 
District  Councillor, up to 3 Parish Councillors, up to 3  Quarry 
Company employees, one member from the District Councils Planning 
and Environmental Health departments and the Minerals officer for 
Somerset.  Suggestions  were invited for Agenda  items.   It  was 
agreed  that  an opportunity should be made to  discuss  anything 
that occured immediately prior to the meeting.
Mr Gould arrived.
Suggested agenda items were: 1) Footpaths to North & South.
2)  Environmental  Banking especially the new  proposal  for  the 
Southern banking.
3) Top Soil - has any been returned?
Mr  Dixon from the floor asked that the PC advocated the  opening 
of the meetings to the public.  Mr Merrick said he believed  that 
there  was no automatic right for the public to  attend  meetings 
where decisions were not being made but it was agreed to  include 
this. Hence 4) Opening of meetings to the Public.
5) Noise nuisance (measured at Soho Cottage).
6) Dust
Mr  Dixon asked that Wimpey Hobbs make available their plans  etc 
to the PC. It was agreed to request this 7) That Plans,  drawings 
and bore hole data be made available to the PC.

Mr  Merrick stated that he understood a plan was being  submitted 
to get National Government Finance for the Bulls Green Link  Road 
& it had been hinted that they would look on this with favour  as 
a  way to allleviate the problem of quarry traffic through  Great 
Elm  & Mells.  From the floor Mrs Hewell stated her  belief  that 
Chantry  opposed  the Link Road and she took the  opportunity  to 
make  a plea for the inclusion of an Environmental group  on  the 
Liason   Committee.   Mr  Merrick  expressed  concern  that   the 
committee would get too large.
Mr Turner expressed his concern that the Link Road could lead  to 
further industrialisation of  quarrying in the area, specifically 
the  granting  of  permission  for the  Tadhill  Quarry.   It  is 
believed that the Inquiry into this Quarry application will be in 
Mr Merrick stated that he would be seeking consultative  meetings 
with  those concerned with the Link Road and other  road  network 
details when the options had been prepared.
It  was agreed that Messrs Davis, Pattison & Turner would  attend 
this  meeting and it was agreed that discussion on this item  had 
already  been protracted enough and the Councillors moved  on  to 
the next item on the agenda.

Mr Yelland resumed the Chair.
It was agreed that the Council would pay the entry fee for the  2 
teams  in  the  Inter Village Quiz.

The Clerk claimed a salary for the period 1/4/89 to 30/09/89 of

Expenses for this period were telephone calls  13.47
                              stamps           20.94
                              stationary       11.95
                           reports purchased    8.00
                           paper (VAT 1.95)    14.94  
                      Room hire & Quiz entry   22.00


The claim for  263.80 being agreed a draft to withdraw the  money 
from the Post office was signed.

A  letter had been received asking for recommendations by the  PC 
for  residents for the new British legion flats in  the  village.  
It  was  agreed to include this item in the  Newsletter  a  rough 
draft   of  which  had  been  circulated  by  Mr  Yelland.    The 
Neighbourhood Watch meeting date had been set for 20 November  in 
the Hall and this would also be included in the Newsletter  which 
would  be  delivered  with  a copy of a  leaflet  on  the  scheme 
provided  by  Mr  Hill.  It was agreed that  following  a  recent  
complaint  about the 0811 bus through the village normally  being 
full a request for a Parish Bus Advisor would again be made.

Mr  Hewitt  had  contacted  the  Clerk  following  the   District 
Council's  meeting  to  discuss  the  Frome  Local  Plan  Inquiry 
Recommendations.   She had expressed the PC's concern to  him  on 
the appeal made by ARC about the allocation of Sparks Farm as  an 
Amenity Open Space.   The DC had agreed to the recommendation  to 
withdraw  such  a designation but Mr Hewett told the  Clerk  that 
only  agricultural development would be allowed.  It  was  agreed 
that the PC did not agree with its withdrawal & a letter will  be 
written stating this.

As it was so late it was agreed to postpone the discussion of the 
Recreation Field Lease until the next meeting.  

Items for Next Meeting
RF Lease, Clerk's Salary.

Date of Next Meeting
4 December at 7.30 in the School.

The Meeting Closed.

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