1989 IN LEIGH SCHOOL.

In attendance were Mrs H Park, J Davis, D Pattison, P Rooke, 
& D Yelland who took the Chair. 
Apologies had been received from A Merrick, County Councillor.
The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted & signed.

MATTERS ARISING  It was believed that the Planning Application 
for Stoke Lane Quarry had been turned down. 
D Turner arrived.

Mr Pattison had written a letter to Mr Griffiths, SCC Footpaths 
officer, with a list of requirements to put the link path between 
the two routes of the Wyvern Way into repair.
He  had also written to the owner of the land to the south of 
Halecombe Quarry, J J Hobbs, requesting the repair of stiles on 
their land. 
Repairs to Blackers Lane had still not been undertaken the  Clerk 
will progress the matter.  
A parishioner raised the question of the proximity of the road to 
Soho  to  the edge of Barns Close Quarry edge  &  suggested  that 
warning devices be errected.  The Clerk will progress this.

Mr  Turner  had met with Mr M Underwood of Tarmac to discuss  the 
state of the quarry in Leigh Woods.  The Clerk had obtained a map 
from  SCC  showing the extent of their ownership of land  in  the 
area.   Mr  Turner  will contact Mr Underwood to  see  where  the 
boundaries  of land owned by Tarmac are.  When these are know  he 
and Mr Underwood will consult with the County Council and  decide 
what work needs to be undertaken to stop the dumping of waste etc 
and to tidy up the site.

PLANNING   A  letter  had been received from  MDC  informing  the 
Parish   Council  that  they  will  be  told  of  Planning   Site 
Inspections but stating the Parish Councillors will have no right 
to  speak  at  these meetings.  They must  brief  their  District 
Councillor  to  speak for them.  The Parish  Councillors  opposed 
this  move  by  the Planning Site Inspection  Sub  Committee  and 
agreed to send a letter of protest.
A   Planning   Application   for  Halecombe   Quarry   had   been 
conditionally  approved but as no number was on the copy  of  the 
approval Councillors were unsure to which application it refered.

TADHILL FARM QUARRY APPEAL  The Appeal will be heard starting  15 
May  1990 at the Council Offices, Shepton Mallet.  It was  agreed 
that the Clerk would write to Mr Evans, County Minerals  Officer, 
and  Mr  Merrick to ascertain what action the PC  ought  to  take 
following their objection lodged earlier in the year.

Mr  Yelland  drew  attention to item 2 in  the  Halecombe  Quarry 
Liason  Group Meeting Minutes.  He wished it to be recorded  that 
the  re-routeing  of the Footpath was not discussed with  him  by 
Wimpey Hobbs he had simply been informed of their action.  It was 
agreed  he would write to the Chairman of the Liason  group.   He 
declared an interest and Mr Davis took the Chair.
Mr  Davis & Mrs Park reported on a meeting they had had  with  Mr 
Grazier,  Area  Manager  for Wimpey Hobbs, that  day.   They  had 
looked  at  the environmental banks and been told that a  6  foot 
high  fence would be errected three quarters of the way down  the 
bank on the quarry side allowing public access to all the rest of 
the banking.  Mr Grazier was prepared to give written  permission 
for  free access to all the unfenced banking during  the  working 
life  of  the quarry but would not guaranteee  indefinate  public 
use.  It was agreed that it was difficult dealing with the lessee 
of the land not the land owner.
Mr A Gould arrived.
Concerning the Inquiry into the Diversion of FR8/23 the Clerk had 
contacted  the County Rights of Way Officer, Mrs Smith,  who  had 
told her that the diversion may not be granted.  The Inquiry  was 
only into whether to allow the diversion and could not  recommend 
as  to  the  use of the banks as a whole.   Mr  Turner  expressed 
concern  that  the PC were not dealing with the  land  owner  all 
Councillors  agreed with him that their objective must be to  get 
unimpeded access to the whole bank in perpetuity.  It was  agreed 
that  the  Clerk  would  write  to  Mr  Grazier  asking  for   an 
explanation  of the company's "proposals for the   diversion  and 
for  public access on the embankment" as proposed in the  Minutes 
of  the Halecombe Quarry Liason Group Meeting held on 6  November 
1989.   She  would  also write to MDC asking for a  copy  of  the 
"offer  of  public  access  made by the  Company  to  the  Mendip 
District Council in 1988" which Mr Grazier alluded to in a letter 
to the Parish Council dated 7 November 1989.  A letter will  also 
be  sent  to Hobbs Holdings to ascertain their  position  on  the 
footpath subject.
Copies  of two letters from Mr R Dixon, a local resident, to  the 
HGV   Licensing  Department  were  circulated   to   Councillors.  
Objections  to  the granting of HGV Licences were  not  permitted 
from  Parish Councils but it was agreed that the PC should  write 
to  MDC encouraging them to object to the renewal application  by 
Wimpey  Hobbs on the grounds of the unsuitability of the  present 
lorry park.  It was agreed that the PC ought to urge the District 
Council  to  press that if the licence is granted  the  following 
conditions  be attatched - any lorry parked on the site  must  be 
for use on that site only, and, that lorries from the site do not 
drive through the village.  Copies of the letter will be sent  to 
Mr   Hewett   (District  Councillor)  and  Mr   Merrick   (County 
Councillor) as well as the Director of Planning at Mendip.

Mr Yelland resumed the Chair.
Mr Yelland gave a brief resumme of the history of the  Recreation 
Field.   It was first leased by the PC in 1923 and then  sold  to 
the  Parish  in 1959.  In 1968 it was leased  to  the  Recreation 
Field  Management Committee who have administered it since  then.  
Mr  Yelland suggested that the Councillors ask the  Committee  to 
rewrite  the lease and submitt it to the PC for  discussion.   Mr 
Moore  (Treasurer of the RFMC)  agreed to discuss this  with  his 
fellow  committee  members.   The new mandate  would  list  those 
entitled  to  be represented on the committee, the  frequency  of 
reports to the PC and the arrangement with the Social Club  among 
other things.  Mr Moore will report back to his Committee.

The Burial Grant had been delivered to MDC.
Clerk's salary it was agreed to abide by the formula laid down by 
the  Society for Local Council Clerks and Mr Yelland  proposed  a 
10% increase making the annual salary 380.  Mr Pattison seconded 
the  proposal & all agreed to it.  The Salary rise will  be  back 
dated to 1 October 1989.
A cheque had been received for 5 from the Watch the Box Scheme & 
a cheque was made out to Mrs S Lee.
PRECEPT needed to be submitted by the end of the year.  1600 had 
been  precepted  last year, if that was increased  in  line  with 
inflation it would go up to 1750. Mr Yelland proposed asking for 
that amount.  Fellow councillors   expressed concern that  public 
inquiries and requests for grants may cost more in 1990-91 and Mr 
Turner  proposed  the  sum  of 1800, Mr  Rooke  seconded  &  all 
councillors agreed to this figure.

In  response  to the Parish Newsletter the  Clerk  had  forwarded 
names to the Royal British Legion concerning tenants for the  new 
properties in Leigh these had been acknowledged by the Legion.
Information  on SWEB's new contact person for the  area's  Street 
Lighting  was  too hand.
A letter on Rural Leisure was given to Mr Gould for the attention 
of  the  RFMC and the Clerk told councillors of a visit  from  Mr 
Bywater  of  MDC  who gave information  on  a  new  'play/sports' 
initiative.   It  is proposed to make equipment  and  instruction 
available to people in rural areas.  Mrs Loten was furnishing  Mr 
Bywater with a list of village activities and their organisers.
Copies  of  the Draft Electoral Register were on display  in  the 
Church and Post Office.
Information  on an SALC meeting on 5 December had been passed  to 
Mr Turner.
A  request  for a donation to Frome CAB had  been  received.   Mr 
Rooke proposed the payment of 5, Mr Turner seconded the proposal 
& all agreed.
It was agreed by Councillors that should a vacancy arise for  the 
PC  representative on the Board of Governors of Leigh  School  Mr 
Davis would fill it.

The next PC meeting will be on 15 January 1990 in Leigh School.

The Meeting closed at 2146h.

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