In  attendance were J Davis, A Gould, Mrs H Park, D  Pattison,   
D Turner and D Yelland, Chairman, and some members of the public.

Apologies  had been received from P Rooke and  County  Councillor 
A Merrick. 

The  Minutes of the last meeting were ammended at the request  of 
Mr Turner to read on Page 3 paragraph headed PRECEPT -  '......Mr 
Turner  proposed  that  the sum of   1800  would  better  reflect 
inflation in view of the increasing number of residents.'
The Minutes were adopted and signed.

A  letter had been received from Mr Burkitt (SCC Surveyors  Dept) 
concerning  a request to repair the footpath to Wimpey  Hobbs  in 
which  he stated that there were no funds available to 'raise the 
standard  of lightly trafficked rural footpaths.' It was  decided 
to  write  saying that the PC were only requesting repair of  the 
damage  to  the pavement not the upgrading of that path.  In  the   
same  letter  a request will be made for reflectors on  the  road 
from Leigh to Soho between the Wimpey Hobbs office building & the 
first  dwelling, to warn motorist to take care as the quarry edge 
is very close to the road. 

The reply to the Planning Sub Committee letter was agreed on  and 
will be sent.

Notification  had  been  received that  the  appeal  against  the 
refusal of planning permission to Western Roadstone for a  quarry 
at TADHILL had been withdrawn.

It was agreed that Mr Yelland would contact Miss Chubb concerning 
the School Governors Board.

Mr  Yelland expressed his view that the PC's objections had  been 
overcome  and were therefore unsustainable and that the PC  might 
loose  credibility if they did not drop them.  Mr  Pattison  felt 
that  the  PC ought to retain the right to  object  otherwise  it 
might be said that they had tacitly agreed to the destruction  of 
the  footpath.  Mr  Turner  said that  if  the  PC  withdrew  its 
objection  it might loose the right to speak at the  Hearing,  in 
his  opinion the new footpath did not equal the original  and  he 
expressed  his concern that the Company had not gone through  the 
correct proceedure for moving the route.  Mr Davis said that  the 
Inspector  could demand the reinstatement of the  original  path.  
Mr  Pattison  expressed his opinion that the PC's  objection  was 
that  the footpath had been unilaterally and  illegally  diverted 
and that the local community should be recompensed for that act.

Making the environmental banking into Common Land was  discussed.  
Mr Davis and Mrs Park in a meeting with Mr Grazier were told that 
the  banks  might  be pushed back into the  quarry  when  working 
ceased, therefore the footpath would be destroyed again.  It  was 
agreed  to pursue the matter of Common land with  Hobbs  Holdings 
and ARC the land owners concerned.  Mr Gould was concerned  about 
the maintenance of the area if it was designated 'common'.   

A  proposal  was put before Councillors as to  whether  the  PC's 
objection  ought  to  be sustained - a  majority  of  Councillors 
elected to continue with the objection. 

Mr  Yelland asked if it was valid to object to the width  of  the 
footpath, which  could be enclosed by fences.  Mr  Davis  thought 
that a footpath the width of the bank could be requested.

Mr Pattison agreed to speak on behalf of the Parish Council.   Mr 
Turner  proposed a meeting before the Inquiry and the 29  January 
was agreed on.

Mr  Merrick had given Mr Davis a copy of briefing notes  sent  to 
County   Councillors  concerning  the  Proposed   Extension   and 
Deepening of Halecombe Quarry.  They gave details of the criteria 
for  an Environmental Assessment.  It was agreed that Mr  Merrick 
ought  to be told that Parish Councillors felt  an  environmental 
assessment ought to be requested.

Review  of Mineral Sites - A letter from Mr Evans  (SCC  Minerals 
Officer)  gave notice that this had started on 1  December  1989. 
Initial work will concentrate on crushed rock quarries. Mr  Evans 
invited comments and  promised to contact the PC in the future to 
discuss the Review with regard to this area. 

Removal of Top Soil by WH - Letter from Mr Evans stating that  no 
further  action was proposed as 830 cubic metres of  topsoil  had 
been returned to the site  according to information given to  him 
by  the  quarry. It was agreed to write to Mr  Evans  asking  for 
documentary  evidence  of the amount of soil  returned  to  allay 
residents scepticism of the amount involved.

Torr  Works  -  Mr Davis had been told by Mrs Britten 
that Foster Yeoman were unhappy with aspects of the planning 
consent granted and were in dispute with the County Council.  They 
wanted to a)  Work longer hours.
          b)  To increase yearly production to 7.5million tonnes.
          c)  Wanted the 18 ha behind Downhead to  be  protected 
from mining for 10 years only, not in perpetuity.
As  it  was  due  to be discussed on  10  January  Mr  Davis  had 
contacted various councillors & a letter of protest had been sent.

A  letter concerning noise, especially at night,  from  Halecombe 
had  been  sent by Downhead Parish Meeting.  It  was  decided  to 
contact  Mr Merrick and ask him to pursue the matter.  A  request 
will be made that copies of the letter are forwarded to Mr Hewett 
(MDCouncillor) and Messrs Bold & Dixon of Environmental Health.
Leigh Halecombe Residents Group had written concerning SCC 's  10 
January meeting about Torr Works. 

Weight Restriction Order - Frome Area - Information about  weight 
restrictions  enforced  and intentions to  monitor  traffic  flow 
after the opening of the Frome By Pass so that a solution can  be 
identified if needed had been received.

Modification to Frome Local Plan - The PC will be informed of any 
modifications in due course.

Porter   First  Step  Homes  -  Information  had  been   received 
concerning  this Companies selling expertise in  connection  with 
Housing Associations.

A letter from Mr Merrick, Somerset County Councillor. As a member 
of the Frome Police Division Consultative Committee  he would  be 
interested  in any ideas from the Council in connection with  the 
Chief  Constable's Goals and Objectives.  It was agreed to  write 
and say how much the visible  police presence in the village was 
Planning Applications 
Plans for two Semi-detached homes adjacent to the Old Chapel  had 
been received. Councillors were concerned about: 
1) Access - unsafe because too close to the corner.
2)  Overdevelopment  of the site - in size more suited to 2  x  2 
bedroom homes or 1 x 4 bedroom home.
3)  Objection to use of Bradstone.  The same builder had done  an 
excellent  conversion  to Lavender Cottage in natural  stone  why 
could that material not be used here.
4)  If  permission  is granted hedge ought to be  retained  as  a 
feature of the site.

MDC Decision on the following plans had been received:
Clivonne Cottage, Leigh Street conditional approval for  detached 
double garage & two storey extension.
LJH  -  formation of new access & change of use to  parking  area 
permission refused.
Tweed Farm Cottages permission refused due to its failure to meet 
criteria SP10 of the County Structure Plan.

Next Meeting will be on Monday 29 January 1990

In  conclusion  it  was agreed that Messrs  Davis,  Pattison  and 
Turner were mandated to progress Quarry Liason Meeting Matters.

The Meeting closed. 

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