HELD ON MONDAY 29 JANUARY 1990
                         IN LEIGH SCHOOL

Present  were  J  Davis, Mrs H Park, D Pattison,  D  Turner  and 
D  Yelland,  who took the Chair.  Also in  attendance  were  some 
Apologies had been received from Mr A Merrick (SC Councillor).

The Minutes of the last meeting had been circulated and were duly 
agreed on and signed.

Mr Yelland had received a letter from Bridget Dawes tendering her 
resignation as the PC's representative on Leigh School Governors.  
Mr Davis was confirmed as the PC's representative.

It was agreed with Mr Turner that the matter of cleaning up  work 
at Whitehole Quarry would be discussed at the next meeting.

Letters had been received from Mr Cross & Mr Merrick in  response 
to  the PC's letter regarding Torr Works.  Mr Cross's letter  was 
written  before  the meeting of SCC's Planning  Committee  on  10 
January  and  stated his intention to press for the  18  hectares 
behind  Downhead to be preserved from quarrying 'in  perpetuity'.  
Mr  Merrick's  letter,  written after  the  January  10  meeting,  
stated  that  'for  a  period  of  10  years'  had  replaced  'in 
perpetuity'  therefore allowing for the possibility that at  some 
date  after  this time permission could be given  to  quarry  the 
After  much  discussion it was agreed that  a  letter  expressing 
regret at the decision and asking for an assurance that quarrying 
permission would not be automatically granted on this land  after 
ten years would be sent.

Mr Merrick had written to update the PC on other matters from the 
last  meeting  - The Environment Committee of SCC meeting  on  10 
January  had  agreed that if  Wimpey Hobbs  submitted  a  revised 
planning   application   to  extend  Halecombe  Quarry   a   full 
environmental assessment would be needed.

Mr A Gould arrived.

The  Mutry Cross-Mells  road  through Great Elm is to  be  closed 
for  10 days from 14 February so Mr Merrick had suggested  to  Mr 
Chapman,  the County Surveyor, that a traffic count  takes  place 
during that time as it would give a good indication of what would 
happen if Great Elm gets a weight restriction order.  If this  is 
done  it means delaying the public meeting to be held to  discuss 
HGV traffic problems and he hoped that the PC would support this.  
A letter of support will be written.

Mr  Pattison  had circulated to other Councillors a copy  of  the 
PC's case, Mr Turner congratulated him on the document.
In  the  document  (enclosed) a brief resume  was  given  of  the 
background to the case, the nature of the PC's objection and  the 
fact  that the role of a footpath is for recreation and   access.  
On the aspect of recreation the PC felt that:-  a) the views from 
the  proposed  footpath were worse than those from  the  original 
b)    The environment of the path would be artificial as it  was 
man  made  and due to lack of grazing animals would  soon  become 
overgrown and unwalkable. 
c)    Concern  was  felt that it might become a  path  between  2 
d)   Also Councillors were concerned over what would happen  when 
quarrying ceased.

ACCESS - because less direct than the original route people might 
be encouraged to use the road with all its inherant dangers.

The PC recognised the disadvantages of re-instating the  original 
path but believed it was important to demonstrate that a footpath 
can  not  be  unilateraly destroyed.  The  fine  imposed  on  the 
company was felt to have been derisory and the PC urged that  the 
public  ought  to be recompensed for the loss of the  amenity  by 
having access to the banks 'in perpetuity'.

Mr  Yelland  asked the PC if they felt that this  was  the  right 
thing to do and the way to do it.  Was the nature of the argument 
fair and reasonable?
It was agreed that this was the case.

It  was noted that the new proposed route might not be  permanent 
as the banking might be pushed into the quarry when/if it  ceased 
working.   It was also felt that any promises from  Wimpey  Hobbs 
with reference to the path must be made legally binding.

Messrs Pattison, Davis and Turner will attend the Inquiry.

Mr  Pattison  thanked Mr Davis and his brother-in-law  for  their 
work  on  the local footpaths in connection with the  Wyvern  Way 
link.   The payment of an anticipated  bill in the region of   60 
for  expenses  incurred during the work was agreed  upon  by  all 

A thank you letter from Frome CAB for the PC's donation had  been 

A reply had been received concerning MDC PLANNING SITE INSPECTION 
SUB-COMMITTEE.  The question over the unavoidable  non-attendance 
of  the pertinent District Councillor had not been answered,  the 
Clerk will write seeking clarification.

A  timetable and information on LOCAL BUSES & a new  HOTLINE  had 
been received.

Copies of the new ELECTORAL ROLE were available.
The  state  of the PARISH COUNCIL NOTICEBOARD  outside  the  POST 
OFFICE was causing concern - the Clerk will check into  ownership 
& see what work needs to be done to make it waterproof.

Mr  Yelland suggested that in view of the proposed  Inquiry  into 
the Halecombe Quarry expansion that was to take place later  this 
year the Councillors ought to consider how best to ascertain  the 
views of all parishioners.  It was agreed to discuss this at  the 
next  meeting  as  well as Whitehole Quarry &  Soil  Returned  to 

It  was agreed that the Clerk would contact Mr  Hewitt,  District 
Councillor,  to discuss when would be convenient date for him  to 
attend  a meeting, preferably in the week commencing 12  March  & 
the date would be decided accordingly.


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