Councillors  present  were D Pattison, D Turner and J  Davis  who 
took the chair. 
Apologies  had  been  received from Mrs H Park and  P  Rooke,   D 
Yelland had informed the Clerk that he would be arriving late.

Mr  Davis  opened the meeting by  welcoming  District  Councillor 
Mr  R  Hewitt,  County Councillor Mr A Merrick and  Mr  R  Evans, 
County Minerals Officer, as well as some parishioners.

The Minutes of the last two meetings were accepted and signed.

MATTERS  ARISING  - a cheque had been sent to Mr Taylor  for  his 
work on the footpaths.

Concern  was  expressed by Mr Pattison on behalf of  the  Council 
over Mendip's Planning Guidelines.  Mr Hewett was given a copy of 
a  letter sent to the Planning Department in October 1989  asking 
for a copy of the District's guidelines to which a reply has  not 
been  received,  his offer to  pursue  the  matter was gratefully 
Mr Gould arrived.
Councillors  expressed their anger that the use of  reconstituted 
stone rather than natural stone for buildings in the village  was 
becoming  the allowed norm, Mr Hewitt pointed out that the  stone 
weathered  and expressed his belief that different  textures  and 
building materials could add to the ambience of village life.

Councillors  questioned  Mr  Hewitt  over  the  decision  by  the 
Planning  Committee  not to allow Parish Councillors  to  discuss 
matters  at  Site  Meetings.   Mr  Hewitt  said  that  it  was  a 
continuation  of the policy extant in the Council  Chamber  where 
applications  were  decided  on written evidence  only  and  only 
Councillors  and Council officials could speak.  Mr  Turner  said 
that  the  matter  had been discussed at  the  SALC  meeting  and 
concern had been expressed that the views of locals would not  be 
voiced but Mr Hewitt assured Councillors that the Chairman of the 
Site  Meeting  still had the right to question a  member  of  the 
public  if  he  so desired.  The Parish  Council  will  still  be 
notified of site meetings and perhaps be invited to speak.

A letter had been received from the Planning Inspector  detailing 
matters  to  be  discussed at a Pre-Inquiry Meeting  to  be  held  
before the Inquiry into the Halecombe Quarry Extension Plan takes 
place.  The Inquiry will now take place on 6 - 16 November 1990.

A  letter  concerning Halecombe Quarry Waste  Disposal  had  been 
received from Mr Evans.  Mr Evans stated that because the company 
had  agreed to retain the existing hedge and an oak and ash  tree 
the  bank  would  be slightly reduced.  He had  stressed  to  the 
Company the importance of constructing the front face of the  tip 
first  to screen work behind.  The construction will be  done  in 
phases and the tip was for long life quarry waste. 
Councillors  felt that this seemed to defeat Condition 19 of  the 
1985  conditions.   Mr Turner asked why overburden could  not  be 
stripped at the start of work and banks constructed to shield the 
workings  of  the  quarry  from those  outside  as  had  happened 
elsewhere,  after  all most of the overburden from  Phase  2  had 
already  been stripped.  Mr Evans said that the new  crusher  W-H 
plan  to  install  will  reduce the amount of  waste  so  it  was 
difficult to predict amounts.  Mr Turner expressed his view  that 
W-H  did  not  want to do anything on the Southern  side  of  the 
quarry until their appeal has been judged, but stressed that  the 
PC would like the bank constructed as soon as possible.  Mr Davis 
asked why waste cannot be tipped on the quarry floor and used  to 
back  fill as happens elsewhere.  Mr Evans said he had  requested 
new  drawings  from  W-H  showing  a  planting  scheme,  phasing, 
estimates  of annual production of waste and capacity of tip.  he 
had  been told that the new crusher would be sited on the  quarry 
floor and would hopefully be in situe and operational by  January 
'91.  The Company had also been informed by him that their  lorry 
park  and stock piles would need Planning Applications.  W-H  had 
said  that  the  thought  that  existing  stock  piles  could  be 
processed through the new crusher in the next 2-3 years.

Mr  Dixon,  from  the floor, thanked  Mr  Hewitt  for  presenting 
Leigh's  case on the proposed extension to Halecombe so  ably  to 
Mendip District Council who had voted to add their voice to  that 
of the County Council and oppose the plan.  He expressed  concern 
that  the long term dumping of spoil would damage the  landscape. 
Mrs   Dixon  suggested  that  an  environmental  bank  could   be 
constructed   in  less  than  3  years.    Mr  Evans  said   that 
environmental  banks  were quarry waste tips and  therefore  took 
time to construct.
(Mr Hewitt had to leave, Mr Davis thanked him for coming.)
However  it  was  felt by most present  that  as  other  quarries 
managed  to  construct their banks sooner rather than  later  W-H 
should also be able to.

When  Mr  Evans commented on the fact that the quarry  floor  was 
covered in piles of stone Mr Davis assured him that they had only 
appeared over the last 12 months.  Mr Turner expressed his  grave 
concern  that W-H always seemed to apply for Planning  Permission 
in retrospect.

The  Council had received a letter from Mr Evans stating that  he 
had proof that 800 cubic metres of top soil had been returned  to 
the   Halecombe  site  out of a  guesstimated  1000  cubic metres 
removed  and that he proposed not to pursue the  matter  further.   
Those  attending the meeting were rather sceptical at the  amount 
stated  to  have been returned and suggested that  Mr  Evans  ask 
Pennys for lorry weigh bridge tickets for both the days on  which 
soil was removed and returned to the site.  He agreed to do this.

Mr Evans asked for the Councillors opinion on a fence between the 
quarry  face and footpath at Halecombe of 2 rows of barbed  wire, 
sheep  netting and 4 foot high wooden posts.  The planting  of  a 
hawthorn hedge  was suggested but Councillors agreed to Mr Evans' 

Mr Turner, who had attended the SALC meeting,  said that  concern 
had  been  expressed by some delegates about the set  up  of  the 
Quarry  Liaison Group Meetings in particular the  Yeoman  Liaison 
Group.  Mr Evans agreed that there were problems with this  group 
but felt that they could be dealt with.
Mr Yelland arrived.
The  next  meeting of the Halecombe Liaison Group will  be  on  2 
April  at  6.30 in the Council Chamber, Shepton Mallet.   It  was 
agreed that PC representatives would be decided nearer the time.

Councillors  living in the Tadhill area of the parish  said  that 
operations  at the Torr Works Quarry were now much  more  visible 
and  nosier.   Mr Evans said that he was hoping  to  monitor  the 

Mr Turner gave a resume of the background to negotiations to stop 
fly  tipping  in  the area.  Mr Evans offered to  look  into  the 
matter, Councillors gratefully  accepted his offer.
Mr Davis thanked Mr Evans for attending the meeting and answering 
questions from both Councillors and Parishioners.

The Clerk will write to SCC concerning the re-errection of a road 
sign by the water treatment works.
The  need  to  sign post the footpath through the  woods  on  the 
Jackson land was raised and will be looked into.
Mr  Pattison had met with Mr Gadd from W-H at Nailsea and it  had 
been agreed where stiles would be installed by the Company on the 
Southern Footpath.

Leigh councillors  agreed to support this.
The  question  of  BANK  CHARGES for  cheques  returned  for  the 
Auditors had been drawn attention to.
Concern  had been expressed at the meeting by Norton  St  Phillip 
reps  that  because of the introduction of the  Uniform  Business 
Rate Village Post Offices might be under threat.
BEST KEPT VILLAGE COMPETITION - Councillors decided not to enter.

A copy of THATCH was available for perusal.
Information was to hand concerning HOUSEHOLD SPRING CLEAN WEEK  - 
26 - 30 MARCH and will be posted on the boards.
28  APRIL TO 7 MAY was designated as ENVIRONMENTAL WEEK.  It  was 
agreed  to  ask  the  Youth  Club  if  they  were  interested  in 
organising  a  clean up of the area and to write to W-H  and  LJH 
telling them about it.
Official  notification  of the FOOTPATH  DIVERSION  AT  HALECOMBE 
QUARRY had been received for display from 23 March.

A payment for the WATCH-THE-BOX SCHEME of 5 had been received  a 
cheque was made out in favour of Mrs Lee.

The Clerk claimed Expenses of     39.34
  Salary for 1/10/89 - 31/03/90  190.00
                        TOTAL    229.34

Mr Turner proposed payment, Mr Pattison seconded & the motion was 
passed & a cheque made out.

The bill for the AUDIT FEE was 40.25. It was agreed that the fee 
seemed a lot higher than last year.  Mr Davis proposed payment Mr 
Pattison seconded & the motion was passed. 

A  letter from MDC stating that the PRECEPT could be applied  for 
after March 31 had been received.

SOMERSET PLAYING FIELDS ASSOCIATION subscription was due, minimum 
payment  5.  Mr Yelland proposed payment, Mr Gould seconded  and 
all agreed.

The  subscription for the SOCIETY OF LOCAL COUNCIL CLERKS of  13 
was  due.   Mr Yelland proposed payment,  Mr  Pattison  seconded, 

A form from SCC asking details of the amount spent on the  PARISH 
PATH  MAINTENANCE  SCHEME was to hand.  To date 60 of  the  100 
grant has been spent.  The Clerk will fill out & return the forms.

A  transfer form from the Investment to the Current  Account  was 

The  Clerk had visited the VAT Office in Bath for information  on 
reclaiming VAT spent in 1989-1990 and had written with details of 
the claim to Southend, Mr Yelland signed the letter.

INTRA-VILLAGE  QUIZ  TEAM  -  not  enough  Council  members  were 
available to form a team.
Mr Yelland reminded Councillors of the 24 in the Councils  hands 
from the winnings of previous years Inter-Village Quiz teams.  He 
suggested  purchasing a salver for the second placed team in  the 
Intra-Village  quiz.  It was not agreed to by  other  councillors 
they felt it ought to be an award for something - more discussion 
will take place on this matter later.

VILLAGERS  VIEWS ON VILLAGE FUTURE - Mr Yelland had received  and 
replied to a letter from a Parishioner expressing her concern  at 
Mr Yelland's handling of this question at the January 29 meeting. 
He had corresponded with the Parishioner who was now  re-assured.  
It  was  suggested that the matter be left to the  Annual  Parish 

Mr Merrick had written concerning HGV traffic in the Mendip area.  
From  the  floor he stated that a road improvement plan  will  be 
made public next month for the area from Cheddar to Great Elm and 
public meetings will be held.  Mr Yelland asked if Mr Merrick had 
seen the plans proposed by Wiltshire CC which could have a  great 
effect on Great Elm, Mr Merrick said he would look into this.

An  invitation  to join the COUNCIL FOR THE PROTECTION  OF  RURAL 
SOMERSET  had been received, as no cost was mentioned  the  Clerk 
will pursue the matter.

Details  were to hand of the new SCC LIBRARY VAN  SCHEDULE   they 
will be posted in the village.

A  new  MENDIP DISTRICT OFFICIAL GUIDE is to  be  introduced  and 
contributions have been requested.  The Clerk will progress.

The PLANNING APPEAL findings on TWEED FARM were to hand.

Notification of an increase in subscription to COMMUNITY  COUNCIL 
FOR SOMERSET had been received.

Mr Davis, Mr Gould & either Messrs Pattison or Turner will attend 
the Halecombe Liason Meeting on 2 April.

The  AGM  and ANNUAL PARISH MEETING will be on May 21 at  7.30  & 
8.00 respectively in the Village Hall.  A NEWSLETTER will be sent 
out 2-3 weeks before and a notice inserted in the Parish Magazine.

The Meeting closed at 1050h.             

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