HELD ON MONDAY 21 MAY 1990 IN THE SCHOOL

Present  were  Councillors,  J  Davis, A Gould,  Mrs  H  Park,  D 
Pattison, and D Yelland(Chairman).  Also in attendance were Mr  A 
Merrick (County Councillor) and some parishioners.

Apologies had been received from D Turner and the Clerk.

The Minutes of the meeting of the 15 March were accepted.

The  ommission  of  Halecombe Quarry from the  Agenda  was  drawn 
attention  to, this was due to the fact that the matter would  be 
debated  the next evening at an Open Meeting called  by  Somerset 
County  Council,  probably at the Annual Parish Open  Meeting  on 
June 4 and in due course at a Parish Council Meeting.

A  member  of the public wanted to know why the  meeting  of  the 
Halecombe Quarry Liason Committee had been cancelled.  The Parish 
Councillors had been unable to provide any representatives due to 
other commitments. Mr Yelland asked Mrs Featherstone, an employee 
of Wimpey Hobbs, to convey the PC's apologies to the company.

It  was  not known when objections to the Wimpey  Hobbs  Planning 
Application had to be in by.

Permission  had  been granted for 2 semis at the corner  of  Park 
Hayes,   once   again  the  Parish   Council's   concerns   about 
overdevelopment  and  the  use of  building  materials  had  been 

An  application  for GREAT HOUSE FARM had been received  and  the 
plans were put on display. 
Mr  Yelland said that the proposal was lacking in detail but  was 
essentially  for a change of use to offices for the ground  floor 
of  the  house and the use of the barns as workshops  by  Keyford 
It was agreed that more employment was needed in the village  but 
concern  was voiced about working hours, vehicle  movements,  the 
fact  that  the  Dutch Barn had been  errected  for  Agricultural 
purposes originally  and what would happen if Keyford Frames sold 
out  in  the future.  It was felt that alternative  uses  for the 
property  could  be  the  site  of  an  intensive  farm  or   the 
outbuildings be converted into residential property.
Attention  was  drawn to the lack of mention  of  the  properties 
listed building status, and the lack of detail on the  recladding 
aspect of the application.  From the floor concern was  expressed 
over the new access, was it a second or alternative access?  Also 
the  exact meaning of 'light industrial' use was not  elucidated.  
If  pressing work was involved it could be noisy and  if  plating 
was  involved  what about the local water, were  sewage  disposal 
facilities adequate?
Mr  Yelland  agreed to see if he could visit the  firms  existing 
premises and then draft a letter to MDC.              (Action DY)
The payment of the subscription to SALC was proposed by J  Davis, 
seconded  by Mrs Park and agreed although the need for  a  second 
copy of the magazine was questioned.               (Action Clerk)

Information   had  been  given  to  Councillors  concerning   the 
availability of grants to clean the village streets.  The  amount 
of the grant was based on the number of residents of the  village 
and  the  work  could either be sub-contracted  back  to  MDC  or 
someone could be employed by the PC.  It was agreed to  advertise 
for  someone  via  the Parish Magazine, Post  Office  and  Notice 
Boards offering 3 per hour.                       (Action Clerk)

A  letter  had  been  received  from  LUMP  (Leigh  upon   Mendip 
Players) requesting a grant towards the cost of buying a piano to 
be kept in the Village Hall. (Messrs Gould and Pattison  declared 
an  interest.)  It was thought that 100 to 120 would be  needed 
and  some of the purchase price/insurance cost would be  recouped 
by hiring the instrument out for functions.  Mr Yelland suggested 
that the possibility of Arts Grants be investigated & the  matter 
was deferred.                                      (Action Clerk)

TORR  WORKS  -  in response to a letter from  the  PC  expressing 
concern  at the dropping of the 'in perpetuity' clause  from  the 
Planning  permission and substituting 'in 10 years' a  reply  had 
been  received  from Lt Cdr Ingram, Chairman of  the  Environment 
Committee.  This stated that the granting of quarrying permission 
at  the  end  of  this period on the buffer  zone  would  not  be 
automatic.  The diapproval of the Councillors to the substitution 
was registered.

HIGHWAY  MAINTENANCE - more information on the reorganisation  of 
the area had been received.  Mr Davis drew attention to the  fact 
that  the  missing  sign at the waterworks  had  still  not  been 
errected.   It  was  suggested that it would  help  residents  if 
warning of work to be carried out on, for example pavements could 
be  given.  A parishioner stated that the tarmacing in  Bellfield 
was  unfinished.  It was agreed that the Clerk would be asked  to 
progress this.                                     (Action Clerk)

MIDSHIRES HOUSING LTD letter concerning  housing for local people 
was  read.   It  was agreed that no evidence  of  need  had  been 
forthcoming despite two requests in the Parish Newsletter.

GROUNDS MAINTENANCE information letter was passed to Mr Lee.

SCC NEWSLETTER - Mr Yelland gave a resume of its contents.

WATCH  THE BOX - cheque for 5 and information on grants  was  to 
hand.  The Clerk will circulate details to the RFMC, Hall & Under 
5's.                                               (Action Clerk)

BURIAL GRANT of 69 had been received.
It was agreed to pay the INSURANCE PREMIUM of 30.
Notification  of an SALC MEETING on June 5 was to hand.   It  was 
hoped Mr Turner could attend.
SALC  had  sent information on a Code Of Conduct  &  the  Charity 
Newsletter  which  will  be circulated.  It  was  agreed  not  to 
contribute  to the retirement gift.  Details on  Rural  Transport 
Grants were available and Salaries & Conditions will be discussed 
at the next meeting.

SCC MINUTES would be circulated.

Mr Merrick drew Councillors attention to  a SCC meeting in  Leigh 
Memorial  Hall  on June 12 at 7pm to discuss  Quarry  Routes.   A 
report on the traffic census will be given and the proposals  for 
road development will be described.
The  meeting on May 22 on HALECOMBE QUARRY was mainly to  clarify 
the application.  Mr Merrick agreed that at that meeting he would 
confirm that a second meeting would be held on this subject.
He  said  that  the  matter would  be  discussed  by  SCC's  full 
Planning Committee on 29 August 1990.
Mr  Merrick wanted to know if the roads issue would be raised  at 
the Annual Parish Meeting.  Attention was drawn by a  parishioner 
to the movement of a convoy of empty lorries through the  village 
early that morning.  They had been told that the problem came not 
from Hobbs but from ECC/Stone Supplies going to Vobster which had 
now stopped. 

The  date  of  the next meeting would be decided  later,  it  was 
agreed to include the grant to LUMP and Halecombe on the Agenda.

The Meeting closed.  

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