Councillors present were J Davis, Mrs H Park, D Pattison, P Rooke 
D Turner and D Yelland, 23 parishioners and Mr Merrick,  Somerset 
County Councillor.
Apologies were received from A Gould.

The  chairman,  Mr Yelland, opened the meeting by  telling  those 
present that this meeting was being held outside the stated time.
He  welcomed so many parishioners to a meeting that gave  them  a 
chance  to  draw to the attention of Councillors  any  points  of 
interest or concern within the community.

A  resume  of the 15 May 1989 meeting was given and  the  Minutes 
were accepted as a true record and signed.

HALL REPORT (Written by Mr Featherstone, read by Mrs Loten.)
It  had been a good year for the Hall and it was felt  that  both 
finances and the Committee were in a strong position.
The  Race  Night had raised about 1200 thanks  to  support  from 
the community & local industry, the income from rentals was  well 
on the way to allowing a balance between income & outgoings.  The 
Hall  had  been decorated internally & a grant  from  the  Parish 
Council  had paid for the sanding & varnishing of the  floor.   A 
wet/dry vacuum cleaner & light weight tables had been  purchased.  
Although the grant application to do the windows had been refused  
it  was  hoped  that  a grant to upgrade  the  toilets  would  be 
forthcoming. It was felt that work was needed on the outside  and 
the  car park. The Hall Committee thanked the PC and the  village 
for their support.

QUESTIONS  FROM  THE  FLOOR:   Mr Marables  stated  that  he  had 
volunteered  to cut the grass outside the Hall last year  but  no 
one  from  the Committee had yet contacted him.  An  apology  was 
extended on behalf of the Committee. 
Mr  Yelland said that the PC had been able to reclaim VAT on  the 
money granted for work on the floor.

The accounts for 1988,89 & 90 were presented. 
In 1988 Income was 908.69 including grants from MDC & the PC
       Expenditure 576.22  -  main expenses  being  repairs  to 
                           showers & purchase of a strimmer. 
       Assets     1380.68.

In 1989 Income was  18.71  (due to part not being credited until 
                            January 1990.
       Expenditure  644.53 - main expenses being bench  repairs, 
                            swings being  replaced &  made safe 
                            & BBQ built.
       Assets       754.86.

In 1990 Income      219.00
      Expenditure   NIL
       Assets       973.86.   (Interim Accounts)
QUESTIONS  FROM  THE FLOOR:  Concern was expressed over  who  was 
responsible  for  the  upkeep  of  the  Club  House.   The   RFMC 
responsibility  was  for the changing rooms and exterior  of  the 
building and the Social Club 's was for the interior of the  Club 
Mr  Yelland gave a brief resume of the terms of the lease of  the 
land - the PC are trustees but the RFMC administer the area.  The 
lease expired in June 1989 but it had been agreed to continue  in 
the  spirit  of  the lease.  The arrangements  between  them  and 
regular  users of the field & building were not, at  this  stage, 
the  concern of the PC & ought to be discussed by the  RFMC.   It 
was  agreed  that although not a charity the  Social  Club  could 
apply to the PC for a grant.

Mr  Yelland on behalf of the PC thanked both the Hall & the  RFMC 
for  their hard work and thanked those who had presented  reports 
at  the request of the Parish Council.  He felt that the  holding 
of  SCC's meeting on Quarry Roads in the Hall on June 12 was  one 
of the results of better decor.

The  Chairman asked if anyone else wished to make a statement  to 
the meeting.  
self  funding interest group is made up of 15 households &  their 
30  or  so  residents.  In the past 2  years  they  have  mounted 
objections  to:  the  expansion plans for  Merehead  &  Halecombe 
Quarries;  to the destruction of FR8/23; to the inclusion in  the 
Frome  Local  Plan  of the designation of Barns  Close,  Asham  & 
Hapsford  quarries as  sites for 'bad neighbour'  industries;  to 
the  reservation of land for the 'Bulls Green Link'; and  to  the 
applications for licences to park lorries alongside the Halecombe 
Brook.  Representations on these items, in conjunction with other 
groups,  have lead in some cases to their being refused & in  the 
case  of FR8/23 to a successful prosecution. In  connection  with 
the lorry parking to the banning of some lorries & the  admission 
that Wimpey Hobbs needed planning permission for the park.

QUESTIONS FROM THE FLOOR:  A parishioner asked why all  residents 
had not been sent the groups 'mail cards' with which to object to 
the  expansion  of Halecombe - Mr Dixon replied that to  date  no 
complaints  had been received.  An objection from a  resident  to 
the  fact  that no one from WH management was at the  meeting  to 
present their case was met by Mr Yelland with the reply that they 
had  had a copy of the Parish Newsletter advertising the  meeting 
and  would  have been most welcome.  Mr Merrick  suggested   that 
another year they could be specifically invited.  
The  Chairman asked if membership was open to all in the  village 
- Mr Dixon said no, it was a private group.

Mr  Merrick  asked  if the Councillors would like  to  give  some 
convenient  dates  for  the next Halecombe  Quarry  Liason  Group 
Meeting  to  SCC and suggested it should be before  the  PC  make 
their  observations  on  the current application.  He  said  that 
another public meeting would be held to discuss the matter but no 
date was yet decided on. He had had official notification of  the 
certificate  for  FR8/23.  Mr Davis asked if WH  had  signed  the 
legal  agreement  relinquishing their quarrying  rights  to  land 
under  the  footpath  before the  certificate  was  granted.   Mr 
Merrick said he would ascertain this for the PC.
Dates suitable for the Liason Group will be discussed at the June 
11 PC meeting.

In  the Newsletter a reference had been made to the 10p per  week 
paid  in  Community Charge for the Parish Council  &  Mr  Yelland 
outlined  the work done by the Council so residents could  decide 
if  they got value. 
Over the year 12 PC Meetings had been held, some fixed & some  as 
the  need  arose, 2 open meetings took place  the  Annual  Parish 
Meeting  & one to discuss LJH's & the Stoke Lane Quarry  Planning 
Applications but the public had been invited to speak at each  PC 
meeting. He thanked Mr Merrick for attending so many meetings.
Two councillors had resigned in the course of the year & the  two 
vacancies had been filled without recourse to an election  thanks 
to one candidate standing down. 
There  had been fewer housing planning application this year  but 
more industrial ones and he personally thanked J Davis,  Chairman 
for Quarry Matters, for his work on Halecombe Quarry.
The  Inquiry into the FR8/23 had brought experience of  a  public 
inquiry  &  he felt that D Pattison was now capable  of  anything 
that came his way in the future in this line.
With the advent of a footpath grant of 100 work had been carried 
out  on  replacing stiles & making local paths  walkable.  Thanks 
were  due  to J Davis for his suggestion to Somerset for  a  path 
linking  the North & South Wyvern Ways, between Frome  &  Shepton 
Mallet,   going  mainly  through the  Parish,  which  the  County 
Council  adopted,  and also for his work in  replacing  stiles  & 
making the footpaths walkable.    
On  the  subject of the environment - litter & fly tipping were a 
problem and volunteers were called for to organise the collection 
of  rubbish which the District Council would take away.   The  PC 
were liasing with Tarmac about Whitehole Hill Quarry.   
One of the functions of the PC was to apply for grants for village 
organisations,  Grants from MDC  had been 250 for a mower &  72 
Burial  Grant and SCC had granted 100 for footpath  maintenance.  
Of  the  Precept  of  1600 about 30% was  spent  on  salaries  & 
expenses,   50%  on  grants  to  village  concerns  and  20%   on 
miscellaneous expenses.  Mr Yelland concluded by hoping that  the 
parishioners  felt  that  their money had  been  well  spent  and 
invited questions.  

A complaint was made concerning wire on a stile near Mrs Moores - 
the path mentioned was not a public right of way but a 'custom  & 
permissive  footpath' & it was suggested that if people  felt  it 
ought to be made a definitive route they contact the Clerk.
The  frequency of Newsletters was questioned - Mr Yelland  stated 
that they came out as & when the Council felt it was necessary.

There being no further questions the meeting closed at 2055h.

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