Present were Parish Councillors - J Davis, Mrs H Park, D Pattison 
P Rooke, D Turner & D Yelland (Chairman) and some Parishioners.
Mr  Yelland  welcomed  District  Councillor Mr  R  Hewett  &  SCC 
Mr A Merrick.

The Minutes of the meeting of 21 May were accepted & signed.

MATTERS  ARISING - Mr Turner stated his concern that he would  be 
unable  to attend SALC meetings as he was otherwise engaged on  a 
Tuesday evening.  It was agreed that Mr Turner would have special 
responsibility for Footpaths & Mr Pattison would be SALC Rep.
No Advert for a Street Cleaner had yet appeared.   (ACTION CLERK)
5 June 1990 SALC Meeting Report by Mr Pattison.
Mr  Pattison  introduced Mr Townend from SALC.  The  meeting  had 
discussed:  1) The formation of a working party by the  Executive 
of SALC to provide assistance on quarry matters.  Mr Townend said 
it was made up of Mr Maggs (E Area Chrmn), Mr Burnett (Shipham PC 
Chrmn)  & Col Johnson (Assoc President) & had  a brief to get  an 
overall picture of quarrying in the Mendips.  Mr Turner expressed 
concern  that  it may be a layer between  PC's  and  Somerset  CC 
causing PC's to lose direct contact with the County  but this was 
rejected  by  Mr  Townend.   He asked  that  details  of  meeting 
concerning quarry matters be sent to Mr Pollard for dispersal  to 
the committee.  Mr Hewett said the group was to advise the  local 
MP.                                           (Mr Gould arrived.)
Mr  Turner  was concerned that the members were not  from  'front 
line  quarry  councils'.   Mr  Townend said that  as  it  was  to 
represent the whole Mendip area 2 representatives who could  look 
at the whole area had been chosen.
2) Legal position on Hot Air Ballooning would be discussed at the 
next meeting.
3)  Regarding  PC's having to pay banks for the return  of  their 
cheques  for audit purposes - it was suggested that each  Council 
negotiate with bank & auditor.
4) SALC were looking for venues for meetings.  A debate  followed 
on  who  would  be liable for hall rental &  it  was  decided  to 
discuss the matter at the next meeting.
5) Road Safety Improvement Grants were available.
6) A Mineral Planning Magazine was available, Mr Pattison thought 
it  was a quarterly publication.  Mr Townend said he  thought  it 
was expensive &, as it dealt with the whole country he questioned 
it's value on a regular basis to the PC.

The Parish Council stance at SCC Quarry Roads Meeting on 12  June 
was discussed. Councillors supported weight restrictions  through 
the  village  & at Tadhill & Townsend. They were opposed  to  the 
Bulls Green Link,  the construction of which it was felt may lead 
to  the reopening of some quarries & permission being granted  to 
open others, as well as to the industrialisation of the area.  Mr 
Hewett asked if Councillors had liaised on this matter with other 
pressure  groups to the east.  Mr Turner expressed his view  that 
one  company  was having a disproportionate effect on  the  local 
environment  and  attention  was  drawn  to  the  fact  that  the 
construction of the link could take 7 to 10 years. It was  agreed 
that  the  construction of the link was irrevecably  tied  to  WH 
planning  application. 
A  parishioner questioned the fact of whether Townsend  would  be 
included  in  a weight restricted area as it was not  within  the 
30mph zone.  It was agreed to debate the extension of  the  speed 
limit zone at the next meeting.                    (ACTION CLERK)
Coleford  PC had announced their intention of asking for  lorries 
to be stopped from using Doors Hill Road - the PC supported this. 

It  was agreed that the PC must strive  to get the best deal  for 
the village residents in road matters.
Mr Hewett left.

HALECOMBE QUARRY  Mr Yelland declared an interest & Mr Davis took 
the chair.
Mr   Pattison  said  that  the  new  planning   application   was 
essentially  the  same  as before but WH had made  an  effort  to 
answer  the  objections raised to the last plan.   Basically  the 
plans were to lower the plant & site it further from the village.  
The  shape of the banking had been changed & it was  proposed  to 
construct  a  holding tank to regulate water flow  in  the  River 
Mells.   There  was no statement on after use.  Mr  Merrick  said 
that this was only just being incorporated into Minerals Policy 2 
criteria 11 which had not yet been approved by the Sec. of State.
Concern  was  voiced about the effect of deepening on  the  water 
both locally & further afield.  It was felt that data from  tests 
conducted over the next 2 to 5 years ought to be available before 
planning permission is discussed. Mr Merrick felt that the County 
Council's own water experts who are monitoring the situation  may 
be  able  to  allay  fears but consultants  could  not  rule  out 
possible effects to Bath Springs.  Mr Pattison said he felt  that 
the  plans for the holding tank at Tweed Farm had not  been  well 
thought  through.  It would be contaminated by oil & dust  during 
its collection in the winter & when pumped into the river in  the 
summer would contaminate it. 
Mr Turner said that he felt that a yearly time limit on emergency 
hours that the company could work ought to be made a condition if 
permission  was granted, otherwise problems could be caused  over 
the  definition  of an 'emergency'.  He also voiced  his  concern 
over noise levels.  
Mr  Pattison agreed to write a letter on behalf of the PC  to  be 
sent to MDC with a copy to SCC.                      (ACTION D P)
The Liaison Group Meeting will be on 27 June.

A  letter from the Asham & East Mendip Group asking  for  support 
from  the PC for their request to the Sec of State to  'call  in' 
the  latest planning application was read out.  Legally SCC  have 
to  make  a decision on the application by  29  August  1990.  Mr 
Turner asked Mr Merrick if SCC passed the plans would that be  an 
end for local objectors, he replied yes.  He also offered to find 
out  if the D of E study now in progress had any bearing on  this 
application.  A vote was called for as to whether the PC ought to 
write  to the D of E asking for the plan to be 'called  in'.  All 
were  in favour, although Mr Gould expressed his concern that the 
PC would miss something by side stepping the CC but Mr Davis said 
that at least at a Public Inquiry the PC would be able to present 
its case verbally.  (ACTION CLERK with copies to Mr Pollard,SALC)
Concern was expressed that the new footpath FR8/23 had been  made 
legal  before WH had signed the legal agreement saying that they: 
a) would not quarry underneath it; and b) would allow the  public 
full access to the banks.  The County Solicitor was not available 
at present but clarification will be sought.       (ACTION CLERK)
Mr Merrick left the meeting.
FINANCE The grant to LUMP towards a piano was discussed -  Messrs 
Gould & Pattison declared an interest.
Mr  Turner  expressed his support for the scheme  but  questioned 
whether the purchaser ought to be the Hall not a group using  the 
Hall.  Mr Yelland asked whether the hiring cost would be based on 
the capital outlay or the running costs  - Mrs Anderson said  the 
group would be open to any reasonable request from a  prospective 
hirer.  The group was open to anyone in the village.  
Mr  Yelland proposed that the PC grant 50% of the purchase  price 
up  to  a  maximum of 60 with the condition that  if  the  group 
disbanded & the instrument was sold the %age paid by the PC would 
be refunded - all were in favour.
Notice of Audit had been received.
When  a  grant  had been made to the Hall last year  the  PC  had 
negotiated  free  use  of the premises - we were  now  in  a  new 
financial  year  & Mr Yelland felt it was right to  pay  for  any 
hiring - therefore 10 was due for the 4 June.  He reported  that 
the  Hall Committee had agreed that the cost of rental to the  PC 
would be 10 per meeting excluding heating costs.  All agreed  to 
the payment for June 4 meeting.

HIGHWAYS, FOOTPATHS & ROADS  A complaint had been received  about 
the  state  of  the  pavement at  Sparks  Farm  and  about  trees 
overhanging the pavement on the way to WH offices. (ACTION CLERK)
The road flooding at Barns Close was noted.        (ACTION CLERK)
Concern  was  expressed from the floor at  the  proliferation  of 
signs  advertising housing developments. The companies  concerned 
will be contacted & if need be the local Council.  (ACTION CLERK)
Mr  Pattison  proposed  sending a letter to  Frome  Area  Traffic 
Division  expressing  the  PC's concern  atbout  vehicles  moving 
through  the village at speed between 0400 & 0700h  &  requesting 
action.  Mr Rooke seconded the proposal, all agreed.(ACTION CLERK)   

CORRESPONDENCE   Informtion about Safety in Playgrounds  will  be 
passed to Mr Lee.
Mr  Yelland  had replied on behalf of the PC  concerning  Keyford 
Frames  Planning Application, with a letter of support  providing 
certain  conditions  were  imposed  -  1)  protection  of   local 
inhabitants  from nuisance. 2) the stipulation that  no-one  else 
could move in & create a worse nuisance.
Communication  from  Mr R Sheard, MDC,  concerning  conducting  a 
survey into the need for low cost housing on land that would  not 
normally be granted planning permission.  Despite requests in the 
Parish  Newsletter  no-one had come forward with a  'need'.   The 
Clerk will contact MDC for more details re housing policy & write 
to  Wessex  Homes acknowledging receipt of  letter.   Mr  Townend 
suggested  consulting  Mr  D  Smith Field  Officer  at  SALC  for 
information.                                       (ACTION CLERK)

public  had  questioned whether a councillor  had  forfeited  his 
place  on the council through failure to attend a meetings for  6 
months.   The  Clerk had written to Mr Pollard at  SALC  who  had 
given  a  written  response saying that  if  apologies  had  been 
accepted  for  a  valid  reason during the  period  it  would  be 
extended.  Mr Yelland noted that the PC had failed to debate  the 
reasons for apologies for absence sent in twice by the councillor 
concerned.    In  future  apologies  should  be  debated   before 
acceptance.   All  agreed  that  the  said  councillor  had   not 
forfeited  his  place,  as he had acted in  good  faith  and  any 
failure to act correctly was on the part of the Parish Council.

Next Meeting MONDAY JULY 2 1990 in the School.

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