HELD ON 2 JULY 1990 IN LEIGH SCHOOL.

Present were Parish Councillors J Davis, Mrs H Park, D  Pattison, 
P Rooke, D Turner and D Yelland.  County Councillor A Merrick and 
some parishioners.

Mr Yelland opened the meeting and signed the minutes of the  last 

Street Cleaner advert will appear in the Parish magazine.
Halecombe Quarry Footpath agreement - the Clerk had contacted  Mr 
Bull at the County Solicitor's office as had Mr Merrick.  Mr Bull 
felt  that  for the County to insist on the Company  signing  the 
agreement  not  to  quarry  under the  new  public  footpath  was 
entering into a grey area.  It had been decided to shelve it  for 
the  moment & make it a condition if the planning  permission  is 
granted for the expansion of the quarry.  Mr Merrick thought that 
any legal agreement would be between the company and the  county. 

It  was  noted  that the Leigh-Hale  Combe  residents  group  had 
cleared part of the footpath to the south of the quarry. 
Concern was expressed that a gate on the footpath through  Sparks 
Farm land was locked, the matter will be raised with Mr Able.
                                                (Action Clerk)
Weeds  were  coming through newly surfaced village  pavements,  a 
letter will be sent to Mr Burkitt.              (Action Clerk)
Mr  Rooke  raised  the matter of the proposed  extension  to  the 
parking  area  at  the  Cricket Field that had  been  part  of  a 
planning  application  for  new  houses at  Manor  Farm.  It  was 
suggested  that because the homes had not yet been built the  car 
park   had   not   been  constructed.    Mr   Jeannes   will   be 
contacted.                                     (Action Clerk)

WHITEHOLE  QUARRY  Mr Bull had offered to find out the  owner  of 
the area concerned - a copy of the OS map will be sent.  (Clerk)

HALECOMBE QUARRY Mr Davis took the chair.
A  letter  from the D of E to Mr Pattison told of  a  pre-inquiry 
meeting  on 26 September at 10am in Shepton Mallet prior  to  the 
Inquiry in November.
Mr  Merrick said that the Halecombe site would be visited  on  30 
July  by the Environment and Transport Advisory Group (ENTAG)  of 
SCC, he offered to seek clarification on whether the visit  would 
be open to members of the public.               (Action Mr M)
Mr  Merrick understood all members of the  Environment  Committee 
would be invited to the meeting on 16 July in the Hall.
Mr  Turner  expressed his concern over the  continuing  state  of 
disrepair  of the roof of Rookery Farm despite a resolve  by  MDC 
Planning Committee to serve an order.            (Action Clerk)

Mr Yelland resumed the Chair.  

Mr  Turner proposed offering the hospitality of the village  hall 
to SALC.  Mr Pattison seconded & all agreed.      (Action DP)

It  was agreed that a speed limit extension out to Town's  End  & 
Tadhill was desired as something was needed to slow vehicles down 
at this point.  Mr Merrick recommended requesting warning  signs.  
Agreed  to write sending Mrs Anderson's 'accident  record'.
                                               (Action Clerk)
The  plan  as  it pertained to Housing, Roads  and  Minerals  was 
discussed.  See copy of objections included in Minutes.

A  copy  of  a  letter from Mrs Dixon  to  the  Rivers  Authority 
concerning de-watering on her property had been received.  It was 
agreed that the PC would send a copy of their letter of objection 
to  Halecombe Extension marking in the item pertaining to  water.
                                               (Action Clerk)

The  Memorial Hall wish to apply for a grant from MDC for 50%  of 
the 7000 needed to repair the drains and alter the toilets.   If 
the PC manage the project VAT can be reclaimed.  This was  agreed 
to  in principle & a letter will be written  when  needed.
                                                 (Action Clerk)

Mr  Yelland  told  Councillors that he had on  29  June,  in  his 
capacity as Chairman, signed the Memorial Halls grant application 
to the Telecom Fund for 150 for external notice boards reserving 
the  right  to rescind if Parish Councillors disapproved  or  any 
other application requests came in from any village organisations 
before  the closing date of 30 June.  No other requests had  been 

Weight  Restrictions for Leigh Street will  be discussed  at  the 
next meeting which will be on Monday 10 September in the School.

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