Present  were Parish Councillors J Davis, Mrs H Park, D  Pattison 
and D Turner.
Mr Davis took the chair and welcomed Mr Merrick and Mr Townend as 
well as parishioners.
Apologies were received from P Rooke and D Yelland.

Mr  Able, Sparks Farm, had been approached re the locked gate  on 
the  footpath.   He had expressed his willingness  to  install  a 
stile  if  one  was available.  Mr Davis had a  stile  and  would 
Manor  Farm  -  the land was now the  property  of  Melhuish  and 
Saunders & they would have to be contacted about the car park.
The  Clerk was awaiting Mrs Anderson's 'diary' to forward to  SCC 
in connection with an extension of the speed limit.

A  copy  of  the decisions made by MDC on the  Frome  Local  Plan 
Enquiry had been sent.  Councillors again expressed their concern 
over the removal of the 'double layer' of protection on the field 
at  Sparks Farm - its classification as an 'amenity  open  space' 
had  been  removed.  It was decided to write  to  MDC  expressing 
disquite  as  the  retention of the field as an  open  space  was 
strongly  felt  to be neccesary to maintain the ambience  of  the 
village.                                         (Action Clerk)
Street Naming - the designation of the 3 houses at Ducks as  'Oak 
Leaf Court, Townsend' was agreed by the PC.
Notification  of  an appeal by LJH was to hand.   The  Clerk  had 
obtained a copy of MDC's representation.  The PC fully  supported 
this and a letter will be written accordingly.  A  representative 
will be sent.                                    (Action Clerk)

Mr Turner had spoken to the residents at Pitten House  concerning 
the blocking and the signing of the footpath. 
Information  on the 'link' path between the North & South  Wyvern 
Ways  was needed for the booklet.  Mr Pattison offered to  supply 
this.                                               (Action DP)
The Clerk had pursued a complaint into the state of the  footpath 
outside  the  new  houses at Manor  Farm.   A  representative  of 
Melhuish & Saunders had stated that the footpath will be repaired 
soon when one of the driveways is laid.
A  request had been made by the Hall Committee that MDC  cut  the 
borders of the carpark.                          (Action Clerk) 
Weight Restriction for Leigh Street - Mr Merrick had spoken to Mr 
Longridge  at County Hall who had offered to send an  officer  to 
speak to Councillors on this. It will be arranged.(Action Clerk)
Traffic  Signs - signing for Halecombe Quarry had been  discussed 
at  a  Halecombe  Liason  meeting.   Mr  Merrick  had  made   the 
suggestion to sign the quarry at Long Cross, Mary's Grave &  Park 
Corner in the hope it might stop the movement of HGV through  the 
village.   Mr Turner felt that this was a return to the old  idea 
of  recommended quarry routes and questioned  its  acceptability.  
The  question  of  how far back the signs would have  to  go  was 
discussed  and Mr Pattison pointed out that non of  the  proposed 
signs were in the Parish.  It was agreed to discuss this with the 
SCC official.

Whatley  - this planning application is unlikely to be  discussed 
until next year so the matter was deferred.
Torr  Works  - an application to alter the banking  at  Tunscombe 
Lane,  where  it will go across the bottom of the  lane,  and  to 
deepen the permitted mining level on 36 hectares to 147m had been 
received.   While  Councillors  agreed with  Mr  Davis  that  the 
landscaping  proposals  were  an  improvement  and  ought  to  be 
supported concern was felt that it and the deepening  application 
were  joined.   It was agreed to write supporting  the  landscape 
proposal but stating the PC's objection to the deepening proposal 
and  urging  that  the deepening proposal be the   subject  of  a 
seperate planning application.                   (Action Clerk)

Mr A Gould arrived.

Halecombe   Mr Merrick told Councillors that SCC had  received  a 
letter  from  the DOE that day telling them that  they  must  not 
discuss the Halecombe Planning Appication until given  permission 
to  do so by the Sec of State.  He conjectured that this was  due 
to the requests to 'call in' the 3 current planing applications.
A discussion took place on the officers report made to the County 
Councillors in which approval was recommended with the proviso of 
a legal agreement being entered into.  As this could take time to 
work  out  the  report had been  altered to say  that  night-time 
working of the Primary Crusher must cease from April 30 1991  not 
January 31 1991.  
Concern was expressed by Councillors that with current reports in 
the financial press on the state of profits made by Wimpey  money 
might not be available for any capital spending.
It was suggested from the floor that the PC ought to write to  Mr 
Grazier  reminding him of his promise at the Liaison  Meeting  in 
April  1990 that a new primary crusher would  be  unconditionally 
installed  within  12 months & request the date when  this  would 
happen.                                          (Action Clerk)
On  questioning from the floor Mr Merrick expressed  his  support 
for  the WH Planning Application. He also said that  he  believed 
that  the  money  for  the  link would  be  subject  to  a  legal 
Concern  was expressed by Mr Pattison on the lack of  restoration 
details  in the officers report.  Mr Merrick said that as it  was 
not  known if Halecombe would be a wet or dry quarry  restoration 
details  could  not be included. He felt this matter  would  have 
been  addressed if the CC had been able to discuss the matter  on 
the 11 September.

A  cheque for 576.54p from MDC had been received as the  balance 
of  the  PC  accounts  at 31 March 1990.  This  was  due  to  the 
introduction  of the Community Charge which no longer allows  the 
DC to retain any balance between the amount of intended precept & 
the estimated penny rate product to offset against the next years 
penny rate calculation.  It had been put in the current account.
Recreation  Field   Mr Lee told councillors how he had  shown  Mr 
Yelland  the  Pavillion at the field which is in a bad  state  of 
repair.   The roof leaks, the ceiling is coming down,  2  toilets 
need  replacing  and guttering and window sills  need  attention.  
The  RFMC were appealing to the PC for financial help.  A  report 
from Mr Yelland was read out. 
Mr  Pattison suggested that repairs be categorised as those  that 
were  essential and immediate, ie the roof, and others.   The  PC 
agreed  to  help  financially and it was suggested  that  Mr  Lee 
obtain two estimates to put before them.
The  payment of the Audit Fee was agreed.  The Clerk will  pursue 
the possibility of a triennial audit.            (Action Clerk)
A  request  for financial help had been received from  the  Piper 
Lifeline  Appeal  Mr Pattison proposed payment of 15, Mr  Turner 
seconded & all agreed, a cheque was made out.
It  was decided to seek more information about the appeal by  the 
CVS for help towards minibus costs.               (Action Clerk)
Payment  of 5 for the Watch the Box scheme had been banked  &  a 
cheque was made out to Mrs Lee & given to her husband.
Mr  Turner  will  discuss with local  medical  practitioners  the 
documents to hand on the Establishment of Taunton & Somerset  NHS 

Request  by NRA for flood information was not applicable to  this 
Information  from ARK Play Services Ltd re costs for  maintaining 
play sites will be given to Mr Lee (RFMC).
A  letter  from the Memorial Hall Committee requesting  a  letter 
from  the PC stating their willingness to act as Project  Manager 
had been received.  The Clerk will deal with it. (Action Clerk)
It was agreed that if a request was received asking the PC to pay 
the entrance fee for the teams in the inter-village quiz it would 
be viewed with sympathy.
Details  of  Training Courses for PC Clerks  had  been  received.  
Considering the size of the parishes precept JL felt that 112  + 
VAT  was excessive.  She was asked to pursue the cost of being  a 
non resident participator.                       (Action Clerk)

At  the next meeting the Village Future, Village Housing,  Weight 
Restrictions, Signing for the Quarry, Whatley Quarry, & the Inter 
Village Quiz will be put on the agenda.

The next meeting will be on Monday 22 October 1990 in the School.

17 September 1990.

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