MONDAY 8 OCTOBER 1990 IN THE SCHOOL.

Councillors present were Mrs H Park, Messrs J Davis, D Pattison & 
D Turner.  Mr J Davis opened the Meeting.
Apologies had been received from Mr D Yelland & County Councillor 
Mr A Merrick.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING were accepted and signed.

MATTERS ARISING- Sparks Farm- a letter had been written.
LJH  Appeal  -  Mr  Davis  had  attended  &  presented  the  PC's 
objections in written form.
Hall Car Park - representations needed to be made to MDC.
Roads - The Clerk had contacted Mr Langridge, a traffic count was 
under way & he would attend a November meeting.           (CLERK)
Torr  Works - A letter had been written.  Mr Davis reported on  a 
meeting  of  Downhead Parish he had attended when  Mr  Evans  had 
asked  for  comments  on  landscaping the  bunde.   It  had  been 
suggested that the hedge line be continued up the bunde and  that 
the  inside  of  the  bank  be  planted  with  trees.   Regarding 
Tunscombe Lane it was suggested that it be made into a  treelined 
valley.  A letter of support was agreed on.               (CLERK) 
Halecombe  Quarry - A letter had  been sent.

Mr  Davis  had  attended the Pre-Inquiry  Meeting.  The  PC  were 
statutory  objectors.  The Appeal on the old application was  set 
for 13 November 1990 & proof of evidence had to be in by 22 Oct.
[Mr Gould & Mr Rooke arrived.]
It was felt by all that the Appeal was a time waster as the first 
application  had  been superceeded.  Mr Davis  said  the  Company 
Solicitor  had  asked  the Inspector to  substitute  hearing  the 
second application  in  place  of the first  plan  but  this  was 
rejected.  A debate took place on whether to complain to the  DOE 
and  the  MP about the waste of time & money if the  appeal  went 
ahead  but it was decided to take the matter no further.  As  the 
County  planned  to ask for costs if WH lost the  appeal  it  was 
suggested that the PC do the same.
It  was agreed to re-iterate & if necessary expand  the  original 
letter  of objection, Councillors were given 7 days  to  consider 
the letter & suggest alterations.   
Other  local PC's would be reminded of the appeal & if a  meeting 
was deemed necessary a Leigh Councillor would attend.     (CLERK)

Information was to hand about TRAVELLERS.
Discusssion of the PRECEPT & an appeal from the SCOUTS for  money 
were deferrred to the next meeting.
A new RIGHTS OF WAY booklet was to hand.

Mr  Pattison reported on the 6 October SALC MEETING.
Details  of  the SW Region Planning  Conference  were  available.  
Details of WAR MEMORIALS were required for a NATIONAL  INVENTORY.  
The 3 in the village needed to be listed: Mr Dyer - Chapel, Vicar 
- Church, & Mr Featherstone - Hall would be contacted.
Suggestions  &  information  had been requested  to  forward  for 
consideration in formulation a Dangerous Dog Law.
The  East  Mendip Quarry Advisory Group had met  &  were  meeting 
again  on 22 November at 7.30 pm in Chilcompton, a PC  rep  could 
attend as an observer.
The NRA were listing the Mendips as Grade A Aquifer.
We had been sent the wrong NHS Trust document.        (CLERK)  
Mr Tanner, Chief Executive for SCC had addressed the meeting,  he 
said  that the county's policy was "Quality rather than depth"  & 
believed that tourism was the main industry of the future in  the 

ITEMS FOR NEXT MEETING   -   NALC  Appeal,   Rec   Field   Grant, 
Precept,Scout Appeal.



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