Parish  Councillors  in  attendance were J  Davis,  Mrs  H  Park, 
D Pattison, D Turner and D Yelland.
Mr Yelland opened the meeting by welcoming parishioners, Mr Grand 
headmaster of Leigh School, and Mr Merrick.
The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.
MATTERS ARISING-Halecombe Quarry Appeal had been cancelled.
Mr  Turner  had  contacted  Mr Dyer  concerning  the  Chapel  War 
Mr Gould arrived.

Mr Turner had suggested discussion of this matter as he felt that 
an over-all strategy should be thought out for the village by the 
residents rather than wait for bureaucrats to designate lines  of 
expansion.   Mr Turner felt that the open field at  Spark's  Farm 
ought  to be retained as an open space & suggested that it  would 
make  a good site for a recreation field.  He appreciated that  a 
lot  of  work  had gone into the  present  Recreation  Field  but 
wondered at the possibility of making this more central  location 
into  a sports field.  Mr Davis drew attention to the  fact  that 
the PC had had an application for Low-cost Housing and this could 
be  situated outside the existing village line, he felt that  the 
central  location of the Spark's Farm Field & the removal of  its 
double  layer  of protection had made it  vulnerable.   From  the 
floor  Mr Lee (Chairman of the RFMC) expressed his opposition  to 
re-siting the Rec Field which had been a gift to the village.  Mr 
Turner  suggested  that  the Parish own both fields  &  that  the 
Spark's  Farm Field became a village green.  After discussion  on 
future housing development being allowed perhaps to the North  of 
the  Spark's  Farm  Field it was agreed  that  Mr  Yelland  would 
approach ARC, the landowner, informally.             (ACTION DY)

Quotations  from  two builders for emergency repair work  at  the 
Club  House  had been circulated to  Councillors.   Although  the 
quotations  were not for exactly the same work it was  agreed  by 
Councillors that short-term repairs were vital.  Mr Lee said that 
the  RFMC had 1055 and were prepared to spend 500  on  repairs.  
He said that MDC had no grants available at present, and that  he 
planned  to  apply  to B Tel and the  Playing  Fields  Assoc  for 
financial  help.  It  was also suggested that  media  appeals  be 
approached.  If  the  PC  manage  work VAT  may  be  able  to  be 
reclaimed.  The setting aside of 800 as a grant was porposed  by 
D Turner and agreed upon by all Councillors.

Mr Davis had expressed concern about proposed cuts in education & 
asked Mr Merrick to elucidate.
Mr  Merrick  said  that the 1991-92  Education  Budget  had  been 
increased  but cuts would be needed in  non-statutory  provisions 
like  Rising Fives; School Meals; Future of Outdoor  Centres  and 
Special  Education  Needs  in Primary Schools.  SCC  was  a  high 
spending  Education Authority because of its policy of  retaining 
village schools.
Rising  Fives  -  by  removing them  from  staffing  costs  about 
1,000000 could be saved. Mr Merrick believed that Head  teachers 
would be given a range of options & could possibly be flexible as 
to their interpretation of the problem.
School  Meals  -  If school meals were cut  provision  for  those 
currently entitled to free meals would need to be made.
Mr  Grand said that in effect a capitation cut for  Rising  Fives 
was  proposed.  He expressed his concern at the cuts proposed  in 
Special Needs Provision - Co-operation Among Small Schools shares 
instruments  etc  and  CLUSTER the sharing  of  a  Special  Needs 
advisor were very important to small schools as if children  with 
special  needs  could be caught young then savings  can  be  made 
later.  His priorities were Special Needs & Rising Fives.
Mrs  Dixon  (Chairman  of the  School  Governors)  expressed  her 
committee's concern at the removal of the Special Needs provision, 
she  felt  that school meals were not such a big  issue  but  was 
worried  at the removal of Charterhouse facility which  had  been 
priced  out  of Leigh School's range. The Governors  had  written 
about these factors.
It was agreed to write to SCC supporting Mr Grand & the Governors 
& stating that if cuts had to be made priority ought to be  given 
to  retaining  Special Needs and Rising  Fives  provisions.(CLERK 
after 20/11 meeting)

The Planning Appeal had been cancelled.  A letter from Mr Grazier 
on  12  October  1990 stated that the plan  to  install  the  new 
primary crusher was proceeding as scheduled. 
From the floor Mr Dixon congratulated the PC on their firm  stand 
against the first planning application by WH.
Noise  from the quarry had been obtrusive recently.   Mr  Merrick 
had  talked  to Mr Evans who was planning to do  noise  tests  at 
night.   It  was  agreed to write to Envir Health  (copy  to  RE) 
noting and complaining about the increase in noise believed to be 
from the loading shovels.                               (CLERK)
SCC  had  requested  more information.  Mr Merrick  said  that  a 
Public Meeting would be held when all information was known.   If 
SCC do not determine by 21 November ARC can appeal to the DOE  on 
non-determination  grounds.  It was agreed to postpone  the  PC's 
response until after the public meeting.
Mr  Merrick  said that the owner intended  to  quarry  1/4million 
tonnes  of  stone  in 5 years unless the  County  would  pay  him 
compensation  not to do so.  The County Surveyor was  looking  at 
the possibility of weight restrictions but could not make it that 
the owner of the site was denied access to it. Mr Turner asked if 
the NRA knew of the proposal as the water course at St  Dunstan's 
Well  might  be  affected.   Concern  was   expressed  that   the 
reopening  of  the  quarry set a precedent for  others  with  old 
minerals consents.
It was agreed to write expressing concern that the re-openeing of 
the quarry could affect the roads of Leigh.       (ACTION CLERK) 
Mr  Merrick reported on a meeting between the Police, ARC,  Stoke 
Lane  Quarry,  Great  Elm & Whatley PC's  about  ROADS.   It  was 
decided  to  propose  that  for  an  experimental  period  weight 
restrictions  would be put on West Bound traffic  between  Murtry 
Cross  Roads  and  Hapsford and the results  on  communities  and 
traffic  patterns  would be measured.  Further  restrictions  for 
East Bound traffic from Whatley Cross Roads would be  considered.  
Local  residents  and SCC Planning and Consents  committee  would 
have  to  approve.  The PC said that if  restrictions  were  made 
through Chantry they would like to be consulted.

held  on 20 Nov. Leigh was a participant on Matters 4 & 5  and  a 
rep needed to attend.
Details  of  a  Glastonbury  office  for  the  MINERALS  Teamwere 

INTER-VILLAGE  QUIZ - A request for the payment of the 12  entry 
fee  had  been  made.  Mr Pattison proposed  payment,  Mr  Turner 
seconded - all agreed.
NALC  APPEAL  - Three quarters of a million pounds needed  to  be 
raised  to provide a permanent endowment.  It was suggested  that 
each  PC give 0.5% of their annual spending for three years.   In 
Leigh's case that would be 9 pa.  Mr Yelland proposed a one  off 
payment of 25, Mr Pattison seconded all agreed.
The SCOUT APPEAL was deferred.
CLERK'S SALARY - Expenses of 59.11 & salary of 190 were claimed 
up  to  the  end of September. Mr  Turner  proposed  payment,  Mr 
Pattison seconded, all agreed.
PRECEPT agended for next meeting but it was noted a provision for 
Parish  & perhaps District elections should be included.

ROADS - Sign at waterworks still not replaced.  Flooding at Barns 
Close and verges needed attention.                       (CLERK)
Mr Gould offered to remove a boulder on Whitehole Hill.

Burial Grant details would be sent off.
The opening hours of the Shop & PO were to be altered to:
Post  Office   9 to 12 Monday to Friday & Shop 9 to 1  Monday  to 
Friday.  Thanks would be sent to Mr Godfrey for the  notification 
regretting  the need for the action and  specifically  expressing 
concern  at  the lack of Saturday opening and asking for  him  to 
reconsider this.                                       (CLERK)  
A  letter  from Mrs Turner asking that meetings not  be  made  to 
coincide  with those of the WI was read out and her  request  for 
news  about  PC  meetings to be put in the  Parish  magazine  was 
considered.   To  date this had been only  done  occasionally  as 
meetings and publication deadlines rarely coincided. 

ITEMS  FOR NEXT AGENDA - Scout Appeal, Report on SALC Meeting  by 
DATE OF NEXT MEETING - 3 December in the School.

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