Councillors present were J Davis, Mrs H Park, D Pattison, P Rooke 
D Turner and D Yelland who chaired the meeting.
Apologies were received from Mr A Gould who would be late. 
Mr  Yelland  welcomed  parishioners and  Mr  Langridge  from  SCC 
Highways Department and Mr Merrick, SC Councillor.

Minutes of the last Meeting - Mr Merrick had requested that  page 
2  item headed "Rising Fives" be altered to read... 'by  removing 
summer  born  rising fives from staffing calculations  about  one 
million  pounds  could be saved from the current budget  of  five 
point  one million pounds.'  This was agreed to and  the  Minutes 
were ammended accordingly and signed.

Mr Langridge had come to the meeting to discuss with  Councillors 
their concerns for the roads in Leigh area.
Speed  Limit - discussion had occured earlier in the  year  about 
the  possibility  of including Towns End in the 30mph  zone.   Mr 
Langridge  said  that  the Police, who enforced  the  law,   were 
reluctant  to  see  a  speed limit in a  non  built up area.  The 
following alternatives for Towns End, where the road narrows,were 
suggested:  1)  the  painting  of SLOW on  the  road  or  2)  the 
errection  of  a sign indicating the Narrowing of  the  road   or 
3)the extension of the 30mph zone. 
Mr  Yelland  suggested if the latter was allowed it may  lead  to 
building infilling between the Goulds Farm & Towns End.  He asked 
Councillors which of the 3 options they would favour, a concensus 
agreed that attention ought to be drawn to the hazard rather than 
extending  the  30mph  zone.   Mr  Langridge  will  look  at  the 
alternatives & report back.
Weight  Restrictions - A traffic census on 17 October  1990  from 
0600  to  1900h   had counted 24 HGV, 16  of  which  were  quarry 
lorries.  In a 12 hour period in March 32 HGVs had been counted.
Parishioners  said that it was the empty lorries  that  travelled 
through the village at 0400h that caused the most complaints & it 
was  suggested  that  the  survey  start  earlier,  Mr  Langridge 
suggested  that  after identification the culprits be  approached 
personally.   Mr  Pattison  asked if cost was  a  factor  in  not 
imposing  Weight  Restrictions  on Leigh Street  -  Mr  Langridge 
estimated the cost at 7-800.  To the suggestion that the village 
might be willing to finance this Mr Langridge said it would set a 
precident.  Mr  Yelland  felt  that  early  morning  traffic  had 
decreased  since Stone Supplies in Stoke St Michael  had  changed 
the nature of their business.  Mr Langridge said that the  County 
Council  were  looking  at a night-time and weekend  ban  on  the 
movement  of HGVs which perhaps in time would be extended to  the 
whole country.  It was suggested from the floor that the PC  back 
the nigh-time ban.  The fine for defying a weight restriction  is 
Concern  was expressed at the effect the possible  re-opening  of 
Stoke  Lane Quarry might have on HGV traffic through  Leigh.   Mr 
Langridge  said  that at the meeting on  6/12/90  his  department 
would  be recommending to SCC that all vehicles from this  quarry  
be  routed through Stoke, this would also protect Tadhill &  Dark 
Lanes.  He said that if any vehicles were  observed  contravening 
this  their number ought to be noted & the Police  informed.   Mr 
Merrick  suggested that proper sign posting for Halecombe  Quarry 
might help the problem.  Mr Yelland said that there were  certain 
imponderables - 1) what will happen at Stoke Lane Quarry, 2) will 
the left turn restriction work, 3) signing to Halecombe & 4)  was 
the  nuisance  still  there.  He suggested  ascertaining  if  the 
problem  still existed & defering the matter to the next  meeting 
when the future of Stoke Lane Quarry would be known, all agreed.
Lorry  Routings in the Whole Area  - A consultation document  was 
to  be circulated soon on this problem but Mr Langridge was  able 
to  show a map of the immediate area.  Because of an  upsurge  in 
traffic at Great Elm as shown in recent counts, pressure was being 
exerted to put a total ban on the road immediately west of Murtry 
Cross but re-routing the traffic through West Down would increase 
traffic  through  Chantry & Little Green.  The fact that  it  was 
better  to spread the flow of HGV between a number of routes  was 
discussed and the construction of the Bulls Green Link  (BGL)road 
was  mooted.  Mr Turner was worried that its  construction  would 
encourage  more  people  to use the Old Wells  Road  which  would 
affect this parish  & asked if the narrowness of the County Route 
at Chantry was making the BGL a more attractive proposition.  ( A 
Gould arrived.)  Mr Davis asked what optimum width a quarry route 
should  be  & upon hearing that the CC recommended  7.3metres  he 
asked  why the BGL was only to be 6.3metres, the County  appeared 
to  be  constructing a road to fit in with the  amount  of  money 
available from Wimpey Hobbs rather than one of suitable width for 
HGV  traffic. Mr Langridge said that a running strip of  1  metre 
either  side might be included, projected flows for the  next  15 
years would be considered when the road was designed.  Mr  Turner 
said the matter would be discussed in the review of the  Somerset 
Structure Plan in January but he felt that the naming of the road 
the Bulls Green Link pre-empted the route.
A  letter  from  Mr B Dyer concerning HGVs  on  small  roads  was 
Mr  Merrick  asked  if Councillors wanted  to  discuss  Halecombe 
signing  but this opportunity was declined.  However concern  was 
expressed that the sign at Downhead Crossroad still had not  been 
put up despite many letters from the Clerk, Mr Langridge  offered 
to  look into the matter.  Mr Yelland thanked him  for  attending 
the meeting and answering questions.      (P Rooke left).

Village Future - a letter from the Community Council for Somerset 
including  minutes  of a meeting on Village Appraisals  had  been 
received,  this  was pertinent to Village Housing latter  on  the 
Agenda  but it was suggested it should be filed until  after  the 
April elections - all agreed to this.
A letter would be sent to the RFMC concerning the grant. (CLERK)
Mr Merrick relying on memory thought the Education Committee were 
going to recommend no change in counties Special Needs  provision 
& September & January entry for the Rising 5's.  He was asked  if 
he  could  be  relied on to get all 27 of  the  proposed  Cluster 
teachers appointed, to date only 22 appointed, & failing this  to 
see that L-O-M school did not suffer because of the shortfall.
Mr  Davis asked Mr Merrick if he knew the level  of  compensation 
necessary  to stop Stoke Lane Quarry reopening, he did  not.   It 
was  suggested that as much of the community charge was spent  on 
correcting  past  mistakes to roads, schools etc  some  could  be 
allocated to quarrying errors.     
Mr  Turner  had  attended  the  Structure  Plan  Meeting  -   the 
examination would take place over two weeks in January, Leigh was 
entitled to speak on roads & minerals.  Details of representation
would be worked out later.
Thanks had been received for the donation to NALC.
It was agreed to include PC meeting report in the parish magazine 
no matter how out of date it might be.

Torr Works - no reply to Envir. Health  Letter.      (CLERK)
Halecombe  -  Letter  had been sent to  Wimpey  Hobbs  concerning 
blasting  noise on 16 November following querries, in  the  reply  
only  noise  level had been given not  ground  vibration  levels, 
these  will  be requested.  A crack in the church  structure  was 
felt  to suggest that the company be asked to  measure  vibration 
levels near the church.                               (CLERK)
What  was happening regarding Rookery Farm?  Clerk  will  contact 
MDC.                                                  (CLERK)       

Appropriate  provisions must be made within the Precept  for  the 
cost of elections.  Mr Yelland suggested it be raised to  2,000, 
this  would still allow, after expenses about 1,000  for  grants 
etc.  Mr Turner proposed 1900, Mr Davis seconded, all agreed.
B  Tel Grant - Cheque for '50 for Notice Boards at  the  Memorial 
Hall had been received, a cheque was made out to be passed on.
B Tel Watch Box - sheque for 5 to Mrs S Lee signed.
Somerset '90's Scout Appeal - no-one propsed a contribution.

SALC MEETING - 27 NOVEMBER - D Pattison reported.
Training  days  will be held on 13 July, 14 Sept & 23  Nov  1991,  
Clerks  &  Councillors can attend. The AGM on 5 Oct will  have  a 
training session.
Planning Site Meetings - some Districts were not allowing  Parish 
Councillors  to speak even if the Chairman of the site  committee 
wanted  them  to.  It had been suggested that PC's write  to  the 
District Council about this - all agreed.              (CLERK)
A  Minerals  development Plan, Recycling Report &  a  NRA  report 
concerning  water  in  the  Mendips  were  due  soon.   The  SALC 
supported  slowing the rate of quarrying down.
A  representative for the Mendip Council for  Voluntary  Services 
was needed.  The commitment was for 3/4 meetings a year - details 
will be circulated.
There  was  a newly revamped Police Liaison Committee &  a  newly 
published Mendip District Council Handbook.
Mr Pattison suggested that LUMP might like to apply for a Village 
Venture Grant - the form will be passed on.
Next  meeting  5  March  1991 in Frome & then  if  the  Hall  was 
available  L-O-M would host the 4 June meeting (hall  charged  at 
the rate of 5 per hour.)
Midshires  Homes  had identified a piece of land  at  Park  Hayes 
outside the 'blue line' that they would like to use.  They  would 
conduct a survey in the names of themselves & the PC to ascertain 
need.   Councillors felt that more information was needed on  the 
company & the Clerk was asked to consult SALC & MDC.    (CLERK)
Mr Merrick left.

Details  of permissions for Tweed Farm Workshop &  Shermoyne  had 
been received.  The extent of permission at Pittern House will be 
looked into.  Angels Coombs will be contacted about damage to the 
Weslyan Chapel.                                           (CLERK)
A complaint about signs advertising the new houses will be looked 
into.                                                     (CLERK)

News  of  Highway  Maintenance Budget  Cuts  had  been  received.  
Attention  was  drawn to the following problems on roads  in  the 
area:-  1) Give Way sign at Park Corner missing, 
        2) Direction Indicator at Whitehole Hill missing.
        3) Drainage problem at Rec Field - water collects on  the 
road.                                                      (CLERK)

Watch the Box Grant Forms available.
Bus Timetable available.
Twinning Notes to be circulated.
Parish Emergency Committee defered to next meeting.
Charity leaflet to be circulated.


15 December 1990.  

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