Councillors present were Messrs Davis, Gould, Pattison, Turner & 
Yelland.  Apologies were accepted from Mrs Park.
Mr  Yelland opened the meeting by welcoming Mr Merrick (CC) &  Mr 
Hewett  (District  Councillor).

Page  2 item BULLS GREEN LINK, width changed to 6.7 metres.   The 
Minutes were accepted and signed. 

MATTERS ARISING - A letter from Mr Langridge (SCC)- following his 
attendance  at  the last PC meeting he had organised  for  "SLOW" 
signs  to be put on the road at Towns End- this had already  been 
done  but Councillors felt that the one of the Stoke side of  the 
junction  ought  to  be nearer to Stoke as the  problem  was  the 
constriction by the house on the corner, not the junction.                           (CLERK)
Signposting  to  Halecombe, except for the post  at  Long  Cross, 
wopuld  be  undertaken.  Concerning Stoke Lane  Quarry  a  weight 
restriction, requiring confirmation by the DOE, would mean a  new 
entrance  had  to  be  constructed  as  stated  on  the  original 
application. This, as Mr Yelland observed, would not  necessarily 
help  Leigh.
The  "Give  Way" sign at the X road to Downhead had  not  be  re-
errected.                                                (CLERK)
Two  bills  had  been presented for work at the  Rec  Field.   Mr 
Yelland expressed concern that neither showed toilet repairs  but 
Mr  Gould volunteered that he believed the  Management  Committee 
were  paying  for  them.  Clerk will check bills with  Mr  Lee  & 
organise payment.                                         (CLERK)
Wimpey Hobbs had forwarded Ground Vibration Info as requested.
Rookery Farm had been sheeted.
Mr  Pultney  of  Midshires Homes would be  invited  to  the  next 
meeting.                                                  (CLERK)
The Clerk had contacted the owner of the Wesleyan Chapel who  had 
apologised for the vandalised windows.
Concerning the Planning Application for the Wesleyan School - the 
appellant  had  phoned the Clerk & expressed his  willingness  to 
talk to Councillors.  She had told him that Councillors supported 
his   application  but  were  concerned  that   neighbours   were 
uninformed.  He said he would make contact with them.  Mr  Hewett 
expressed his support for the application.

Mr  Pattison  had prepared the letter  expanding  the  arguements 
already put forward by the PC who objected to the Minerals Policy 
M2  &  M3  and TR6A - a copy included in  the  Minutes.  A  brief 
discussion took place on the salient points. 
Mr  Pattison  will  attend  the  Transport  &  Mineral   hearings 
supported by Messrs Davis & Turner.

A  letter had been received from the County  Surveyor  concerning 
HGVs  in the East Mendips - Mr Merrick said that the ideas in  it 
had  been superceeded  by other plans which he wanted to  discuss 
informally  with PC's in the next fortnight.  If  enough  support 
was  expressed he hoped to ask for a postponement of  a  proposed 
weight  restriction  experiment while  further  discussions  took 
place. In the new plan Halecombe -traffic would be directed, by a 
series of weight restrictions, through Waterlip.  Mr Davis  again 
expressed  his view that quarry traffic ought to be encourage  to 
use  lots  of routes to spread the load.  Mr Yelland  asked  what 
would happen about Milk Tankers, Mr Merrick would consult Express 
Dairies.  Concern was expressed that the origin of lorries  might 
pose a problem but Mr Merrick thought that with the idea to  park 
empty  vehicles  within  the quarries  this  might  be  overcome.  
Councillors supported the view that Mr Merrick's proposals formed 
a good basis for further discussion. 

Mr Turner said the Blackers Lane was flooding again & a spring on 
the hill in the road was causing problems.                (CLERK)

A  paper entitled TRAFFIC IN THE MENDIPS had been  circulated  it 
was noted that the Bulls Green Link was not included.  Mr Yelland 
asked Councillors if they thought the PC ought to reply.  It  was 
agreed  that responses would be left to individuals although  the 
PC  agreed that improvements to the A351 to the East  of  Shepton 
could only help Leigh.

FINANCE - Mr Yelland proposed that the PC purchase a new flag for 
the  Church at a cost not to exceed 50.  J Davis  seconded,  all 
Mr Turner left.
A Subscription to Society of Local Council Clerks Association  of 
13  was  agreed to by all.  A document on the  Future  of  Local 
Councils   included  with  the  subscription  renewal   will   be 
circulated & comments made.
The  rep for MENDIP COUNCIL FOR VOL SERVICES will  be  advertised 
for in the Parish Council Newsletter.
CORRESPONDENCE -  BUS TIMETABLE relevant sheet will be  displayed 
on the PC noticeboards.
Information  from  MICHAEL TREVALLION Architect  specialising  in 
village halls will be filed.
Invitations to a ROYAL NAVY PRESENTATION were available.
The  Clerk had given the Minute Book starting in 1925 to Mary  da 
Viggiani for her research into the History of Leigh.
The  Clerk  will  enquire of B Tel into the  future  of  the  red 
telephone box to see if it about to be removed & if action  needs 
to be taken.
Mrs Dixon, Chairman of the School Governors, asked the PC if they 
would  be willing to lend 200, repayable,  to the school to  set 
up  a trust to enable them to continue providing hot  dinners  to 
some pupils. It was agreed that this could be considered a proper 
use  of Parish Council resources, but that further details  would 
be  required. Mrs Dixon agreed to find out more details and  come 
back to the PC. 

Next Meeting MONDAY 18 MARCH 7.30 IN THE SCHOOL.

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