Councillors  present were J Davis, Mrs H Park, D Pattison  and  D 
Mr  Yelland  (Chairman) welcomed some parishioners  and  Mr  Cox, 
Chairman of Shire Counties Housing Society.
Apologies had been received from A Merrick.

MATTERS  ARISING  -  the Church flag  had  been  purchased.   The 
Minutes were agreed and signed.

Mr Cox was invited to address the meeting, he explained that  his 
Society specialised in shared ownership of houses for  first-time 
buyers.  They identified a housing need & then found & acquired a 
site,  negotiated for planning permission & building to  be  done 
and then found occupiers, but they would not proceed without  the 
co-operation  of the Parish Council.  [A Gould arrived]    70-80% 
of  the property was normally bought by the occupant,  when  they 
wanted to sell an independant valuation was done & they would get 
the original percentage they paid of the current market value.  A 
rent was paid on the Housing Societies share of the property. 
[D Turner arrived]  It was decided that a survey will be done  by 
the Parish Council to ascertain the village's housing need & that 
details of Mendips Policy on rural housing will be sought.{CLERK}

FINANCE  -  It was agreed to continue as members of  SALC  &  the 
subscription of 41.58 was agreed on & paid.
The  Clerk  claimed a salary of 190 plus 27  expenses  for  the 
period up to 30 March.  Payment was agreed.

A letter of condolence would be sent to Mr G Lee on the death  of 
his wife.                                             {CLERK}

Nomination  forms  for the forthcoming Elections  were  available 
from the Clerk.

A  Village  Service  Survey  on how to pay for  water  is  to  be 
conducted & local councils must decide if they want to take part, 
the  Water  Company  were willing to attend  meetings  &  discuss 
methods of payment for water.
A  Policy Statement by SALC in respect of Quarrying &  Extractive 
Industries  in  the County had been made it  concerned  pollution 
(noise,  dust, light, water) ground water  depletion,  vibration, 
night  & Sunday working, lorries and after-use.   It  recommended 
 a) a reduction in extraction rate
 b) a levy for after care
 c) Planning permission be granted step by step
 d)  All interim development orders be revoked & Central Gov.  be 
asked to pay compensation
 e) Operators be made to control contractors.
It  was agreed to write to SALC endorsing this & asking  for  the 
inclusion  of  the  provision  that  the  use  of  limestone   be 
restricted to where a need could be proved. 
The next SALC meeting is 4 June in L-O-M Memorial Hall.

STRUCTURE  PLAN PUBLIC INQUIRY had been attended and Mr  Pattison 
was congratulated by Mr Turner for his representations on  behalf 
of the parish.  Those who attended were thanked.

PLANNING  MEETING REPORT - J DAVIS unfortunately the meeting  had 
become  site specific.  The PC reps had learnt of a  policy  that 
the  garden  of any new house must be at least as  large  as  the 
combined area of the floors of the house. A letter commending the 
idea of the meeting but expressing disappointment at time  wasted 
on specific sites will be sent.                         {CLERK}

PLANNING  - LJH Appeal, the PC will ask to be consulted over  the 
recommendation that landscaping proposals be submitted.  {CLERK}
Mr Yelland will talk to LJH about tannoy noise.             {DY}

ROADS - Parish Path Maintenance Scheme Form will be completed  if 
needed.  The SCC Winter Maintenance Plan  & a leaflet on  Traffic 
Calming  were  to hand, the latter would be circulated.   It  was 
agreed  to ask the Police about speeding through the village.  It 
was  agreed  to  write  to Tarmac  concerning  the  occupancy  of 
Whitehole Quarry & asking what they propose to do.  Blackers Lane 
needs resurfacing.                                      {CLERK}

CORRESPONDENCE - A letter from Mr Merrick concerning a  timetable 
for  HGV traffic proposals as discussed at the last  meeting  was 
read  out. It was felt that the proposal for Stoke  Lane  Quarry, 
the  owners  contribution  to culvert  strengthening  &  the  non 
imposition of a weight restriction was unacceptable.  Mr  Merrick 
will  be  told  of the PC's view that  they  want  a  restriction 
imposed  before the problem manifests.  It was agreed to write to 
1) Stoke St Michael PC asking for their views on the  re-opening; 
2)  SCC  asking  what  they are  doing  to  prevent  other  sites 
reopening  &  expressing concern at the use of  county  funds  to 
strengthen the culvert
3) The MP expressing concern about happenings at Stoke Lane & its 
implications for other sites.                             {CLERK}
A  letter from Mr Godfrey concerning the Post Office &  shop  had 
been received, regret was expressed at the closure.  The P O will 
be contacted to find out what is happening.            {CLERK}
B Tel notification of the removal of directories from boxes sent.
Forms  to apply for a grant from the Bridgette Parker Fund  will 
be displayed.                                           {CLERK}
Ownership of the noticeboard at Park Hayes will be ascertained.
Information on Social Services changes had been received.
Mrs Dixon reported that the School Governors had decided  not  to 
become  members  of the Trust at Stoke set up to  provide  School 
Dinners so PC help would not be wanted.

It  was agreed that the next meeting would be the  Annual  Parish 
Meeting & the Parish Council AGM to be held on 10 May 1991 in the 

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