WEDNESDAY 8 MAY 1991 IN THE SCHOOL.
Councillors  in attendance were J Davis, R Dixon, A Gould, Mrs  H 
Park,  D Pattison, D Turner & D Yelland, some parishioners  &  Mr 
After conferring with Mr Merrick Mr Yelland opened the meeting by 
introducing  it as the first meeting of the newly elected council.   
Declarations of Acceptance of Office were signed & witnessed.
The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted.
MATTERS  ARISING Parish consultation on housing was  planned  for 
The  new  Post Office will be open on the 17 June.
HALECOMBE QUARRY  Mr Davis took the chair.
SCC  were meeting on 14 May to discuss the Planning  Application.  
Mr  Merrick told of the changes that had been addressed since  it 
was first lodged - 1) After-use proposals were included & a legal 
bond  of 100,000 was to be forthcoming.  2)  Emergency work  was 
defined  as being for safety purposes.  3) Landscaping  proposals 
had been reworded.
Mr  Turner asked if the 'bond' was index linked, Mr Merrick  will 
find out' he also thought it would apply if any company took over 
WH  in  the future. Mr Merrick stated his  belief  that  National 
Legislation  will  be  forthcoming  soon  concerning  the   'moth 
balling' of quarries.  He expressed his satisfaction at the  work 
done  by the NRA concerning water.  Parish Councillors felt  that 
more monitoring was needed.  Concern was again expressed that the 
Bulls   Green  Link  Road  was  not  included  in  the   planning 
application  - Mr Merrick said this was because it was  perceived 
to be of public, not just private, benefit.
It was agreed that a letter should be sent to SCC & to individual 
Councillors listing Leigh PC's concerns about the application.
                                   (Action DP, Clerk JD, RD,DT)
BULLS  GREEN LINK ROAD a letter of opposition to the BGL will  be 
WATCH BOX Mr Lee will be contacted.                 (CLERK)  
FINANCE A cheque for 12 had been received for the Watch the  Box 
scheme.  DT Proposed & AG Seconded the payment of 12 to G Lee.
A Triennial Audit was not possible as over 2,000 had been  spent 
last year. 
A cheque for the Insurance Premium was made out.
PLANNING  Concern had been expressed about tipping at Great House 
Farm  blocking a water course, the NRA will be contacted  and  DY 
will speak to the owner.                           (CLERK & DY)
A complaint had been made about lorry parking at Ducks.  (DY)
CORRESPONDENCE  Mineral Working Review - Mr Chapman, Director  of 
Environment Dept for SCC offered to attend a meeting.  (Clerk)
Documents  from  the  Royal British  Legion  Housing  Assoc  were 
Mendip Guide was available.
An Emergency Committee Advisor  was needed.
The NHS Trust Application will be discussed at the next meeting.   
Correspondence deploring MDC's plan to continue the fight against 
Sunday  Trading  using  Community Charge payers  money  had  been 
Next Meeting - the AGM & Annual Parish Meeting on 10 May. 

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