Councillors  present were J Davis, R Dixon, A Gould, Mrs H  Park, 
D Pattison & D Yelland.  Apologies were accepted from D Turner.
Mr Yelland welcomed Parishioners on behalf of the Parish Council.

The last Annual Parish Meeting Minutes had been circulated.
Mr  Yelland expressed disappointment that no representative  from 
the  Recreation Field Management Committee was present to make  a 
report.   He  asked  Mr Gould about the work to  the  Club  House 
partially  funded by the PC.  Although Mr Gould had not seen  the 
final  job he understood that the Committee were happy  with  it.  
It was suggested from the floor that the RFMC apply to MDC for  a 
grant, the PC had also suggested this on the 22 October 1990.

A  report  was  presented by Mr  Featherstone,  Chairman  of  the 
Memorial  Hall Committee.  The committee's aims were for the  Hall 
to survive as a village assett.  In the short term they hoped  to 
improve  the  toilets and windows & upgrade the outside:  in  the 
long  term they would like to extend to provide a  small  meeting 
room & storage area & to replace the asbestos roof.  Of the Halls 
income  33% came from the Under 5's, 33% from others  & 34%  from 
new regular users, the aim was for regular income & outgoings  to 
balance.   From 1/10/89 to 30/9/90 Income had exceeded  outgoings 
by about 290 & reserves stood at about 4500.  Fund Raising  had 
generated 3159 & thanks were expressed to all concerned.
Mr  Featherstone was questioned as to the need for new toilets  - 
he  stated  that  this was due to the inadequate  'fall'  of  the 
existing drains.
The  use of the Hall for PC meetings was raised, it was agreed  to 
review this at the next PC meeting.  
Mr  Yelland  thanked Mr Featherstone & congratulated  him  &  his 
Committee for their work. He questioned the rent charged but  was 
told this  was in line with advice from the Village Hall Advisory 
Service  however the Committee were always ready to  discuss  the 
matter  with  regular village clubs. Favourable comments  on  the 
facilities  had been passed by Mendip DC officials attending  the 
recent elections.

Mr   R  Dixon,  Chairman  of  the  Leigh  Hale  Combe   Residents 
Association reported that his group, whose membership is confined 
to  residents  round  Halecombe  Quarry, had  been  involved   in 
opposition  to Halecombe, Whatley &  Merehead  Quarries  expansion 
plans.  They had liaised with environmental groups & the County & 
District   Councils.   On  behalf  of  the  Residents  Group   he 
congratulated the PC on their work on the quarry plans.

Mr  D  Yelland reported as Chairman of the  Parish  Council.   He 
personally  thanked all his fellow councillors for their work  as 
PC  reps  & in particular Mr Davis for all  his  work  concerning 
quarries & Mr Pattison for his representation work.  He commented 
on the exceptional participation of residents at the PC  meetings 
and  thanked Mr Merrick, SC Councillor, for his attendance at  so 
many  meetings.  The PC had heard from Mr Townend of  SALC  about 
quarry  matters,  Mr Langridge from SCC on roads &  Mr  Cox  from 
Shire Counties Housing on Village Homes within the last year.
He felt that the most important function of the PC was  Planning, 
to  make observations and try to achieve improvements that  would 
benefit  the village.  With regard to Halecombe Quarry of  the  6 
major  observations  made by the PC progress had been made on  2. 
In  his  view  the  Bulls  Green  Link  could  have  considerable 
environmental  costs  for the Parish & bring it  no  benefit.  On 
other  matters   he  felt  that he &  his  colleagues  were  very 
frustrated  at  the  seeming inconsistencies  in  MDC's  planning 
Of  the general complaints made about roads & footpaths some  had 
brought a swift response & some not.  He did not think L-O-M  had 
a specific impact of the County Council's Education Policy but at 
least Mr Merrick had heard what they had to say.  
It  was felt that the PC could not have prevented the closure  of 
the Post Office & Shop but he urged villagers to use the new PO.
FINANCE  - the year had started with reserves of 1500 and  ended 
with double that.  The Precept was set about 6 months before  the 
new financial year & allowances had been made for election expenses.  
Of  the  PC's income he drew attention to the money  that  passed 
through  the PC's accounts:-  the Watch-the-Box Scheme to  combat 
vadalism,  for the past 2 years Mrs Lee had looked after the box.  
A grant from the B T Environmental fund had been paid via the  PC 
to  the Hall. The Burial Grant was an annual amount paid  through 
the PC to the Church.
In  the  last year no grant had been made to the  Hall  therefore 
expenditure  had  been  lower than expected. No  grant  had  been 
passed  on  to the Church who were waiting until  their  position 
with  regard  to proposed death watch beetle treatment  had  been 
finalised.  The Precept for this financial year had been kept  at 
the  same  level  as it was felt that  Election  costs  could  be 
absorbed.  Reserves of 1800 to 2000 were anticipated at the end 
of next year.  
31% of PC money went on administration,postage etc
48% was recycled within the village
2% went on external appeals.

Mr  Yelland  was  questioned from the floor as to why  he  'stood 
down' as Chairman when quarry matters were discussed.  He replied 
that this was his personal choice as he did not want  allegations 
of  bias  to  be  made against him.  However  on  quarry  matters 
he  was  always  pleased to advise  fellow  councillors  for  the 
benefit of the village.

AOB Mr Merrick told Councillors that he had ascertained that  the 
Restoration  Bond spoken of in relation to Halecombe's   Planning 
Application was Index Linked.

There being no further buisiness the meeting was declared  closed 
& parishioners were invited to partake of refreshments.

21/05/91 jal.

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