Parish  Councillors  present  were Messrs  Davis,  Dixon,  Gould, 
Pattison, Turner and Yelland and Mrs Park.
Mr  Yelland  opened the meeting by  welcoming  parishioners.   Mr 
Merrick had sent apologies as he would be late arriving.
The  Minute  book had gone missing after the AGM and  its  return 
would  be very welcome, fortunately as all Minutes were  on  disc 
they could be reproduced.

The Minutes of the meeting on the 8 May were accepted & signed.
MATTERS ARISING-  Great House Farm  Mr Yelland had spoken to  the 
owners  of  the  farm  who said the  tipping  had  been  done  by 
agreement between the developer & the field owner & they had been 
unaware  of  the  agreement until after  the  material  had  been 
tipped.  MDC had said no planning permission was needed to tip  & 
SCC  had  said that no waste disposal licence was needed  as  the 
house   and field were in the same ownership. However the PC  had 
information that this was not correct & must decide whether  they 
were going to act as the law may have been broken.  It was agreed 
that  the  PC ought to write to SCC  concerning  the   ownership.   
                                                  (ACTION CLERK)
Parking at Ducks - the matter of HGVs being parked at Ducks would 
be  pursued as it was believed the operators licence on the  land 
had expired in February 1991.                 (ACTION CLERK & DY)        
Minerals Review - Miss Harbinson (SCC) had been unable to  attend 
this meeting but Mr Evans had intimated that an invitation to the 
next meeting would be accepted.                  (ACTION CLERK)

The Minutes of the AGM held on 10 May were accepted & signed.

HALECOMBE  QUARRY  Mr Davis took the Chair & welcomed  Mr  Hanley 
from Wimpey Hobbs.
The  Liaison Meeting was reported on - quarry  directional  signs 
had been ordered, work on the foundations for the primary crusher 
would  begin  soon, hours of working were  0300-2200  h,  rubber
liners for dump trucks had been investigated but were not  deemed 
suitable.  A report was being prepared on the crack in the Church 
wall  by WH.  Mr Hanley said that the planting on the  West  Bank 
would go ahead in September whether the agreement had been signed 
or   not.   Councillors  expressed  their  concern  at  the   new 
Electricity  Sub  Station & the fact that  no  seperate  Planning 
permission was need for its construction as Mr Evans felt it  was 
permitted  development. Councillors agreed to write to MDC &  SCC 
requesting  that the matter be decided by a Planning  Application 
as    it   was   encroaching   on   an   area   designated    for 
landscaping.                                              (CLERK)       
The  Application for the route of the power line was discussed  & 
it was decided to send a letter of objection to Sec of State  for 
Energy with copy to SCC & MDC.                          (CLERK)
Gratitude  was expressed to Mr Hanley at the prompt action of  WH 
in  lowering the lights  below the sky line when a complaint  had 
been made.
Mr  Gould suggested that a quarry directional sign be  placed  at 
the  top  of  White  Hole  Hill  to  prevent  lorries  trying  to 
negotiate the narrow lane to Leigh.                    (CLERK)
Mr  Hanley  said that he was willing to listen  to  any  problems 
residents  may  have concerning the quarry & see  what  could  be 
It was noted that no official notification of the outcome of  the 
quarry  planning  application had been received.  Mr  Hanley  was 
thanked for attending the meeting.
Mr Yelland resumed the chair.
FINANCE  - Grant applications had been received from  the  School 
Governors,  the  Memorial Hall Committee,  Frome CAB &  a  verbal 
application had come from the PCC.
R Dixon proposed donating 5 to Frome CAB.
D Turner seconded and all agreed.                         (CLERK)
Of the money in the PC account approximately 1000 was committed, 
leaving  the PC with, if they wished to keep a years  precept  in 
hand, approximately 2000 that they could use for grants. 
D Turner proposed  granting  200 to  the  School  Governors  to 
purchase books, D Pattison seconded, all agreed.
Mr  Gould raised the legality of giving money to the school, D  Y 
thought  that it could be legally given to the Governors  but  it 
will be checked with SALC.                              (CLERK)

Mr Yelland as a member of the PCC said that a verbal request  had 
been made to him that the PC grant either 266 + VAT to pay  from 
beetle  & woodworm treatment for the furniture & doors,  or  350 
+VAT  to treat the South Porch & Tower stairs.  It was  suggested 
that  a  donation for the latter could be made if a  request  was 

The  Hall had requested a grant of 25% of the cost of  installing 
new  toilets.  As the total would be over 9000 it was felt  that 
this was outside the scope of the PC.  It proposed by D Turner  & 
seconded  by R Dixon that 600 be granted to be spent on the  new 
toilet scheme.                                      (CLERK)

Mr  Gould noted that the land for the new Rec Field car park  had 
been  fenced off & asked if the PC was liable for any expense  in 
this connection, the answer to this was not known.
Mr Merrick, SC Councillor arrived.
An  appeal for funds from Piper Lifeline was to hand.  D  Yelland 
proposed   a  donation  of  10,  D  Pattison  seconded   &   all 
agreed.                                                    (CLERK) 

PLANNING  - a verbal complaint had been received  concerning  the 
residential caravan parked at the pheasant farm. (ACTION DP & DY)
The  ROME LOCAL PLAN PROGRESS REPORT 1991 was  being  circulated.  
Using  comments  already made by R Dixon, D Yelland  asked  other 
councillors  whether they thought the village looked to Frome  or 
Standerwick  or elsewhere for shopping.  It was agreed that  this 
ought to be ascertained at some stage.
Mr Merrick commented that the Bulls Green Link had been  included 
in the Draft Policies for 1992-3 by SCC.
Concerning the Leigh Playing Field (R11, Page 10) it was proposed 
by D Yelland that the PC contact the owner of the field  adjacent 
to  the  Rec  and the owner of the piece  of  redundant  land  in 
Bellfield  between the Hall & the Church & see if they  would  be 
willing to negotiate their sale to the village.  The PC  approved 
this move.                                            (ACTION DY)
Mr Dixon requested info on Conservation areas.     (ACTION CLERK)
SALC  MEETING REPORT of meeting held in the village Hall. It  had 
been  attended by Brian Tanner, Chief Executive of SCC  &  Graham 
Jeffs  Chief  Executive  of  MDC  &  was  to  discuss  government 
proposals for local government.  Mr Pattison felt that the parish 
councillors  present conveyed their feeling that they  would  not 
necissarily  like  more power but would like more  notice  to  be 
taken of their views  especially on planning matters.
A  request for any info on quarry blasting had been made  it  was 
thought  that  the  possible   damage  to  the  church  might  be 
pertinent to this.                                    (ACTION DP)
Training Day info was to hand & would be circulated.

It was agreed to circulate the RUH Bath application for NHS Trust 

CORRESPONDENCE - Village needs survey will be conducted
Linda Peacock (MDC) will be contacted.           (ACTION CLERK)
Letters from the Charity Commissioners pertaining to the field  & 
hall  were to hand.  Although requested no rep had come from  the 
Field, they will be asked to the next meeting.      (ACTION CLERK)
Short Mat Bowling - a reply will be sent.            "
Notice of Audit had been received.                   "
RBL Housing  a rep was needed for the Local Housing Committee the 
info  will  be  circulated & it will be  discussed  at  the  next 
meeting.  Mr Yelland had talked to Mr Elwood(RBL) about a  notice 
board  for  the PC being placed on the flats being  built  &  was 
hopeful  that  this  would  occur.   A  Notice  will  be  put  up 
concerning the availibility of the new flats.        (CLERK)

Letter from CPRE required no action.
DY  had had a letter from LJH apologising for  the  inconvenience 
caused  by the tannoy & saying action had been taken.   Mr  Dixon 
offered  to  read  out the letter  which  contained  a  complaint 
against him & this was done.  DY & RD had discussed the matter  & 
would  respond.  It was felt that membership of the  PC  did  not 
preclude persons acting as private individuals.       (ACTION DY)      

The  Clerk  had tried to contact Melhuish  &  Saunders  following 
complaints   about   their  advertising  signs   without   avail.  
Following  info from MDC concerning advertising it was agreed  to 
write  to them giving a limited time for reply before taking  the 
matter further.                             (ACTION CLERK)

A  Complaint concerning the path past the pheasant farm had  been 
made.                                       (ACTION DP & DY)

MEETINGS  It was agreed on the casting vote of the Chairman  that 
the next three meetings would be held in the Hall, a rent will be 
negotiated.                                    (ACTION DY)
The  next meeting will be on Thursday 5 September at 7.30 in  the 

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