5 SEPTEMBER 1991. 
Councillors  present were R Dixon, J Davis, A Gould, D  Pattison, 
D Turner and D Yelland, Chairman. 
Apologies were received from Mrs H Park.
Mr  Yelland  opened  the meeting by  welcoming  Lynda  Peacock  - 
Housing  Needs & Development Manager - from Mendip DC, whe  spoke 
to the meeting on the ways of conducting a Housing Survey.  After 
discussion  with  her  the PC decided to  form  a  working  party 
chaired by  R Dixon who with the help of D Pattison will  present 
information  at the next PC meeting concerning the  execution  of 
the survey.
Mr Yelland thanked Ms Peacock for attending the meeting.
D Turner left.

MATTERS  ARISING  -  GREAT HOUSE FARM: SCC will take  no  further 
Mr  Duck  had  been contacted, he was  leaving  the  village  but 
thanked the PC for their help in the past.
MINERALS  REVIEW - Laura Harbinson will be invited to attend  the 
next meeting.                                             (CLERK)
RESIDENTIAL  CARAVAN  - it was decided to inform  MDC  about  its 
presence and to tell Mr Perry about this action.          (CLERK)
Mr Yelland had spoken to ARC about land adjacent to the Rec Field 
- the PC can negotiate further with the owners if they think  its 
inclusion  as  part  of the Rec Field would be of  benefit  -  no 
decision  on  this  was taken.  A  complaint  had  been  received 
concerning  the playing of golf & the danger from the  balls  and 
this was dealt with at this point.  It was agreed to write to the 
RFMC informing them of the complaint, citing Mells as an  example 
where the practice had been banned & asking them to take  action.                       
LJH  -  the bell preceeding the tannoy announcement  was  causing 
annoyance.  The invitation for councillors to visit the site will 
be acted on by Mr Yelland and details will be circulated.    (DY)
MELHUISH & SAUNDERS - letter to be sent concerning signs &  hedge 
overgrowing pavement.                                     (CLERK)
HALL  RENTAL -  DY could not remember exact rental charges  but  he 
thought  it  might cost around 10 or less  per  meeting.   {Info 
supplied later: Sunday-Thursday 6pm onwards - 3 per hour}. 

NEIGHBOURHOOD  WATCH - In view of the spate of burglaries the  PC 
will  organise another Neighbourhood Watch  introductory  meeting 
but  DY reiterated that the PC will not organise the  scheme.  Mr 
Merrick  suggested  that  the PC encourage  people  to  enrol  as 
special  constables.   The local policeman will be invited  to  a 
meeting.                                                  (CLERK)

HOUSING STRATEGY REVIEW - will continue to be circulated.
A Gould left.
At  meeting on 15 August the PC were asked to advertise the  fact 
that the new block of four will be available for occupancy  soon, 
the committee will consider applications on 18 October.  R  Dixon 
is willing to continue as parish rep.

STREET  CLEANING  - a report was being circulated.  Leigh  was  a 
Zone 4 village but no schedule for that zone had been included in 
the  report, cleaning would take place between the  30mph  signs.  
It was agreed to try & ascertain when cleaning would occur & warn 
villagers.                                                (CLERK)

D  Pattison  proposed the payment of 10, J  Davis  seconded  all 
agreed.                                                   (CLERK)
Concerning the grant to LUMP, a letter will  be sent saying that 
as the specific grant for the piano is not now needed the PC will 
be  willing  to consider another grant application  if  the  need 
should arise.                                             (CLERK)
A  letter had now been received from the PCC concerning  a  grant 
towards  the  beetle  treatment.  Mr Dixon  proposed  payment  of 
348.60  + VAT (reclaimable) for work done to the tower  stair  & 
south  porch  roof.  Mr Pattison seconded and all agreed  to  the 
payment.  (Money to come from Post Office account)        (CLERK)
The  mower owned by the PC and loaned to the Church had  required 
repairing.  The work had been carried out by Rochford,  servicing 
&  repairs had cost 40.53 + 7.09 VAT.  All agreed that  the  PC 
ought  to  pay  the  bill.  Payment was proposed  by  J  Davis  & 
seconded  by D Pattison & a cheque was made out to D Yelland  who 
had paid the bill.                                        (CLERK)
The  audit had been conducted D Yelland proposed payment  of  the 
fee J Davis seconded, all assented.                       (CLERK)
The Clerk expressed her concern that during the last period  when 
payment  for  the Watch the Box scheme had been made no  one  was 
officially  checking  it.  BT will be informed.   Concerning  the 
retention  of  the red box - the question was asked  whether  the 
village  wanted to keep it. RD commented that it added  character 
to  the  village.  A question might be included  in  the  village 
appraisal.                                                (CLERK)

QUARRIES - J Davis took the chair.
MEREHEAD - A request will be made to Shelia Chaplan for L-O-M  to 
have a rep on the liaison group.                          (CLERK)
WHATLEY  -  Public Inquiry on 7 April 1992, DP will  formulate  a 
letter.                                                     (DP)
HALECOMBE - Meeting concerning tree planting on 9/09 at 1830h DP, 
JD & DT will attend.
RD  drew attention to an application by WH to extract  780  cubic 
metres  of  water per day (198,900 annually) to  use  in  washing 
dirty  rock and dust suppression.  Mr Dixon felt the PC ought  to 
oppose this on the grounds of:  1) it would interrupt flow to the 
bore  holes & springs in the parish.  2) It would accelerate  the 
quarrying  of  the  Luckington Fault.  3)   It  might  delay  the 
introduction of new technology to use air not water to clean dust 
off  aggregate.  After discussion the PC agreed to object on  the 
grounds of lowering the water table & further jeopardising  local 
springs.                                                  (CLERK)
A  complaint  about blast noise & vibration  had  been  received, 
letter, with copy to Mr M, will be sent to Envir Health.  (CLERK) 
BULLS  GREEN  LINK  -  Despite the  recommendation  of  the  last 
inspector  it  was  back  in  the Frome  Local  Plan  &  SCC  had 
recommended  that it would not be included in the Inquiry  on  28 
October.   It was agreed to write to the Sec of State  expressing 
concern at its reinclusion.                               (CLERK)
QUARRY  TRAFFIC  MEETING  2/09/91 -Concern was  expressed  to  Mr 
Merrick  that the more vocal a community was about a  matter  the 
more  effect  it had.  JD asked Mr M why the bridge on  the  road 
between  Chantry  &  Whatley Cross was  not  being  widened  only 
repaired, Mr M will investigate.  He will also send PC a copy  of 
a  recent  road survey.  A document concerning  the  limiting  of 
lorry sizes on less major roads will be circulated & discussed at 
the next meeting.                                    (RD & CLERK)
ROADS  &  FOOTPATHS - 'Paths for People' by Rambler's  Assoc  was 
It was commented on that no guide to the Wyvern Way was available 
yet in fact information on the path was totally lacking.
Rights  of Way Assoc December meeting is in L-O-M  - DT  will  be 
On Sat 28 Sept a walk organised by the Mendip Society will  start 
from the Hall at 1400h.  Information from RD.

CORRESPONDENCE - New Bus Timetable available.
Civil Defence newsletter will be circulated.
Letter  concerning  Textile Recycling was made known but  it  was 
thought as Leigh was deemed too small for a paper bin it would be 
too small for a textile bin.
At  Mr Merricks suggestion it was agreed to write to Mr  Bidgood, 
Tarmac, thanking him for clearing up Whitehole Quarry.    (CLERK)

The next meeting will be on Monday 28 October in the Hall at 7.30. 


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