Councillors present were R Dixon, J Davis, D Pattison & D Turner.
Apologies for late arrival received from A Gould & D Yelland. 

Mr  Davis  took  the  Chair  welcoming  Laura  Harbinson,  Senior 
Minerals Officer at SCC.  It was agreed to ask her to talk to the 
meeting  first  as she had a long distance to  travel  after  her 

Miss Harbinson said that under the Mineral Act Review it was  the 
duty  of  the county to look at the permission granted  to  every 
site  worked or given permission to work in the last 5 years  and 
to  alter  it where fitting.  {Mrs H Park  arrived}   The  Review 
provides  for new permission to be granted with an order that  is 
carried by the land.  The County can not impose conditions   that 
will affect lateral extent, depth or hours of working but they can 
address  landscaping,  lorry wheel  washing,  blasting  controls, 
noise  etc.  To date only working quarries had been  included  in 
the review list.
Interim  Development  Consent  orders  had  been  brought  in  to 
register  quarries & to let the CC put conditions on  the  sites. 
Barns  Close, Tadhill/Downhead basalt quarry, Stoke  Lane,  Cooks 
Wood, Asham/Westdown, Vobster, Moons Hill complex & Whatley  were 
IDO's.  If they had not been worked in the last 2 years they must 
register by March 1992 and non-working & working quarries had  12 
months to submit conditions.
QUESTIONS ARISING -  Would a map & register of the IDOs be in the 
public domain?  When quarries register they must produce a map  & 
certificate which would be open for inspection.
Would  more  stringent  conditions be put on  quarries  close  to 
villages?  Yes.
What permission existed on Whitehole Quarry?  Laura H thought  no 
valid permission was extant but she would check. A plea was  made 
for  the CC to examine currently dormant quarries first but  this 
was felt to be unnecessary by Miss H as conditions must be  filed 
before they could reopen.
Councillors  drew her attention to the nuisance from  Torr  Works 
which has quite an effect on the parish.     {A Gould arrived}
The  payment of compensation upon the revocation of  a  quarrying 
licence was discussed & it was suggested that the CC should lobby 
to have the compensation clause withdrawn.
Routing for vehicles to/from the quarries was discussed.  The  CC 
can not dictate which route should be used but the Goods  Vehicle 
Licensing  Authority  can,  in  a  limited  way,  impose  routes.  
Councillors were told that it had not been the counties  practice 
to make representation to the GVLA but this had now changed.
Mr Davis thanked Miss Harbinson for attending the meeting.

Leading  on  from  the above their being  no  quarry  matters  to 
discuss  the recent letter concerning the BULLS GREEN  LINK  ROAD 
was  discussed  under  HIGHWAYS  &  ROADS  The  letter  from  SCC 
concerned  4  proposed options for a relief road  for  Halecombe 
Quarry.  The CC favour option D known as the Bulls Green Link but 
wished  to have comments from the PC.  It was agreed to submit  a 
full response when the actually planning application is submitted  
& a letter will be sent stating this.                   [CLERK]
{D  Yelland arrived}  Councillors expressed their concern  to  Mr 
Merrick  that  the  building of such a road would  lead  to  more 
quarrying in the area.  He did not believe this would be the case.

Mr Yelland took the chair.
The Minutes of the last meeting had been circulated & were agreed 
to & signed.
MATTERS  ARISING  - Neighbourhood Watch:  two meetings  had  been 
held  and groups were being set up.  Wimpey Hobbs were  buying  a 
sign for display at the school end of the village.
The DC had acknowledged receipt of complaint about the caravan.
Letter concerning Whatley Quarry to be done.              [D P]
More rubbish had been dumped at Whitehole Quarry Mr Bidgood  will 
be informed.                                          [CLERK]
Mr Merrick asked for letters concerning the Wyvern Way as  County 
were in ignorance of its existance.                    [CLERK]

Mr  Moore  presented  an audited copy of  the  accounts  for  the 
calendar year 1990.  With the death of Mrs Lee, secretary, &  the 
resignation  of Mr Lee, chairman, only Mr Moore & Mr  Gould  were 
basically left on the committee.  Problems had occured concerning 
the presentation of a cheque from the Football Club but that  was 
sorted  out  during  1991.   There is a crack  in  the  roof  but 
otherwise the building is in quite good repair.  When the  Social 
Clubs  licence  is  renewed  (March/April  1992)  work  might  be 
required  to meet regulation standards.  Mr Fear  had  maintained 
the  outside  area throughout the summer using a strimmer  &  the 
Social Club's mower. The Social Club  had purchased new heaters.
It  was suggested that an Extrodinary General Meeting  be  called 
for 2 December to discuss the Rec Field which the PC as  trustees 
would support.

FINANCE   Parish  Requirement due in by end of year  it  will  be 
debated at the next meeting.
The Burial Grant forms had been completed by the Vicar who  again 
stressed  the lack of space in the Graveyard.  The  attention  of 
the DC will be drawn to this again and its implications discussed.
The bill for the treatment to the Church timber had been paid.
The cheque for the school would be available on 2 November.

PLANNING  A complaint concerning the construction of a pond which 
would  use water from the brook to the south of Leigh Street  had 
been received.  The Clerk is pursuing the matter.     [CLERK]

VILLAGE HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY  Messrs Dixon & Pattison had met and 
constructed an outline survey form.  It was agreed by Councillors 
that  they  would proceed with the Needs survey on a  short  time 
scale  and that they would view the Village Appraisal as  a  long 
term  project  to  be  propduced  before  the  next  Local  Plan.  
Discussion will take place at the next PC Meeting.
CORRESPONDENCE   Hall AGM on 8 November.  A request was  made  by 
the  Hall Rep that the PC contact the owner of the land  adjacent 
to the Car Park.  The hall would like the PC to consider buying a 
strimmer.  Mr Yelland said that the PC's strimmer was at the  Rec 
Field  & suggested that Mr Fear be contacted as according  to  Mr 
Moore's report he had used it this summer.             [CLERK] 

NEXT  MEETING  on  Tuesday 19 November at  7.30  in  the  school.  
Lorries  in  the  Environment & SALC AGM report will  be  on  the 


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