Councillors  present  were  J  Davis, R  Dixon,  Mrs  H  Park,   
D Pattison, D Turner and D Yelland.
Apologies had been received from A Merrick.
The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record  & 
MATTERS  ARISING  Bulls  Green Link - Mr Merrick  was  tabling  a 
motion  as  SCC insisting that an  Environmental  Assessment  was 
done.    The   PC  were  told  that  the   County   Officer   had 
misrepresented   their  views  at  Mr  Boscawen's  Mendip  Quarry 
Advisory  Group  Meeting on 14 November saying L-O-M  PC  had  no 
objection  to the road.  A letter refuting this had already  been 
sent to each member of SCC Environment Committee, it was  decided 
to  send copies to: Asham & East Mendip Group,  CPRE,  MDC,Mendip 
Society, SALC, Cllrs Hewett, Caywood, Townend & Maggs, & Heathcot 
(A Gould arrived during this item).                       CLERK
WHATLEY QUARRY                                               DP
WYVERN  WAY Mr Merrick had spoken to Jim Docherty, CC  Rights  of 
Way Officer, who with the help of David Wright from Frome College 
who has produced a leaflet, is resurrecting the project.
CHURCHYARD the Clerk will pursue with MDC closure procedure.CLERK
RFMC the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting will take place at 8pm.
PLANNING  a letter expressing concern over the pond will be  sent 
to NRA.                                                     CLERK
The Minute Book had been returned to the Clerk.

HOUSING  NEEDS  SURVEY Messrs Dixon & Pattison had  attended  the 
Review  of  Low  Cost Housing Meeting at MDC.   A  draft  of  the 
Housing  Survey  Form had been submitted to Lynda Peacock  &  was 
discussed by Councillors who suggested ammendments.      RD & DP

PLANNING  The matter of the siting of the PC Noticeboard will  be 
raised  with the British Legion. Offers for the local  flats  had 
been made to locals or their dependants.                      RD
DP   had  raised  the  matter  of  PC's  handling   of   Planning 
Applications with Mr Watson at MDC.  By law the reaction of  PC's 
must be determined at a meeting.  It was agreed that the response 
time  of 14 days made this difficult & it was agreed to write  to 
MDC asking for more time.  It was agreed that this PC could reply 
within 3 days after a meeting.                           CLERK
ROSE COTTAGE although the PC had no objections it was agreed that 
the neighbours ought to be consulted.                        DP
SAWMILL  COTTAGE  Mr Yelland declared an interest  &  temporarily 
left.  No objections were raised but it was suggested that if the 
render  were  to be removed at some time in the  future  the  new 
building ought to be compatible with the old.             CLERK
Notification of Outline Planning Permission for Fox Hollow,  Land 
at Leigh Street, Land adjacent to 20 Park Hayes, and Sparks  Farm 
had been received.

SALC  MEETING  REPORT  D Pattison  -  Planning  Applications  had 
already  been discussed.  Mr L Kimberely, MDC officer responsible 
for this area will be invited to attend a PC meeting.     CLERK
A Training Course had been held on 28 October. 
The  Country  Work Initiative Fund  which gives grants  to  local 
initiatives  generating employment might be used to fund  Village 
Advice on the NRA was obtainable from Hon Sec of SALC.
Ownerless  land -  if recorded in the Minute Book can be  claimed 
by  the  PC.  Mr Dixon stated that to the best of  his  knowledge 
Parishioners  still  retained free & unrestricted access  to  the 
environmental banking at Halecombe Quarry.
Plans to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of PCs were being made.
Mr  Whitmarsh,  SCC  Chief Traffic Engineer, had  spoken  to  the 
meeting.  He had suggested traffic calming measures each  feature 
of  which cost approx 1000 of which the PC would be required  to 
fund about one third. This will be discussed in the future. CLERK

QUARRIES J Davis took the Chair.
Complaints  had  been received concerning the colour of  the  new 
conveyor belt visible above the environmental banking.  Mr Davis, 
following normal PC procedure had contacted County to see if this 
was  within  their  province  & they  had  contacted  the  quarry 
manager.  Mr  Dixon,  who had also received  complaints  on  this 
matter  expressed disappointment that the PC were  not  consulted 
before  the structure had been  erected. Mr Pattison thought  the 
matter should be put before the Liaison Meeting.  Mr Hanley,  who 
had  sent his apologies via Mr Yelland for his non attendance  at 
the meeting had told him that night shift working would cease  by 
the  end of the  month.  Maximum working hours would  be  between 
0600 & 1800h whether the new Primary Crusher was working or not.

FINANCE   Mrs Dixon, Chair of School Governors, had  requested  a 
grant of 400 towards the purchaseof a new computer for Class  1. 
Concern  was felt about the security of the classroom but it  was 
agreed that if legally possible for the the PC to make the  grant 
with  a proviso as to an interest being retained if  the  machine 
was  disposed  of within 5 years they would do so.   Mr  Pattison 
proposed  the granting of 400, Mrs Park seconded all  agreed  on 
the motion subject to its legality.                     CLERK
PRECEPT - A request from the Hall for 600 for the next financial 
year  was  to  hand.   It was  agreed  that  the  Parish  Meeting 
Requirement for 1992/93 would be 2000.  Mr Turner proposed &  Mr 
Gould seconded the motion, all agreed.

LORRIES  IN THE ENVIRONMENT as the document had not been seen  by 
everyone it will be discussed at the next meeting.

ROADS  Complaints concerning tarmacing outside 18 Park  Hayes,  a 
collapsed  ditch  and subsidence on Blackers Lane,  and  flooding 
drains near Great House Farm were passed on.           CLERK
DY  will  inspect  the  footpath  to  WH  following   complaints. 
Confirmation of the FP at Manor Farm was to hand.

CORRESPONDENCE DP will attend SALC Meeting on 3 December.

D O N M  29/11/91 at 7.30 in the School to discuss Lorries in the 
Environment & the Housing Survey.               

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