ON 7 JANUARY 1992

Councillors present were J Davis, R Dixon, A Gould, Mrs H Park, 
D Pattison, D Turner and D Yelland, Chairman.
The  Minutes  of  the last two meetings were  accepted  as   true 
records and signed.

MATTERS  ARISING The Closure of the Churchyard will be  discussed 
at the next meeting.                                      (CLERK)
PC  Noticeboard  on corner of Park Hayes - RD will  discuss  with 
British Legion officials.  B Tel grant might be possible.   (RD)

FINANCE  DY  proposed  the payment of 400 to the  School  to  go 
towards  the  purchase of a computer.  DP seconded and  all  were 
agreed,  a cheque was made out. The School will  acknowledge  the 
PC's  donation but the PC will not maintain an 'interest'  in  the 
The  Hall  Committee requested a letter stating that the  PC  had 
budgetted to grant them 600 in the next financial year. (CLERK)
A  cheque  to cover the Hall rental for the last 3  meetings  was 

HOUSING  NEEDS  SURVEY UPDATE The forms were being  printed.   RD 
undertook  to  divide  the village between  6  councillors  &  to 
distribute forms.                                          (RD)

TRAFFIC CALMING MEASURES It was agreed to invite Mr Whitmarsh  to 
inspect Leigh Street and see if measures were feasible.   (CLERK)

PARISH COUNCIL POWERS  In reply to a letter from MDC the PC  would 
like to attend a meeting but had no specific additions to make to 
the powers already invested in them.                      (CLERK)

Due  to  having a declared interest in quarrying  DY  handed  the 
chair to J Davis.

HALECOMBE  -  JD  had spoken to Laura  Harbinson  concerning  the 
colour of the new plant, WH had agreed in principle to paint  it.  
It was agreed that all plant ought to be the same colour. (CLERK)
WH  WATER EXTRACTION APPLICATION (DT conveyed to the meeting  the 
message  that  Mr  Hanley  would have been  happy  to  attend  if 
requested  to  do so.)  RD led the discussion  stating  that  the 
application did not mention floculants used in processing & their 
discharge, oil from lorries etc.  It was agreed to object to  the 
application  on  the grounds of water purity  &  to  request  the 
inclusion of maximum discharge figures per hour & that  discharge 
take  place  as  high up the brook as possible.   RD  offered  to 
formulate a letter & circulate it.  All Agreed.           (RD)

WHATLEY   Pre Inquiry meeting on 13 January at Gypsy  Lane  Rugby 
Club at 2.30pm  DP will attend. A request will be made for a copy 
of the Environmental Statement.                         (CLERK)
DY resumed the Chair.
NOISE  The increase in helicopter noise noted at the last meeting 
had  been due to military exercises.  No further action will  be 
ROADS AND FOOTPATHS  A letter from Mr Merrick concerning  Traffic 
Restrictions  on the Lower Vobster-Soho road had been received  
(Mr M arrived).  All agreed that the restriction seemed  sensible 
and  it  was  suggested that a sign be displayed  at  the  quarry 
entrance warning drivers.
Messrs Davis & Turner had walked some footpaths with John Stein of 
MDC  with a view to including a route in a new  booklet.   Concern 
was  felt  that  in one area near Doors Hill the field  had  been 
ploughed right up to the hedge obliterating the path.  (CLERK)

CORRESPONDENCE   Request  by Bridget Parker Fund for  money.   No 
donation made.
The  local medical practice had been renamed the  Mendip  Country 
A  leaflet  from  a  Horticultural  Contractor  at  Batcombe  was 
Nat West Business Banking leaflet was available.  The Clerk  will 
pursue charges for cheques returned with other banks.  (CLERK)

17  people  had attended the Extra-ordinary meeting  in  December 
when  it was agreed to draft a new agreement. Another meeting  is 
scheduled  for 28 January  & any ideas generated by this  meeting 
will  be disussed by the PC at their next  meeting.   Discussion 
took  place  on  the draft lease/agreement  before  the  PC.   Mr 
Yelland will progress the matter.      (DY)

AG  expressed  concern that squatters might move in to  the  land 
behind the empty house at Towns End.  The matter will be  pursued 
with Alder King.                                         (CLERK)

The NEXT MEETING will be on 24 FEBRUARY in the SCHOOL.


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