Councillors in attendance were J Davis, D Pattison, and D Turner.
Apologies  had been received & were accepted from Mrs H Park &  D 
Yelland.  Messrs Dixon and Gould were expected but had said  they 
would be late.

The  Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a  true  record 
and signed.
MATTERS  ARISING - A letter of thanks for donations to the  School 
of 400 had been received.
Mr Whitmarsh (SCC) was investigating Traffic Calming measures.
Concerning the Bank Account to date no charges were being  levied 
by Nat West.  This will be reviewed in Sept/Oct & if charges  are 
to be made a months notice will be given.
The  ploughing up of a footpath to the hedge had  been  discussed 
with the landowner.

PLANNING  APPLICATIONS  - JD had visited Downhead and  looked  at 
plans  for Upper Tadhill Farm.  He saw nothing to object to &  it 
was agreed that houses ought to be encouraged in the area.

RECREATION FIELD - DY had sent copies of the Minutes of the  last 
meeting  of the Rec Field.  A new committee had been  formed  and 
the Parish Council provisionally ratified the draft constitution.  
A copy will be sent to the Charities Commission.  The PC is  able 
under  section 5(a) to appoint 2 people to the committee  it  was 
agreed that PC reps would be A Gould and Jan Robson.    (CLERK)

FINANCE  -  Renewal of subscriptions to SALC, 45.44,  and  SLCC, 
16, were proposed by DT, seconded by DP.  All agreed.
A request from the Hall for payment of architects fee of  338.39 
was proposed by DP, seconded by DT.  All agreed.
The  Clerks  salary  of 380 per year, plus expenses  of  91.45, 
making  a total of 471.45 was proposed by DT & seconded  by  DP, 
all agreed.
A  form to withdraw 800 from the Investment account to  pay  the 
latter two bills was signed.                            (CLERK)

DP and RD had attended the meeting.  The statement needs to be in 
by 16 March and if the provisional time table is followed the  PC 
will need to be represented on 29 & 30 April.              (DP)
DP had been invited to a meeting of the Asham & East Mendip Group 
on Thursday  when the matter would be discussed.
(A Gould arrived)
RD proposed objecting to the Road Closure and Footpath Diversions 
as seperate issues.  All agreed.                        (CLERK)
RD  further  proposed that JD & DP liaise with  councillors  from 
other  objecting parishes.  It was agreed to leave this to  their 
A letter had been received from Mr Merrick concerning a meeting 
held  by  SCC  on  12 February when  the  Bulls  Green  Link  was 
discussed.  Great consternation was expressed at the proposal  in 
the  document to study the re-routing of traffic onto the  Mendip 
Plateau,  this has been something feared by the PC since the  BGL 
was first conceived.  It was agreed to write to Mr Boscawen & SCC 
about this matter.                                      (CLERK)
It  was  also  decided to write to the 3  major  political  party 
candidates seeking their view on this matter.            (CLERK)
HALECOMBE QUARRY - Liaison meeting on Monday will be attended  by 
JD,RD & DT.  The clerk had not yet sent the reply to Mr  Williams 
letter  of  21  January concerning the  colour  of  the  conveyor 
structure.  It was agreed to bring the matter up at the meeting & 
if the matter is not resolved write to the CC.
NOISE  - DP complained at the severity of that  morning's  blast, 
other  complaints had been received.  RD expressed  concern  that 
the  blast  had actually occurred before 9am &  could  have  been 
dangerous  for  children  walking the  footpath  to  school.
RD had a copy & suggested it be circulated & the PC make comments 
although  they were not official consultees & the  deadline  date 
was  past.   Mr Merrick offered to send a copy  of  SCC's  reply, 
offer gratefully accepted, the documents will be circulated. (RD)
A copy of the SW REGION AGGREGATES WORKING PARTY Commentary  will 
be obtained & circulated.                               (CLERK)

ROADS  - The question of the Bulls Green Link forming part  of  a 
new  route  running along the Mendip plateau was raised  with  Mr 
Merrick.  Councillors expressed their anger that parishes on  the 
route had not been consulted & suggested that Public Inquiries be 
held.  The 'rat-run' effect was very worrying for villages.
A map showing HGV restrictions had been requested,
SCC  will be notified of trench across Leigh Street and water  on 
Blackers Lane & an abandoned lorry battery.             (CLERK)
AG  said a footpath sign on Whitehole Hill had been put up  where 
no  path existed.  Discussion took place on the access/egress  to 
Whitehole Woods from the road from a safety angle.          (DT)

HOUSING   NEEDS  SURVEY  -  The  forms  were  nearly  ready   for 
distribution.   DY was unable to help.  A closing date  31  M arch 
was suggested but it will be subject to review.              (RD)

FINANCE  -  RD and AG considered an application for  a  grant  to 
decorate the ringing chamber (other Councillors had an interest).  
It  was decided that the ringers be asked to apply to MDC but  if 
that was turned down AG proposed the PC would make the grant,  RD 
seconded.                                                   (DP)

SCHOOL GOVERNORS - The present LEA Governors will be approached & 
asked to continue.                                       (CLERK)

NEXT MEETING - 30 March at 7.30 in the School. 


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