Councillors  present  were J Davis, R Dixon (who  arrived  during 
Matters  Arising), Mrs H Park, D Pattison, D Turner & D  Yelland, 

A Gould had sent apologies and would be arriving later.

MATTERS ARISING - A letter from the Charity Commission concerning 
the  Rec  Field  agreement  was to hand.   DY  will  contact  the 
commissioners.                                            (DY)
It  was agreed to send copies of the PC's deposition  on  Whatley 
Quarry to Asham & E Mendip, CPRE, & Somerset Trust.       (CLERK)
'Noise at Surface Mineral Workings' to be circulated.     (RD)
Whitehole  Woods  FP - DT had been provided  with  yellow  paint, 
access is being looked into.
Ringers Grant - on agenda for later.
Ducks  at Towns End - property belonged to Mr Duck who needed  to 
be contacted before anything could be done to block access.(CLERK)
The MINUTES of the last meeting were accepted & signed.

HOUSING  NEEDS SURVEY - It was agreed to extend the  deadline  to 
the next PC meeting.  DY had been contacted by Midshires  Housing 
Ltd who now had a link with a registered housing association, the 
letter will be acknowledged.                              (CLERK)
DP  - Survey forms from a magazine in association with  NALC  had 
arrived but no further action had been taken with them.

query as to whether it was a temporary diversion while the  banks 
were  under  construction or a permanent route.  If  it  was  the 
latter it would be at variance with previous plans.  In any event 
the  route would appear to need protection during construction  & 
would be prone to waterlogging.  More information required.(CLERK)  

SOMERSET STRUCTURE PLAN - DT drew attention to Policies TR6A & M2 
& 3. As the plan had not been seen by all councillors it will  be 
discussed at the next meeting.  (AG arrived during this item)

FINANCE - The bell ringers were ineligible for a MDC grant so  as 
agreed at the last meeting a grant will be made by the PC  either 
as  a  cheque for 70 or the payment of the  bill  for  materials 
enabling the reclaiming of VAT.                           (CLERK)
Bill from Avon for 10 for SWRAWP commentary. Payment proposed by 
RD, seconded by AG, all agreed.                           (CLERK)
Mrs Loten informed the PC that the Halls grant had been agreed by 

QUARRIES - DY declared an interest and JD took the Chair.
LIAISON  MEETING  REPORT - PC reps had raised the matter  of  the 
stockpile conveyor.  WH now say will not paint it until it rusts  or 
is moved.  Mr Merrick said SCC had been at fault over this matter 
but committed themselves to better liaison in the future. (CLERK)
Excessive amounts of dust on trees  was commented on  by DT.
A list of IDO's was circulated by RD.  The Clerk will write for a 
map  showing  exact location & size of sites and  for  copies  of 
applications in MDC area, as well as clarification of the 3 month 
rule and copies of MPG 8 & 9.                             (CLERK)
WHATLEY INQUIRY - DP will attend day 1 and the 2 days when the PC 
will be called and will arrange a rota if he feels it necessary.
TORR  WORKS - It was thought that  Planning permission for a  tar 
plant was being sort.  Clerk will investigate.            (CLERK)
A  complaint  about noise from Foster Yeoman had been made  by  a 
Bellfield resident.  Envir Health will be informed.       (CLERK)
TRAFFIC - 2 complaints about early morning HGV traffic using  the 
village had been received.  DT offered to investigate.     (DT)

DY resumed the Chair.
ROADS  &  FOOTPATHS  - HP asked if MDC had  been  informed  about 
tarmac  at  Park Hayes as no action had been taken.   Clerk  will 
write again.                                              (CLERK)
RD had received complaints about dogs fouling in Park Hayes area.  
It was thought some notices were still to hand.       (CLERK & RD)
DT  had  letter  concerning lack of stile  on  boundary  of  land 
belonging to Mr Peter White & JD.  Fence property of PW but if he 
is agreeable JD will put up a stile.                      (CLERK)

CORRESPONDENCE  - Notification of meeting on 16 April to  discuss 
Powers & Duties of PCs, at least one person will attend.  (CLERK)
CLEAN AIR DAY notice to be displayed.
VILLAGE  SHOP  COMPETITION - Clerk will nominate village shop.
PARISH  EMERGENGY CONTACT - by default was chairman of the PC. It 
was  felt  that due to villages size no action need be  taken  to 
replace Mr Duck, although volunteers were always welcome.
The  Nature  Conservancy  sign which had  just  been  erected  at 
HURDLESTONE WOOD will be investigated.                    (CLERK)

NEXT MEETING - Wednesday 13 May AGM 7.30pm. Annual Parish Meeting 
at 8 pm in the Village Hall. 

Jal 20492.             

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