HELD ON 9 APRIL 1992 AT THE SCHOOL.

Councillors  present  J Davis, A Gould, D Pattison,  D  Turner  & 
D Yelland, Chairman.
Apologies were accepted from Mrs H Park.

The  Minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record  & 
signed.   MATTERS  ARISING:   All letters had  been  written  and 
replies were awaited.   The Charity Commission was still  extant.  
It  was  agreed  the  Clerk would  request  6  stiles  from  SCC.                                                 
                                                     (CLERK & DY) 
RD arrived.

PLANNING.   Fern Cottage - an application to extend the  dwelling 
had  been  circulated.  Councillors applauded the use  of  rubble 
stone  for  the extension but were concerned as  to  whether  the 
window at the back was in keeping with the rest of the structure.
ARC Cottages, Whitehole Hill - outline permission was sought  for 
this site.  No objections were raised.                    (CLERK)

SOMERSET  STRUCTURE PLAN.  Alteration No 2 examination in  public 
report.   It  was agreed that RD would formulate  a  reply  which 
would be discussed with other councillors.           (CLERK & RD)

PROSCRIBED PROCESSES.  Document was still being circulated.

Next  Meeting the AGM and Annual Parish Meeting on  Wednesday  13 

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