13 MAY 1992 IN THE HALL

Apologies were recorded from A Merrick.
Mr  Yelland welcomed 13 parishioners to the APM which  was  their 
opportunity to speak.   Those taking  advantage of this were  the 
RFMC, the Hall, the Halecombe Support Group & the Leigh-Halecombe 
Residents Association.

The  minutes  of the APM of 10 May 1991 were accepted as  a  true 
record & signed.

THE MEMORIAL HALL - Clive Featherstone, Chairman.
The  financial targets set last year had been met and  a  surplus 
was  now being generated.  Unfortunately local  industry  support 
had  been lost but the shortfall was being made up by  Bingo.    
Grants  from MDC & SCC had been made enabling the work on  toilet 
improvements to start in August, minimum disturbance would  occur 
during the work enabling the use of the Hall to continue. It  was 
hoped  to  improve the windows in the  future for which  all  the 
money  would probably have to be raised and then the  problem  of 
the car park and the kitchen roof would be addressed as part of a 
7 year plan.
Mr Featherstone answered questions concerning the surface of  the 
car  park,  the  diminution of storage space and  the  fact  that 
Saturday  night Bingo meant that the Hall was not  available  for 
general hire.  This latter fact had been noted but the  committee 
had  decided  to encourage the Bingo because of its  reliability, 
it would not be viable if it was re-scheduled frequently although 
occassionally  this had been done.  It was an activity  in  which 
many residents as well as outsiders took part.  
Mr Yelland reminded those present that the actual running of  the 
Hall & policy decisions were the business of the Committee.
He  thanked  Clive for his report & the committee for  all  their 
hard work.

The  field  was run by a committee of 5 elected  members  and  10 
representatives from  interest groups.  Funds  amounted  to  815.  
Insurance  for all aspects of the field and club were up to  date 
and all the machinery had been serviced.  The field did not  have 
much ability to generate money & relied on the cricket & football 
for  funds.   Since  it had been re-constituted  in  January  the 
committee  had  been  identifying income  sources  &  maintenance 
arrangements  with regular users.  Their long term plans were  to 
construct  a  new  play  area  for  children,   re-vitalise   the 
building,   to improve parking & perhaps acquire more land for  a 
football pitch, and find someone to cut the perimeter grass.
Mr  Featherstone stressed the grant aid available which  the  new 
committee  were  eager to  pursue.  
Mr  Yelland thanked Steve & Jan & their committee for their  hard 
work in the short time they had been administering the field.

HALECOMBE SUPPORT GROUP  read by June Featherstone on behalf of V 
The  group had continued in existance after  planning  permission 
had  been  granted  to  monitor Wimpey  Hobbs  adherance  to  the 
schedule  agreed, to liaise with the Parish Council by  attending 
PC meetings and to further good Community Relations as laid  down 
in the BACMI Environmental Code.
Mr Yelland thanked June for her statement.

Membership  of the group was confined to those around  Halecombe.  
Mr Dixon congratulated the PC for their stand over the past  year 
concerning   local  quarries.   The  group  had  joined  in   the 
submission  made by Somerset Friends of the Earth to the  Inquiry 
into  Whatley Quarry's proposed expansion.  They  were  concerned 
about open cast aggregate extraction & the fact that Somerset did 
not have a Minerals Plan.
A questioner from the floor asked for the PC's views on the  lack 
of  a county minerals plan and what influence the PC had in  this 
matter, this will be discussed  at a future meeting.     (CLERK)
Mr Yelland thanked Mr Dixon for his report.

PARISH COUNCIL  D Yelland, Chairman.
In the past year 11 meetings, including the AGM, had been held  & 
2 guest speakers had attended to discuss housing and minerals.  7 
planning  applications had been dealt with, (Changes  meant  that 
these now had to be discussed at a full meeting within 14 days of 
receipt)   and   there   had   been   8   issues   bordering   on 
planning/complaints.   A Housing Survey was being  undertaken  to 
ascertain  village need for low cost housing.  The PC noted  with 
some dismay that their forcast that the proposed Bulls Green Link 
would open up the Mendip spine road to HGV's looked like becoming 
Somerset policy although no application to build the BGL had  yet 
been  made.   The various members of the PC had  represented  the 
Parish  on  different  committees  and  were  thanked  for  their 
involvement.   With  PC  help  a  Neighbourhood  Watch  had  been 
established.  Regret was expressed that after an initial  meeting 
in November held by MDC to discuss planning guidelines their  had 
been little action.
During the year the PC had basically spent their precept and  had 
a  years money in hand as was their policy. In the next year  the 
PC  was  to  work  with the Hall over  the  management  of  their 
building  project.   Margaret Loten was thanked for her  work  on 
the accounts.
It  was  suggested from the floor that a  map  showing  footpaths 
around the village be put on display.                   (CLERK)
A request from the floor for a safety barrier at the entrance  to 
the  Rec  Field's pedestrian gate will be pursued by  the  Clerk. 

Parishioners  were  thanked for their support  in  attending  the 
meeting which closed at 2135h.

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