Councillors  present  were R Dixon, J Davies  (Chairman),  Mrs  H 
Park, D Pattison and D Turner.
Apologies were accepted from A Gould.

The  Clerk read a letter from David Yelland in which he  tendered 
his  resignation as Chairman and as Parish Councillor.  D  Turner 
proposed D Pattison as Chairman, H Park seconded and all agreed.
DP accepted but suggested that JD continue as Chairman for Quarry 
Matters  -  this  will  be settled  between  them.  MDC  will  be 
consulted concerning the Casual Vacancy.                 (CLERK)

The Minutes of the AGM were accepted as a true record & signed.

The village map display will be pursued.            (DT & CLERK)
Agreement  for a PC notice board at the corner of Park Hayes  had 
been given by the RBL.                                  (CLERK)
Planning  permission for the Bungalows at White Hole Hill was  to 
hand.   The request for stiles was being dealt with.      (SCC)
The  clerk  had  written to the Post  Office  concerning  a  box 
outside the village shop and was awaiting more information. (PO)
The request for barrier & signs at the Rec Field was being  dealt 
with.                                                      (SCC)

HOUSING  NEEDS  SURVEY-  there had been a  34%  return.   It  was 
decided to follow up defaulters.             (RD & COUNCILLORS)

PLANNING  -  Extension  to cottage at Bell  Inn  -  no additional 
parking  space  shown,  confirm porch rubblestone to  match  rest  of 
frontage? otherwise no objections.                      (CLERK)
LJH  -  RD presented a resume of his actions since  work  on  the 
banking  had commenced.  Councillors expressed concern that  they 
had not been consulted as had been agreed with MDC.  DP agreed to 
consult Mr Hooper (MDC) RD expressed his willingness to visit  Mr 
H if it were necessary.  A letter will follow initial contact.
                                                   (DP & CLERK)

DRAFT RECYCLING PLAN - DP had attended a meeting at MDC who  were 
preparing  their response to government directives on  recycling.  
Their  plan would appear to be for each village to have a  multi-
purpose  recycling  centre by 2000.  DP had suggested  that  this 
ought  to  be  done sooner.  The DC did not want  to  fund  these 
centres,  they  hoped that the recyclers would do this.   It  was 
agreed   to   write   asking  for   a   shorter   timescale   for 
implementation,  consultation  over  local  sites,  suggest   the 
setting up of a 'Watch the Bin' force, & to encourage MDC to have 
a house to house collection.                             (CLERK)

FINANCE  -  A request from the RFMC for a grant to buy  4  letter 
bins was discussed.  Subject to assurances that arrangements  had 
been  made  to  fix  it down & empty the bin  the  PC  agreed  to 
initially purchase one.                                  (CLERK)                     
Photocopier - the purchase of a machine for the PC was  discussed 
It was agreed that a FAX mahine might do the job, enquiries  will 
be made.                                                 (CLERK)
The paint for the bell tower had been purchased by Mr Godfrey & a 
cheque was made out.                                     (CLERK)
Notice of Audit had been received.
The  bill  for  rental  of village hall for the  AGM  &  APM  was 
presented.  A cheque for 10 was made out.
QUARRIES - A Merrick said that following the liaison meeting  the 
police  had  objected  to a weight restriction  on  the  Soho  to 
Vobster road but had agreed to a length restriction on the bridge.
JD  had received complaints concerning loose sheeting on  Rookery 
Farm.   J  Featherstone  said  this had  been  attended  to.   RD 
believed  application had been made to de-list Rookery Farm &  it 
was agreed to write to the DOE.                         (CLERK)
RD presented a report on his attendance at the WH tree planting & 
voiced  his  concern  at  the video  'Play  Safe'  shown  to  the 
children.  It was felt that the duty to vet the film lay with the 
school staff & governors not the PC.
A letter had been received from Mark Robinson,the local MP,  with 
a copy of one from SCC concerning the BGL.  In his letter MR  had 
suggested organising a meeting with the PC, this will be done. It 
was  also agreed to write to SCC asking if the Old Wells Road  is 
to be widened in conjunction with the BGL.              (CLERK)                      

ROADS & FOOTPATHS - complaints had been received about  blockages 
on 8/15 & 8/16.                                           (CLERK)
The  PC will organise a walk of 8/4 to check  Bristol  Waterworks 
obstruction, action will be taken if necessary.
The Clerk will attend a Bridleways meeting on the 24/06.
Complaints about HGV's through the village had been received. (DT)
The CC advice about staggered parking was discussed.

NEXT MEETING  3 August at 7.30 in the School.    


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