MONDAY 6 JULY 1992 IN THE SCHOOL.
Councillors present were J Davis, R Dixon, A Gould, Mrs H Park  & 
D Pattison,Chairman.
It was not yet known if there would be an election.       (CLERK)
Thanks had been sent to D Yelland for his work as Councillor  and 
Chairman during the last five years.
D Turner arrived.
Village Map - still under investigation.                  (CLERK)
LJH  - a letter had been sent to MDC with copies to  the  Inquiry 
Inspector, M Robinson MP, A Merrick and R Hewitt (the latter  had 
been  unable  to attend tonights meeting).  It  was  agreed  that 
Councillors wanted the banking removed and it was decided to seek 
legal advice from SALC.                                   (CLERK) 
RFMC  Litter  Bin  -  Clerk  had  contacted  Secretary  of  RFMC.  
Arrangements  had  been made to empty the bin and to  fix  it  in 
position.  D Pattison proposed buying a bin, D Turner seconded  & 
all agreed.                                               (CLERK)
Footpaths  - Bristol Water will be contacted re blocked  footpath 
in Ham/Whitehole Hill area.                               (CLERK)
Bridleways -  Meeting had been attended by Clerk.  It was decided 
to purchase a large OS Map for the Parish.  Tungsten Lane will be 
riden and reported on.                                    (CLERK)
Roads:  Staggered Parking - concern was expressed that  it  would 
take away the protection given by parked cars to pavement  users. 
The traffic calming report from SCC is awaited.           (CLERK)          
Police  will  be  asked their reasoning  for  allowing  a  weight 
but not  a length restriction  on  Vobster  Bridge.       (CLERK)                   
A decision from SCC on IDO registration is expected by the end of 

Application  for  8  flats at Leigh Service  Station  refused  on 
overlooking and overcrowding grounds.  It was agreed to write  to 
MDC  expressing  appreciation  for  letter  of  explanation   for 
decision.  The question of whether the need for low cost  housing 
is considered when making a decision will be asked.       (CLERK)
Renewal Temp Permission on Stone Masons Yard - no Objection.(CLK)
RD will attend MDC Housing Strategy Meeting.
Complaints  had  been  received  about  the  field  belonging  to 
Examiner House.  A letter will be sent to MDC, copy Ex Hse.(CLERK)
The  matter of the Ramp at 18 Park Hayes was being taken up  with 
SCC Highways                                               (CLERK)
In  any work done to the Methodist Chapel would the windows  have 
to  be reinstated?  Plans will be brought to the next meeting.(CLERK)
Village Hall - a special fund must be set up to pay for work done 
to  the  Hall.   It  was agreed to  form  a  sub-committee  of  D 
Pattison,  Mrs  H Park, Mrs M Loten and J Robson  with  Clerk  in 
attendance to deal with the work.                          
Notification of exhibition "Through the Eyes of a Child" received.

Agenda item - Rec field. 

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