Councillors  present were J Davis, R Dixon, A Gould, Mrs H  Park, 
D Pattison (Chairman) and D Turner.
The Minutes of the July 6 meeting were accepted as a true record.

PC  VACANCY  - there had been no request for an election  so  co-
option  was  necessary.  Interest had been  expressed  by  Hilary 
Mawdsley and two other parishioners.  It was agreed to  advertise 
the  vacancy in the village asking interested parties to write  a 
letter to be considered at the next meeting.              (CLERK) 
VILLAGE MAP - for next meeting.                     (CLERK & DT)
LJH - no reply from SALC.  Letter from the Planning  Inspectorate 
who are unable to help.           (agenda for next meeting CLERK)
LITTER BIN for Field - arrived and delivered to J Robson. (CLERK)
FOOTPATHS &  ROADS - Bristol Water still to be  contacted, SCC 
traffic calming report & reasons for decisions at Vobster  Bridge 
will be chased up.                                        (CLERK)
Planning  -  EXAMINER HOUSE.  A letter from Mr Johnson  was  read 
out, it was agreed that Councillors would accept his invitation & 
visit  the site.  It was thought that the area of 'concrete'  was 
actually  some  type of hard standing, if this proves to  be  the 
case  MDC  will  be informed and sent a copy of  Mr  J's  letter.  
Councillors  agreed  that  Mr  J will  be  asked  to  communicate 
directly with DP in future.                          (CLERK & DP)
     -  METHODIST CHAPEL windows, clerk will find out  about  re-
instatement and about the war memorial.                   (CLERK)

PLANNING  - A letter to the Dept of National Heritage  concerning 
ROOKERY FARM will be sent.                                   (RD)

FINANCE - WATCH THE BOX payment of 12 to Mrs Winks was  proposed 
by DP & seconded by AG, all agreed.                      (CLERK)
A  request for a donation from PIPER LIFELINE had been  received.  
A donation of 15 was suggested by DP, DT seconded all agreed.

QUARRIES  -  A letter from Mr Merrick informed the  PC  that  the 
decision  on  IDO's will be made by the end of September  and  he 
will  pass  on  PC's  views to SCC.  RD  drew  attention  to  the 
Counties  change  of mind as to their decision   not  to  consult 
PC's.   It was agreed that for Councillors to comment  copies  of 
the  application  must be made available to them,  accordingly  a 
request will be made to SCC for those affecting this Parish to be 
sent.                                                     (CLERK) 

ROADS & FOOTPATHS - A letter will  be sent to ARC asking them  to 
cut the hedge alongside the path to WH offices.           (CLERK)
Mr Lyons will be asked to warn his drivers about horse riders and 
walkers on Whitehole Hill and ask them to exercise care, and  SCC 
will be asked if they could improve the visibility in this area.
Complaints had again been received about lorries in Leigh Street.
A water leak near Rookery Farm will be drawn to the attention  of 
Bristol Water.                         (Lorries DT, others CLERK)         
CORRESPONDENCE - adoption of FROME LOCAL PLAN.  It was agreed  to 
write  asking  for  confirmation that the Bulls  Green  Link  was 
excluded from the plan and either support its exclusion or object 
to its inclusion.                                         (CLERK)         
BUS TIMETABLE CHANGE.               )  circulated.
SCC MINUTES.                        )
SALC INFORMATION.                   )
A request for a 15 donation to a FIREWORK POSTER competition  was 

RECREATION FIELD REPORT Messrs Davis, Fear and Robson.
A report will be circulated to the PC for considertion at he next 
meeting. No action on request for signs and barrier.      (CLERK)
A  request  was made for more litter bins but it  was  agreed  to 
defer this.  A request for 300 plus VAT for internal  decoration 
was  made.   DT  proposed payment AG  seconded  and  all  agreed.  
Materials will be purchased by the PC.                    (CLERK)
The RFMC were congratulated on their work to date.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING  15 September 1992, 7.30 in the School.


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