Councillors  present  were  R  Dixon, H  Park,  D  Turner  and  D 
Pattison, Chairman.

The Minutes of the last two meetings were accepted & signed.

[Due  to Mr Merrick, County Councillor, having to attend  another 
meeting  it was agreed to reorganise the agenda to allow  matters 
that could concern the County to be discussed first.]

PLANNING  (J Davis arrived)
Gas Governor at 'Plevna'  - no objections.
(A Gould arrived)
Attention  was  drawn to the notice about the  closure  of  Leigh 
Street  that  had  appeared  in the  'Somerset  Standard'  of  11 
September.  It  stated  that closure would be for  a  period  not 
exceeding  18  months,  this  was felt to  be  excessive  and  an 
objection will be made.                                   (CLERK)
Concerning  the gas main installation the Clerk had been  assured 
that the machine used to cut the trench would be sheeted when  it 
worked  in the village if dust was a problem. H Park,  Hall  Rep, 
would  ask the Hall Committee if people could be told to use  its 
carpark during the trenching work.                         (HP)
Letter notifying PC of imposition of Length Restriction at  Lower 
Vobster Bridge had been received.
Letter  received from Mr P Cook, MDC Planning Dept, to say  Bulls 
Green Link re-instated in the Frome Local Plan and that the  Plan 
had been adopted.  The anomaly of the BGL being missing from  the 
Somerset Structure Plan was explained by it not being a strategic 
road.  The return of the missing SSP would be appreciated.

Halecombe  Liaison Group Meeting Report - new plant  operational, 
planting scheme on south side completed and plans for the rest of 
the planting will be put to the PC.  Noise complaints being dealt 
with.   A new Footpath plan will be submitted as finalroute  will 
be  on  top of the banking.  A compulsory repair order  has  been 
made  on Rookery Farm, in light of the news from Mr Merrick  that 
the Planning Permission Certificate had been issued by SCC it was 
agreed  to  write to SCC, copy to MDC, asking them  not  to  give 
permission to start building the Banking, re-routing the Footpath 
etc  until the issue of Rookery Farm was settled.  It was  feared 
that  if permission was not given to  demolish Rookery  Farm  the 
quarry   might   be   abandoned   with   work   half   completed.                                                                                                          
It  had also been agreed at the SCC would provide the PC  with  a 
copy  of  the Planning Permission.  All agreed that  the  liaison 
meeting was succeeding in dealing with problems between residents 
and the quarry.
ROOKERY  FARM  -  R Dixon said  that  environmental  groups  were 
hoping to increase the status of RF.  He felt that if  demolition 
was  not  permitted  it  was reckless of  the  CC  to  issue  the 
Certificate.  Mr  Merrick said that it had  been  considered.
D Turner pointed out the the farm was only a small part of the 
area covered by the quarry.
PROPOSED DIVERSION OF STREAM & SEWER - this had been discussed at 
the  liaison  meeting  and a letter had  been  received  from  WH 
concerning padlocking the manhole from underneath.  It was agreed 
that provision ought to be made for anyone in the pipe to get out 
of  the  water until released.  It was agreed to include  in  the 
letter  to SCC the fact that this should not be dealt with  until 
the   matters  of  Rookery  Farm  and  the  Footpath   had   been 
decided.                                                  (CLERK)
BULLS GREEN LINK - Mr Merrick said that the application was being 
prepared  and  shouls be submitted by the end  of  September.   A 
public exhibition was planned in the Memorial Hall in October and 
the application will be determined by the a sub committee of  the 
Policy  and  Resource  Committee under Julian  Davidson.  It  was 
stressed  that the BGL would drastically affect L-O-M but it  was 
agreed  to discuss this at a special meeting when the PA  was  to 
I.D.O'S - R Dixon had a name to send to SCC concerning IDO's.  No 
-one had come forward with  information in response to the  PMag. 
Mr M said he thought all decisions would be announced at once.  
Mr Merrick left thanking the PC for re-organising their agenda.

MATTERS ARISING - VILLAGE MAP, re-agenda           (CLERK)
LJH - letter from Mr Hooper apologising for not consulting the PC 
and  stating that enforcement action was easier it was agreed  to 
monitor the site.  A query was raised as to whether area covered 
by the original bund classed as staff or equipment park.(CLERK)
FP  OBSTRUCTION  AT WHITEHOLE - Fence now belongs to  farmer,  he 
will be informed and asked to remove obstruction.        (CLERK)
TRAFFIC CALMING - Mr Whitmarsh, SCC, had contacted the Clerk  and 
offered  to visit the PC.  He will be invited to do so and  asked 
to look at Leigh before so his advice could be specific.  (CLERK)
EXAMINER  HOUSE - A reply had been received from EH and  will  be 
acknowledged.  DP had been phoned by Envir Health Dept asking  if 
an official complaint was being made.  PC will ask for a  written 
reply.                                                    (CLERK)  
METHODIST  CHAPEL - reply from MDC that windows  were  includedon 
the  Planning Permission.  Clerk will contact Methodist  Minister 
concerning War Memorial.                                  (CLERK)
PIPER LIFELINE DONATION - thanks received.
to  R Dixon the land is not shown as belonging to ARC on the  map 
of  Barn Close.  He will investigate further.  SCC will be  asked 
to trim the hedge.                                   (RD & CLERK)
CO-OPTION  OF  PARISH  COUNCILLOR - Consideration  was  given  to 
letters from Dave Anderson, Hilary Mawdsley and Jackie Witts.  In 
closed session it was decided to invite H Mawdsley to join the PC 
and she signed the appropriate document.

The  PC  had  no  objection to the RFMC  seeking  grant  aid  and 
bookings  from outside the village, the latter by  season  basis.  
The   PC  felt  it  was  willing  to  subsidise  the   Children's 
playground,and the cutting of the verges and hedges but felt that 
the rest, i.e. the club house and pitches, ought to be maintained 
and  paid  for by the users.  It was felt that  a  larger  return 
ought to be made by the Social Club and the football and  cricket 
clubs  perhaps  worked out in proportionto their  useage  of  the 
facilities.   J  Davis stated that the football goal  posts  were  
the property of the RFMC.  The cost of insurance seemed high  and 
it  was  suggested  that this was mainly due to  the  keeping  of 
liquor  in  the club house, therefore the owners  of  the  liquor 
ought to bear the main cost of the insurance.

RE-ORGANISATION OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT - R Dixon will attend meeting 
on 23 Seotember.  Members felt that PC's ought to have more power 
to decide local minor planning matters.
SALC  Meeting  9  October L-O-M Village  Hall  to  discuss  Local 

POPPY ORGANISER needed.                                    (RD)
Chairman  had  been  invited  to  MENDIP  COUNTRY  PRACTICE  OPEN 
AFTERNOON.                                                  (DP)
Complaint  about  tree over light passed on to the  Village  hall 
committee.                                                   (HP)
RAVE PARTY information circulated.
HEDGING COMPETITION information given to JD and AG.
COMMUNITY COUNCIL AGM at Ilminster at 2.30pm on 24 September - no 
-one able to attend.
Complaint about tree on REC FIELD passed on to J Robson.

At  the  next  meeting on 2 November, 7.30pm in  the  School  re-
allocation  of  duties  and  the  Precept  will  be  among  items 


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