Councillors present were J Davis, R Dixon, H Mawdsley, H Park and 
D Pattison, Chairman.
Apologies - A Gould and D Turner might be late.

MINUTES OF THE LAST TWO MEETINGS were accepted and signed.

MATTERS ARISING - 2/11/92 Meeting 
DORMANT  QUARRIES  under  IDO's: letter from SCC  need  scheme  of 
working, full modern conditions would be imposed. [D Turner arrived]
It  was  agreed to acknowledge letter & seek  assurance  that  PC 
would be consulted if any IDO's in Leigh or neighbouring parishes 
were to re-open.  Also copies of MPG7&8 would be requested.(CLERK)
[AG arrived]
MR HOOPER, MDC, will be invited to another meeting.       (CLERK)
HOLWELL EXPANSION letter still outstanding.                  (RD)
TEMPLE HOUSE FARM re-instated.
HALECOMBE  QUARRY  -  Reply from Glynn Williams, committed  to  a 
schedule, trying to mitigate disturbance, will not leave eyesores.
Concern was expressed about dilapidation of ROOKERY FARM & it was 
agreed to write to MDC.                                   (CLERK)   
LJH - Sally Churchwarden, MDC, had been spoken to.  A visit would 
be made to the site and a letter sent. DT showed a slide  showing 
the extent of parking.
METHODIST CHAPEL will be pursued.                         (CLERK)
BELL  INN whereabouts of Parking Spaces unknown to Mr  Knott,  he 
asked  for  any evidence that cottage an  'independent  dwelling' 
councillors had no knowledge, Clerk will inform Mr K.     (CLERK)
ROADS  -  Great increase in lorries using the main street  and  a 
parishioner  provided a list of license numbers.  Letter will  be 
sent to SCC & Police (copy to Hewett) expressing concern. (CLERK)
FOOTPATH below M Youngs blocked, Clerk pursuing matter.   (CLERK)
No reply about SIGN POSTS or RE-CYCLING BINS to date.

MEETING 16/11/92
EXAMINER HOUSE - letter of objection sent, decided 15/12/92.
Meeting  with  MENDIP  was not attended a resume of  it  will  be 
sought.                                                   (CLERK)
SALC  MEETING,  RD  attended. Councils urged to  reply  to  local 
government  documents.   PC  rep for SALC who  deal  with  sewage 
needed, no volunteers.  Next meeting Tuesday 2 March 1993.
DP asked to attend as SALC rep to Mendip Quarry Advisory Group.
HALECOMBE  BROOK CULVERT.  Letter from A Merrick, he is  pursuing 
the  matter  of  the metal used and will keep  the  PC  informed.  
Worry  was expressed that the village could flood if the  culvert 
collapsed a clarification of the legal position & life expectancy 
of the metal will be sought.                              (CLERK)

VILLAGE HALL - a special bank account has been set up to pay  for 
the  work  to the toilets but unfortunately the  start  has  been 
delayed.   5  has  been left in the Current  account  and  2395 
transfered  to a Business Reserve Account.  It was agreed by  the 
Hall  Treasurer that the PC claim back the VAT on the  architects 
bill  of  338.39 and retain it as the PC grant to the  Hall  had 
been overpaid by 38.39, this had been done.
CPRE MEMBERSHIP proposed by RD and seconded by HM, all agreed.
RELATE  request for a donation.  20 proposed by DP  seconded  by 
AG, all agreed.                                           (CLERK) 

SPARKS  FARM  FIELD.  DT proposed that the PC try to  secure  the 
field  for  the village with a caveat that it never be  used  for  
building   for   gain.   He  suggested  that  the   opinions   of 
parishioners  be sought on the proposal.  AG raised the  question 
of future maintenance & JD agreed to talk to the present  tenant.  
RD  suggested informal talks with ARC. It was agreed to  look  up 
PC's  borrowing  abilities  and keep the  Chairman  of  the  RFMC 
informed.   DT expressed his strongly held feelings that  the  PC 
act now otherwise the opportunity might be missed and the amenity 
value  of  the  field lost forever to  the  detriment  of  future 
residents.                                           (CLERK & JD)

VILLAGE  SURVEY  34% return to date. Non returners  will  be  re-
leafletted.                                          (COUNCILLORS)

ROADS  &  FOOTPATHS.   Floods on Blackers  Lane &  blocked  drains 
opposite the resevoir SCC will be informed.               (CLERK)
Thanks were expressed to the Parishioner who put re-cycled tarmac 
on the FP by the Church.

QUARRY  &  RELATED  MATTERS  UPDATE -  BGL  meeting  in  Hall  on 
Wednesday. A flyer had been circulated. RD suggested Secretary of 
State be asked to call in the application.           (CLERK & RD)
JD  felt  a  public  inquiry ought to be  sought.   A  letter  of 
objection will be sent.                                      (DP)

Notification of appointment of trustee to Bridget Parker Trust.
Acknowledgement of sub to Community Council.
Notification of SCC Public Transport Dept re-organisation.
L-O-M School Governors Report received.
News of Sitting Service for the Elderly, more information will be 
requested.                                                (CLERK)
Age  Concern  Winter Warmth Campaign info will be given  to  thee 
Community  Council for Somerset GWR scheme will be passed  on  to 
School, Hall, RFMC etc.
Draft Electoral Roll on display.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING.  Monday 18 January 1993.


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