Councillors present were J Davis, A Gould, H Mawdsley, D Pattison 
(chairman) and D Turner.
There were no apologies.
D  Pattison  welcomed  Mr  D Hooper,  Director  of  Planning  and 
Amenities at Mendip District Council.
The Minutes of the last meeting were accepted and signed.

Mr  Hooper   explained to Councillors that  his  department  were 
working to improve relationships with Parishes.  (RDixon arrived)  
The problem of LJH was discussed, a letter had been received from 
the  enforcement  officer asking to be informed  if  the  parking 
problem still persisted,  it does.                        (CLERK)
Mr  Hooper  was sympathetic to the PC's chagrin about  not  being 
involved  in  the landscaping aspect at LJH  and  explained  that 
although  MDC Code of Practice does not mention  consultation  on 
specific  details  in sensitive cases like this one it  ought  to 
take place.  DT expressed the general feeling that the Inspectors 
recommendations had been ignored.  Mr H said that his departments 
lack  of ecological and landscaping skills were to be  rectified.  
If  enforcement action was to be taken "demonstrable harm"  would 
have to be proved.
The PC suggested that a leaflet like the recently produced 'House 
Extension  Design  Guide'  be produced  for  in-fill  housing  in 
villages  covering such topics as materials.  Mr H said this  was 
being  done  for Conservation Areas.  DT cited the  case  of  the 
Sawmills and the change from natural to bradstone. Mr H explained 
that all planning matters were covered by government  guidelines.  
RD asked how village could become a Conservation Area and it  was 
explained  that  a large number of listed buildings  helped  when 
application  was made.  The Clerk told Councillors that when  she 
had  inquired  into Conservation Status she was told it  was  too 
Mr H said a new Local Plan draft would be ready for  consultation 
in  September.  DT raised the question of the removal of the  C22 
designation from Sparks Farm Field and the importance of  keeping 
it  open.   He  also asked if a Village  Appraisal  asking  where 
people would like to see development would carry any weight.   Mr 
H  suggested  he talk to Philip Cooke on this matter,  and  added 
that MDC were not under pressure to find sites for housing.  (DT)
On the subject of the Bulls Green Link/Old Wells Road  objections 
had  been received from virtually every parish west of  the  link 
and  a decision had been deferred until 22 February as a  genuine 
concern  was  felt  about  the environental  impact.   Mr  H  had 
recommended  supporting the road to the Planning  Committee.   JD 
asked  for Mr H's view on the use of the OWR. He did not know  if 
it was a new  strategy and was assured it was. He explained  that 
the District Plan was powerless to discuss quarrying and that  it 
was important to produce a relevant and workable plan.
On  the  subject of Rookery Farm he explained  that  a  voluntary 
agreement to do repairs had been reached and until such time as a 
demolition  consent  was given it would be treated as  any  other 
listed building.
The  matter  of the Churchyard was touched on and it  was  agreed 
that  the  time to act was now to ensure inclusion in  the  local 
plan  and  he  suggested talking to  Les  Kimberley,  Development 
Control Manager.                                          (CLERK) 
DP thanked Mr Hooper for attending the meeting.

The  question  of lorries in the village was  discussed  with  Mr 
Merrick  who suggested that numbers were necessary before  weight 
restrictions could be discussed.

HOLWELL EXPANSION letter still in draft.                     (RD)
LJH - letter to be sent to Enforcement Department.        (CLERK)   
EBENEEZER  CHAPEL - DT will talk to Mr Dyer and  the  new  owner 
about re-siting the war memorial.                            (DT)
RE-CYCLING  BINS - Letter from MDC who had  provisionally  agreed 
with Bell Inn on siting.  All agreed that PC should be  consulted 
as felt bottle bank unsuitable.                           (CLERK)
EXAMINER  HOUSE - complaint on angle iron passed on  verbally  to 
REC  FIELD - AG and DT had met with Mr Dutson of ARC and reps  of 
the  Rec  Field.   A rent of 250 for approx  5  acres  had  been 
suggested  reviewable every 5 years, this amount was felt  to  be 
negotiable.   The only problem appeared to be access to the  part 
of  the field not wanted by the RFMC.  It was agreed that the  PC 
ought  to be involved and the RFMC were preparing a  proposal  to 
put before the PC.
SPARKS FARM FIELD -  DT had discussed this with Mr Dutson and was 
given  the definate impression that it was hoped to build on  the 
area.  It was agreed that the PC must formulate a case to keep it  
green.  Village Appraial to be discussed at next meeting. (CLERK) 
Thanks were given to JD for clearing the brambles in village.
RD  expressed  the hope that the large sewage  tanker  would  not 
become a permanent feature.
Concerning  Mud left by farm vehicles it was felt it ought to  be 
removed or police could be informed.  Checks will be made.(CLERK)
Complaint about mud in Park Hayes farmer will be told.    (CLERK)
LJH  TANNOY  NOISE  -  letter  received,  matter  rectified   and 
suggestion  made  that complainants contact  company  immediately 
next time.
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH SIGNS - erection info given to M Loten.
SW REGIONAL PRELIMINARY REPORT circulated.                   (RD)  
QUARRY UPDATE no response to PC letters yet.              (CLERK)
LORRY  CENSUS Mrs Pitter said traffic appeared to have  decreased 
but the survey will be done.
VILLAGE SURVEY - will be closed at the next meeting.

Agreed to invite PCC rep to next meeting.                 (CLERK)   
JD said a lump had fallen out of the wall between the  churchyard 
and the school, he will see vicar.                           (JD)

Complaints had been received about dirt and hedge cuttings on the 
road and also about rubbish dumping.  MDC will be told.   (CLERK)
Intention to co-opt and inviting candidates to be posted. (CLERK)

M Loten said three  bills had been paid so far and an  Architects 
Certificate was on its way so the grant could be applied for.

It  was proposed by JD and seconded by RD to leaflet the  village 
again about the BGL.                                     (RD etc)
PC will write to the members of the committee             (CLERK)
RD  drew attention to the notice in the Somerset  Standard  about 
revocation of 3 old planning permissions at Halecombe Quarry  and 
suggested  the PC object.  DT and DP both had  reservations.   It 
was  agreed to explore the legal position of  imposing  aftercare 
conditions with SALC.                                        (DP)

SLCC sub  proposed by DP, seconded by AG all agreed.      (CLERK)
Notification of SLCC meeting on 2 March for clerks.
SALC  - Training Day on 'Improve your Meeting'  circulated  along 
with other information.
Letter  from Mr Merrick about change of venue for BGL meeting  to 
Whitstone School.
Next  Halecombe  Quarry  Liaison  Meeting  1  March  at  6.30  at 
Halecombe. DT and JD will attend.
SCC Papers circulated.

The Next Meeting will be on 22 March 1993 at 7.30pm in the School 
when  items  on the Agenda will include  Parish  Council  Meeting 

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