HELD ON MONDAY 22 MARCH 1993

Councillors  present  were J Davis, H Mawdsley,  D  Pattison  and 
D Turner.
The  fact  that  ARC  wished to keep the  land  adjacent  to  the 
Recreation  Field  as a future site for bunds was  added  to  the 
Minutes, which were then accepted and signed.
RD arrived.

AG arrived.
DT will talk to Phillip Cooke.                               (DT)         
Holwell to be decided 7 April, letter to be circulated.      (RD)
LJH letter sent.
Ebeneezer  Chapel - DT visited. There are 2 memorials,  one  from 
the  war  and  one  commemorating long  service  to  the  church. 
Suggested the Memorial Hall be approached.                (CLERK)            
Re-cycling Bins - PC will definately be consulted.
Mud on road - NFU contacted about law.  SALC recommend contacting 
SCC Highways department.
Neighbourhood Watch Signs - Clerk and M Loten to organise.(CLERK)
Churchyard Wall - being dealt with by JD.                    (JD)
Rubbish - authorities informed, RD offered to deal with tyres.
SALC's legal department deal with law relating to Councils so not 
consulted re quarry aftercare.
RD may not be able to attend SCC Open Day.

It was agreed to co-opt Shelagh Haywood.                   (CLERK)

Information  will  be  circulated and  questions  added  and then 
further discussion will take place.  DT took the papers.

From Charles Arnold Baker - at regular meetings public may  speak 
when  invited to do so and DP stated his intention of  continuing 
this practice.  It was agreed to set a time limit to discuss each 
item rather than have sub-committees, this will start at the next 

DP  welcomed the Vicar, Paul Winks, who told the PC that  as  the 
churchyard  was  running  out of space for burials  the  PCC  was 
setting  in motion the agenda for closing the  churchyard.   Even 
if/when   closed  burials  can  still  occur  according  to   the 
conditions  applied  in  the closure order.   It  was  agreed  to 
investigate   villagers  re-actions  to  the  closure   and   act 
accordingly.   The PC is a Burial Authority and could open a  new 
burial ground.

The vicar was thanked for attending the meeting and Kate Mack was 
welcomed to talk about:
Kate  Mack, chairwoman of the MDC Local Government  Sub-committee 
told  councillors that the committee had agreed to local  unitary 
authorities  based on present district council  boundaries.   The 
Commissioners  indicated  that DC's too small  and  Counties  too 
large to be unitary authorities so negotiations are taking  place 
to make larger units.  MDC felt that it should stay together as a 
whole and that the quarrying area and the AONB be kept together.
Councillors felt that the Mendips must stay as an entity and that 
most people in this area looked to Bath.  It was agreed to  write 
to  the  commissioners stating that: 1)  The  geological  Mendips 
ought  to remain within the same unit. 2)  As a Parish we  looked 
North rather than West or South.                          (CLERK)
Mrs Mack was thanked for attending the meeting.

An  application from the Under 5's Group for the PC to apply  for 
planning  permission  to  erect another shed will  be  looked  at 
sympathetically  along with their application for money but  more 
details are needed.                                       (CLERK)


DT  had spoken with Peter White about the stile at the  Halecombe 
Brook and it had been made easier to climb.
A stile was needed at the locked gate before Leigh Woods. (CLERK)
DT had talked to Mr Jackson, Whitehole Farm, about stiles on  8/4 
and was trying to contact SCC to resolve the matter.         (DT)

HM  suggested  the PC ask for a 50mph limit on the BGL  and  OWR, 
weight restrictions on Leigh Street, survey of traffic using  the 
Old  Wells Road before the opening of the BGL and then  regularly 
for  the first year and that in that time no signing be  done  to 
draw  traffic  to the road.  Other councillors felt  it  was  too 
early but it was agreed to write and ask for speed and volume  of 
traffic  on  the  OWR  to  be monitored  and  the  PC  given  the 
statistics.  Also a Traffic Appraisal for the village street will 
be requested again.                                       (CLERK) 
It was agreed to include information on how to monitor for  Radon 
in  the Parish Newsletter to be sent out before the AGM and  APM.  
AG suggested that results of the village survey also be included.

Bill  for  photocopying  from  Somerset  Computing  for  42.10p.  
Payment proposed by RD, seconded by HM, all agreed.
The  Clerk  claimed a salary of 180 for the 6 months  up  to  31 
March  and  expenses of 137.31p which included 70 for  the  new 
filing cabinet. DP proposed payment and AG seconded, all agreed.

Concern had been expressed at the meeting by JD about the lack of 
installation  of the sound monitoring equipment although work  on 
soil  stripping was taking place.  It was agreed to write to  SCC 
asking  that  Enforcement  Action be taken  to  ensure  that  the 
equipment is installed before any more work takes place.  (CLERK)       
A   letter   will  also  be  sent  to   the  Company   expressing 
disappointment  at  their bending of the rules and lack  of  good 
will.   JD said that it was inferred that if permission  was  not 
given   to  demolish  Rookery  Farm  working  round  it  may   be 
considered  but a variation of the Planning Permission  would  be 
needed.                                                   (CLERK)

HM  reported that it had been agreed to lobby the Home  Secretary 
for more Community Policing.  Also donations were asked for for a 
plaque  to  commemorate the Vice Chairman of the East Area  -  no 
action was taken.

The  draft  copy  Minerals Local Plan letter was  agreed  to  and 
signed.  DP was thanked for his work.
RD had a copy of MPG12 - the Minerals Plan launch will  co-incide 
with the relaunch of the Structure Plan.
MPG6  - DP agreed to prepare  letter for consultation with  other 
councillors.                                                 (DP)

Problem  had arisen with the drains and exploratory  work  needed 
to be done, the PC will be kept informed.

MENDIP CARE AND REPAIR - request for money circulated.
SWEB  -  request for info on those without  electricity  will  be 
dealt with.                                               (CLERK)
WATCH BOX SCHEME ending, watcher will be thanked.         (CLERK)
BRIDLEWAYS want a rep, Clerk volunteered.
A letter to the Chairman from Mr Lee had been answered.
An anonymous letter had been received.
CULVERTING   OF   HALECOMBE  BROOK  -  no  such   thing   as   an 
indestructable culvert.  It was agreed to write requesting design 
be supplied to the engineering department so they can comment  on 
it.                                                       (CLERK)
Complaint  about  lawn mowing at Examiner House  will  be  passed 
on.                                                       (CLERK)
CPRE info will be circulated.

Next Meeting will be on 26 April in the School.
The  Annual  General  Meeting will be at 7.30 on  Monday  17  May 
followed at 8pm by the Annual Parish Meeting.


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