HELD ON 14 JUNE 1993.

Councillors present were J Davis, A Gould, S Haywood, H Mawdsley, 
D Pattison (Chairman) and D Turner.

The insurance premium of 58, had been paid.
A  grant  request  from the Asham and East  Mendip  Group  to  go 
towards their fight against the Bulls Green Link had been made (R 
Dixon  arrived).  S Haywood proposed 100, D Turner seconded  all 
Notification of Audit had been received and will be displayed.

Garage  at Mendip View - a new plan had been submitted.   The  PC 
were  still  concerned as to the size of  the  proposed  building 
which was larger than a normal 2 car domestic garage and was  out 
of  proportion to the size of the house.  A letter  of  objection 
will be sent to MDC.                                      (CLERK)

Halecombe  Path Diversion - The route shown was for  a  permanent 
diversion.   The Clerk had contacted the  Bridleways  Association 
concerning the suggestion that there was to be a bridleway  round 
the  quarry, sympathy was expressed with the idea but  this  plan 
did not show it.
It was agreed to write to SCC saying that the PC wanted:
1) A circular path round the quarry.
2)  A path not at the base of he banking where it  became  filled 
with rubble and was difficult to negotiate but one one top of the 
3)  The  same access rights to all the banking as  are  currently 
enjoyed on the northern banks.
4) Further access points to the banking.
5) A bridleway and a footpath on the banking.
Query  the  necessity  for this diversion  until  Rookery  Farm's 
future was decided.                                       (CLERK)
Copies  of the letter will be sent to Wimpey  Hobbs,  Bridleways, 
Ramblers, Footpaths Officers for SCC, Mells PC and A Merrick.
On the subject of footpaths attention  was drawn to the fact that 
a  sign  and  stile were needed on 8/32  where  the  path  leaves 
Blackers Lane.                                            (CLERK)


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